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Travel Safety Tips For Success Everyone goes on vacation at some point in their lives. However, it is important that you know exactly how to stay safe during your trip. So many articles focus on the positives and the destinations that safety is often overlooked. The tips in the article below will give you an insight as to how you can become aware of potential dangers lurking! Let your friends and family know exactly what your plans are while on vacation. Leave a schedule with them, pinpointing times you are available in your hotel room and any places or events you will be visiting. Check in with them once or twice a day to let them know that you are alright. This is important, because in such a crime ridden world, it is imperative your friends and family know you’re safe. Thieves are ten a penny in large cities, this makes it imperative that you make several copies of important documents such as your ID, passport or green card. Keep several copies in different luggage compartments and locations, separate from the original. In case your originals are stolen, you will be able to go to the police and provide proof of your identity. The consulate and embassy will not talk to someone who cannot identify themselves. Stay on top of the news! This is especially important if you are traveling to a foreign country. Remember, foreign countries have different politics and they may not be as welcoming to a weary traveler as one should think. Read the local news and know of events taking place. For example, if there are riots going on in a place you are looking to visit, it would be advisable to pick a different location and stay away. Avoid looking like a tourist. This doesn’t just mean avoid wrapping your sweater around your waist (this is just a tall tale). Try to understand local customs and dress according to local fashion. Don’t wear something that will automatically pinpoint you as a foreigner in a crowd. Not blending in, can make you the target of petty crimes of locals. Locals are much more likely to take advantage of you in stores when purchasing products. They know that you will be gone soon and there are rarely consequences for their actions. If you are taking your cellphone with you, make sure you speak to your cellphone provider and ask them what their charges are abroad. Many companies charge a pretty high rate, but others may be able to give you a good deal. It is up to you to decide whether or not to take your cellphone with you. It may work to buy a disposable cellphone once you arrive at your destination. Every city has its bad parts. In your hometown you probably know exactly what those are. Before going on your trip, make sure that you do your research and know exactly which parts of the city to avoid like the plague. This is for your safety and especially important if you are traveling alone. Don’t become a victim or a statistic, stay safe! Do your research and know where the nearest Consulate or U.S. Embassy resides. You must seek their help in case of any emergencies. They are essentially representing your homeland,


so it is important that you have the location and hours of operation with you at all times. It can be easy to focus on the positives of a trip and turn a blind eye. However, bad people do exist and nasty circumstances can occur. Educate yourself on ways to stay safe and avoid dangers in order to have a stress-free trip.

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Travel Safety Tips For Success  
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