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Simple Tips For Easy Air Travel Let’s face it, with the new precautions that have taken place, air travel isn’t what it used to be. With the added stress and government employees keeping an eye out, many avoid taking a trip altogether. The tips in the article below will focus on some great ways to keep the stress at bay and make traveling by air easier on your nerves! Travel agencies are rare, almost like flip phones and fax machines. The Internet has taken the place of your agent. Use this to your advantage and get the best rates possible! Use a comparison shopping site and one that lets you bundle hotels, air fares and car rentals together. Expedia and Kayak are just two of the most common websites that will let you do this. Baggage is now measured by the weight and each airline has different allowances as far as baggage goes. Some airlines will only let you take about eighty pounds of luggage. Make sure that you know this ahead of time! Some airlines will charge less for their tickets, but slap you with a hefty penalty if your luggage is above the allowed weight limit. This makes it important that you only pack what you need! Buy travel size lotions, face creams, shampoos and take clothes that can serve many functions. For example, take a skirt that you can pair with four different tops. This will save you plenty of space and headaches! On the day of your flight, make sure that you make yourself comfortable and wear clothing as well as shoes that you can easily remove. This helps with the security screening! Shoes that take a long time to lace up and clothing that takes minutes to remove will irritate officials, hold up the line and in turn make you feel uncomfortable. Wait to arrive to your destination before properly dressing up for a night out! Be at at the airport at least one hour before your flight leaves. This will give you plenty of time to check your luggage in, eat at the cafeteria, gather information or use the restroom. Traveling is hectic and really can eat away at your nerves. By taking the proper precautions and giving yourself enough wiggle room, you will be ready for take off in no time! Prepare for the security screening while waiting in life. This means, take off any metal and get ready to unlace your shoes. It is advised that you avoid wearing any metal belts, jewelry or studs. Security officials will automatically make you remove it, but it will just take more time. Do this beforehand to avoid any problems or holding up a whole line. If you are afraid of heights, one of the best policies is to avoid looking out the window. Seeing how high you are above ground really gives meaning to your fears. Make sure that you wear comfortable socks and grab a pillow if offered to you. Get comfortable in your seat and find ways to entertain yourself on the trip. Some airlines leave magazines, but consider packing a few or taking a favorite novel alone. You are allowed listen to music or watch TV. These are by no means the only way to enjoy your flight, but they may give you a head start. Life can happen, even if you prepare to the best of your ability. By taking the time to go through different scenarios, you are already cutting down your chances of having a stressful flight.


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Simple Tips For Easy Air Travel  
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