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Making Sure Your Child Sits Close On A Plane There have been a few stories lately about parents being separated from their children while at the airport. The sad thing is that some airlines do not have any guaranteed seating that will prevent this from happening. The following article will show you how to get around that and find a way to make sure that it happens. Even if there is no assigned seating, there are sometimes airlines that will allow you to get preferred seating as long as you pay a fee. Many times the fee is a bit over the top, but you should be willing to pay that since it means your child will be seated close to you. When you are in the process of purchasing your tickets, ask your ticket agent if the airline offers priority seating. If they do not, maybe it is a good idea if you flew using another airline. To avoid going through the hassle of people selecting seats far ahead of time, some airlines leave things on a strictly first-come first-serve basis. While there is nothing wrong with this for adults traveling, that can get pretty hectic for people that have kids in tow. The best thing to do is to go to the airline attendant when you get to the airport and ask them if it would be possible for you to board early since you have a child with you. Most airlines will allow this to happen, and you and your child can be seated together with no issue. Sometimes other passengers see the predicament you are in and they will want to help. They may be willing to swap tickets with you or your child so there is no issue. This is a nice gesture, but keep in mind that no one has to do this for you if they do not want to. Ask people that are seated close to either of you if they would be willing to trade seats. Most airlines have no problem with this as long as it does not cause any delays. If no one is willing to swap seats, you may have to talk to your child and explain to them that you cannot sit with them. Get up every once in a while once the plane is in flight and check on them to make sure there are no issues. If all else fails, demand that your child be seated next to you. Let the airline staff know that you refuse to be seated somewhere other than where your child is. Sometimes there are people aboard that are on standby. The flight attendant may ask them to move in order to accommodate you. There is no need to be abrasive or disrespectful. Just let them know that it is important that you sit near your child. Traveling is already hectic without having to worry about how you will keep an eye on your children. Use the tips outlined above to make sure that your child will be seated with you on your next flight.

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Making Sure Your Child Sits Close On A Plane  
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