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Make Air Travel Easy and Enjoyable Any type of journey takes some careful planning, but this is especially true when you are traveling by air. New regulations and security enhancements can add stress to what was previously a relatively easy experience. However, there are things that you can do to alleviate the stress and the unknown aspects to traveling on an airplane. Take some advice here about simple things that can make your journey easy and stress-free. There are usually many routes that will get you to your desired destination, including nonstop flights. These will sometimes be a little more expensive, but this is not always the case. Check with multiple airlines, and be willing to alter your schedule if needed to get the best rates for nonstop flights. This will greatly enhance the experience, and will leave you in much better shape at the end of your journey. Catching connecting flights, especially if there is little time allotted for connections, can raise your stress level significantly and lead to cancelled connections en-route. Make sure that the name you book your ticket in is exactly what is listed on your drivers license or passport. Security agents at the airport are trained to look for any discrepancies in passenger names, and this could lead to delays or even the chance that you could be denied boarding. If you are traveling with young children, an ID is not required, but it certainly would not hurt to have some type of identification for them, such as a school ID or medical records. Make sure that your child is ready to answer questions to security agents, such as verifying their name, if they are old enough to do so. If the option is offered, pick the seats on your flight as soon as you book your ticket. If ordering online, and the choice is not presented to you, call the airline directly and request the seat assignment of your choice. If you wait until the day of departure, the likelihood is high that you will end up with middle seats, and ones that separate you from your traveling companions. Do things that distinguish your luggage from others that may look similar to yours. There are hundreds of suitcases that look alike, and someone could easily mistake yours for their own when picking them up from a baggage carousel. Tie a bright colored string around the handle of your bag, or place identifiable tale around the center. Always put name tags on your bags that include the cell phone number you will be carrying when you travel. Also include a third party phone number, someone who is not traveling with you, and check in with them in case of lost luggage. If you are concerned about trapped germs inside the small spaces of an aircraft, bring along your won blankets and pillows, as well as headphones for music and movies. Pack travel-sized packets of disinfecting products, such as wipes and deodorizing sprays. Bring a light jacket or shawl to use as a cover in case the airplane compartment is cold. Be aware of prohibited items aboard an airplane, and pack any banned items in your checked luggage. Liquids, firearms, knives and a number of other items are not allowed onboard. Wear slip-on shoes if possible, since you will be required to remove your shoes at security


checkpoints. Taking these simple precautions can make all the difference in whether your journey is a carefree and enjoyable experience. Everyone wants to be safe, including yourself. So, be prepared and enjoy the flight.

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Make Air Travel Easy and Enjoyable  
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