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How To Take Your Kids On The Road Remember the good old days when you could just shout, “Road trip!” pile in the car and take off? Now you have kids and those days are gone. Is it possible to take your kids on the road and have a great, spontaneous time? You’ll be happy to know it truly is – with a little planning. Make a habit and a hobby of collecting information about road trip destinations. Collect travel brochures, trivia information, kids books and stories and whatever suits your fancy. Make perusing these materials a fun family activity and share ideas and dreams about places to go and things to do. This helps build anticipation and sets the stage for a good, spontaneous road trip. While lots of people think it’s smart to bring along a portable DVD player or TV, you should avoid doing this. Kids can watch TV at home. What’s the point of going on a road trip if the kids are just going to be glued to the TV? Instead, bring along the appropriate travel books and magazines and trivia questions from your collection about the area you are exploring. Create games that will help your kids connect with the adventure of being on the road. Kids can get cranky on long road trips, so it’s a good idea to always have a bag of tricks packed and ready to go whenever the urge to hit the road comes over you. Keep a carry-all tote prepared with toys, coloring books, crayons, travel games, sing-along tapes or CDs and anything else your children enjoy that will be easy to carry along. Keep this as a special, road-trip-only bag to make getting a chance to play with its contents that much more fun. In addition to your special, road-trip bag, make a tradition of collecting a special toy at each major road trip destination. By doing this, you will be giving the kids something new and different to do as you go along and collecting meaningful souvenirs. Make an effort not to just buy something you could get in any toy store anywhere. Look for unique and interesting toys, games and activities that will remind your kids of their trip and give them something interesting to share with friends at home. Be sure to take in the scenery and stop at lookout points and nicer roadside rest stops. These types of stops are free and give your kids a chance to run around and stretch their legs. Often, playground equipment is provided for even more fun. Plan active family adventures such as hiking, walks on the beach, swimming and so on to keep everyone healthy and energetic throughout your road trip. Keep a good supply of road trip snacks close at hand. These should be neat and easy to eat and not too full of sugar and junk. You don’t need to have your kids bouncing off the car ceiling. Whole fruit and veggies such as carrots are excellent road trip snack choices since they are wholesome, healthful and produce only biodegradable litter. Pop a paper grocery bag of air popped popcorn at home before you go, add salt and seasonings and you’ll have plenty to munch on for quite a while. Dry roasted nuts are also a great, healthful, oil and sugar-free choice.


Be sure to have fresh, filtered water on hand. You may want to flavor it with a bit of fruit juice. Stay away from sodas and other sugary, chemical-filled concoctions that will cause crankiness and jitters. Of course, don’t allow your kids to guzzle any beverage unless you know that the next restroom break is coming up soon! Be sure to bring along favorite pillows, blankets and snuggly toys for tired kids to take naps after active adventures. Being well-rested will go far toward keeping your kids happy and easy to get along with. When you keep your road trip bag packed and have lots of travel info on hand, it’s easy to just pick up and go on a spontaneous road trip with the kids. You may not travel as light as you once did, but you’re sure to have just as much fun or perhaps even more!

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How To Take Your Kids On The Road  
How To Take Your Kids On The Road