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How To Make Your Road Trip Fun For Your Child If you are planning to go on a road trip with your young child, you probably have some concerns in your mind. A road trip is hard enough already for some adults because of the monotony of long stretches of highway. What would that do to a child whose attention span is only about five minutes? This is not as impossible as you think. You just need to prepare ahead of time and have a creative bag of tricks at your disposal. Read this article for tips on what to put in your bag of tricks! Kids love to do things with their hands. Therefore, you need to stock up on bunch of inexpensive, fun-to-do, activity kits. You can find a large variety in a craft store, or sometimes even at the the dollar store. Be sure to find something that your child can do mostly on his own, unless you are sitting at the back with him. Pack enough activities for every couple of hours of the trip, and then a few more. Small coloring books, easy-to-do craft kits, sticker books, are all good options. Stay away from multi-piece puzzles because it is easy to lose a piece and cause frustration. Activities with magnets are fun, too. Activity kits are not only good for the road trip, but you can take a couple with you wherever you are going just for those moments when your child starts whining. Your child will get hungry at the most inconvenient of times, when there is no rest stop for miles and miles away. That is why you should pack a good mix of snacks in small zip-loc bags. Whenever you child says he is hungry and it is not meal time yet, hand him a bag. Do not let him see your stash because he will want the rest of it. Keep the rest out of sight, and make it a mystery. This will entertain your child and provide him with some nourishment. Every child loves to listen to music. Bring along some fun children’s CDs. You can usually find a good selection at your local library. Your child will love to sing along to his favorite songs, and he may learn a few along the way. Do not play the same CD over and over again, unless your child insists on it. Although, it will drive the adults crazy, the price is worth it for a happy child. Road trips are a great time for stories. Sit with your child at the back seat and read to him. To make story telling even more interesting, pack a few puppets to act out the story. Give your child a puppet to play a role with you. He will love the interactive play. As you can see, road trips can be fun for all. You just need to use some creativity keep your child engages. Even though your child is young, he will remember and cherish these special road trips for the rest of his life.

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How To Make Your Road Trip Fun For Your Child