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Isaac gets everything his business needs from Irongate. Irongate reveals shiny new brand identity. With the big 4-0 approaching, Irongate Group is preparing for a celebratory year in 2017. To mark the first phase of the milestone, we have refreshed our brand identity to better reflect our comprehensive approach to the provision of business supplies and services.

Check out our new website Irongate was founded in 1977, where it started life as a photocopy shop on Irongate in Derby. Managing Director Adam Noble explains: “The needs of businesses have changed so much over the last forty years. They have a need for a diverse range of products and services to keep them running smoothly. Sometimes, the supply and management of all of these can cause hassle and headaches, so businesses are looking for reliable suppliers, expert advice and visibility in what they are spending. “We’ve continued to grow at an unprecedented rate but customer focus is always at the heart of the Irongate package. Ahead of our 40th birthday, we

wanted to be certain that our brand truly reflects the approachable expert service that we offer to businesses across the UK.” “Over the years, we’ve expanded our product portfolio to make it even easier for customers to get what they need - whether it be office supplies, workwear, furniture, print, cleaning supplies or promotional merchandise – all from one supplier. We have created specialist sub-categories with industry experts to guide and advise customers

about which products are best for their business,” continues Adam. Marketing Manager Debbie Hunt adds: “We’re very excited to share our fresh identity. The new branding ties together our specialist sub-categories to create more brand unity. Quirky illustrations, friendly language and vibrant imagery have been used to show off Irongate’s best assets – that we’re here to help, that we’re a lovely friendly bunch and we offer everything you need for your business in one place.”

Welcome to the very first issue of our new in business magazine. It’s an incredibly exciting time at Irongate. Firstly, because we are able to reveal our new brand identity. We love our fresh new contemporary look and we’re confident that all of the work behind the scenes in creating new marketing collaterals and in particular the new website will help you better understand the vast range of products and services we offer at Irongate, and how your business can take advantage of those.

Adam Noble Managing Director

And secondly, we are working on some really exciting projects at the moment across all of our business divisions including workwear and print. We hope to be able to tell you about those in the next issue. So I hope you enjoy reading in business, and thanks again for choosing Irongate as your first choice for business supplies and services.

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With InOne, we’ve got Motorpoint’s whole network up to speed. Motorpoint, the UK’s leading car supermarket, sells a vehicle every six minutes. With their head office in Derby and 11 additional branches up and down the UK they have hundreds of staff working in different departments from reception, sales and customer services, to the workshops, yard and valeting teams. A successful growing multi-location business, Motorpoint has a high demand for a diverse range of products and services which are essential to the everyday smooth running of the business.

InOne ordering portal.

The problem. It’s a challenge for a large multiple-site business to manage the supply of its products, whilst controlling spend. For Motorpoint, it meant hassles and headaches for its central administration and accounts team in Derby - sourcing products, placing orders, chasing deliveries, distributing out the branches, all from a mix of different suppliers. With more sites opening, it was becoming an increasingly costly, time-consuming and demanding job.

The solution. To help Motorpoint solve their procurement problems, we proposed extending the range of products we already supplied. This would reduce the number of supplier relationships they had to manage and centralise spend with just one supplier. Following on-site consultations and cost audits to provide a clear case for greater savings and efficiencies, we now supply Motorpoint with: • Office products

• Operational and marketing print

• Cleaning & washroom supplies

• Confidential shredding

• Staff uniforms

• Promotional merchandise

The benefits

• Comprehensive reporting across entire network

Motorpoint now benefits from a complete single source package, which has had huge benefits for their business. In the first year, we generated savings of 16% on their office products and our expansion into other product areas has enhanced those savings further, plus other benefits.

• Reduced costs • Contract compliance • Greater financial visibility and controls • Reduced reliance on central admin resource • Improved buying power • Brand consistency and control

• Catering supplies Motorpoint now has access to all of their products at the touch of button on the InOne portal – whether it’s a uniform for a new team member, a set of business cards for their sales staff or branded umbrellas for their showroom – branches are empowered to order what they need when they need it. Orders are approved by the accounts team in Derby, and all items sent out from Irongate’s warehouse in consolidated deliveries direct to their branches on a next day basis, providing a fast and reliable service. And because all operational, marketing print and promo merchandise now comes from one central point, Motorpoint is guaranteed high quality print and brand consistency. We also support Motorpoint with a dedicated account manager who is able to call upon our sector specialists to provide Motorpoint with expert advice, guidance, ideas and innovations.

If you’d like to find out how your business can benefit from a single source InOne business package, email us at T 01332 345950



Be brighter with JOY. The digital age has not dampened our love of stationery – we can’t get enough of notebooks, pens, staplers, ring binders, box files and desk organisers – to help us be organised at work. With REXEL™ JOY, keeping organised is simple and looks great! Designed to transform every workplace with a burst of colour and allow you to express your

own style and personality, it’s vibrant, funky and fresh and will make you smile every time you sit down to do your work.

We stationery

Available in three bright colours; Pretty Pink, Perfect Purple and Blissful Blue, this range has everything you need to liven up your desk. All available from our catalogue or online.

7 6

JOY A5 and A4 Journals A4








4 1 2

JOY Expanding Box File


RX23441 6


RX23489 5

What’s your colour? Coordinate your workspace with the vivid colours from the JOY range from Rexel. Your space, your style.

Pretty Pink

Blissful Blue

Perfect Purple

1 JOY Stapler




JOY Gazelle Stapler and No 56 Staples

2 JOY Punch





3 JOY Tape Dispenser




4 JOY Pencil Cup



5 NEW JOY Calculator



6 NEW JOY Desktop Accessory Bundle: letter tray + magazine rack + desk tidy



7 JOY Scissors








Staples RX47381


WIN a complete

pink or blue Rexel JOY desktop set.


JOY Extra Capacity Popper Wallet RX47131 RX47099 RX47115

Simply send us a quick email to: saying why you would prefer the pink or the blue accessories for your desk.

We’ll announce the winner on the 1st November 2016.


T 01332 345950


Celebrating 35 years of the Post-it® Note. New ‘Office Deals’ now out! If you’re looking for some fantastic special offers on your office stationery and supplies, check out the autumn issue of Office Deals.

Buy any 2 packs of Post-it Super Sticky Notes and claim a FREE £10 Costa Gift Card! This year marks the 35th anniversary of the iconic Canary Yellow Post-it® Note – the sticky note that has transformed lives by making communication and organisation fast and easy. The original 3x3 square has matured into a vast collection of over 1,000 different Post-

it® products in a multitude of shapes, colours and sizes, proving the handwritten note never goes out of style. From Post-it® Super Sticky Notes that stick longer and stronger, to Post-it® Flags and Tabs to mark important information and the Post-it® Easel Pad for brainstorming

and collaboration. You can find hundreds of Post-it® products in our catalogue or online.

See our latest Post-it Note special offers in the new issue of Office Deals.




Pack size


Super Sticky Canary Yellow Notes 76mm x 76mm



Super Sticky Notes Cape Town Colour Collection 76mm x 76mm



Super Sticky Notes Bora Bora Colour Collection 76mm x 76mm


Only valid whilst stocks last until 31st December 2016.

Plan for 2017 with our diaries and planners. Make sure you are fully prepared for next year with our wide selection of 2017 diaries and planners. Choose from our Q-Connect range of A4, A5, pocket and quarto diaries in black, blue or burgundy which offer high quality for less money or from a wider range of branded options including Collins, Letts and Sasco. Stocks available from 1st August.

Request a copy of our 2017 Diaries and Planners flyer for full product and price listings

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Are your employees healthy and happy? It is important to create a healthy, happy working environment, especially when it comes to employee productivity. From making sure your workplace is clean and tidy to introducing wellness programmes, offering your employees fresh fruit on a Friday or supplying them with wipes and hand sanitiser- there are many things which you can do to ensure that your employees are a little bit healthier whilst at work.

of minor illnesses such as colds can be prevented through good hygiene

Sitting at a desk all day can leave you feeling fatigued, this makes you become less productive and your work will suffer. Despite this, many employers have mixed opinions on whether the benefits of wellness programs outweigh the cost of implementing them. Whilst the cost of implementing such programs may be high, promoting an active, healthy lifestyle may lead to less absenteeism due to minor illnesses, which as a whole costs UK businesses around £495, per employee a year! Promoting a healthy workplace also puts employers in a positive light, it demonstrates that the company actually cares about its employees, improves morale and helps employee retention. These are clear reasons to try and promote a happier, healthier workplace. Minor, preventable illnesses such as colds and flu effect almost 100% of people every year, accounting for over 1/3 of unplanned absence from work. However, the hidden problem is those who come into work and soldier on even though they are feeling unwell. Employees who don’t take time off when they are under the weather not only take longer to recover as they don’t take time out to rest but they are likely to spread their illness around the office. This creates a lengthy cycle of illness as the virus spreads around your employees, having a tangible impact on them, as if one of their team is off sick, they are forced to shoulder the extra workload.

The average office desk has more than 20,000 germs per square inch. That’s nearly 400 times more germs than the average toilet seat.


Proper handwashing is still the best way to reduce the spread of germs. Thorough drying with paper towels can reduce germs by 77%


We come into indirect contact germs every day, at home, travelling to work, at leisure, it seems that there isn’t much we can do to avoid it. However, there are a few simple steps to noticeably reduce the spread of germs and viruses throughout your office, creating a healthier workforce.

Hotspots for contamination in your workplace.

of break room sink faucet handles of water fountain buttons

of keyboards

Say hello to Pam Wakefield, our facilities supplies specialist. If you’d like to discuss any area of our facilities service – from cleaning chemicals, hygiene products and a healthy workplace through to catering supplies, coffee machines or first aid kits – Pam would love to hear from you.

Call 01332 614602 or email 6

T 01332 345950


Using hand sanitizer can reduce your sick days by 21%

of germs, such as hand sanitisers by the entrance antibacterial soap in the kitchen and wipes in the boardroom.”

Pam continues “We offer a fantastic solution to businesses called The Healthy Workplace Hygiene, which is designed to help prevent germs from spreading around your office. We take a look around your work place to find the germ hot-spots, such as hot desks, phones, vending machines and toilets. We will then recommend the most effective that can be placed around your office to best stop the spread

Ask our expert.


Wiping “Hot-Spot” surfaces daily can kill germs where they’re waiting for you. On desks, doorknobs, keyboards and phones.

of vending machine buttons

of refrigerator door handles

of microwave door handles

Delicious coffee to keep your office full of beans. Apparently we drink 70 million cups of coffee every day in the UK, with 60% of UK employees choosing to drink coffee at work. But nearly a third of those leave the workplace during the day just to buy a good quality cup of coffee. This means they’re taking precious time out of their busy day to travel to coffee shops, and are spending a fortune over the course of the year.

The reason? They simply don’t like the quality of instant coffee.

To counteract this trend and help businesses to create happier workplaces, we have launched Keurig®, the brewing system that gives your workforce the quality coffee brands they love, without having to leave work to get them. Keurig has taken the US market by storm, becoming the nation’s number one single serve coffee maker. Its UK launch aims to bring better coffee to the British workforce.

Introductory special offers

As an authorised distributor, Irongate offers both models of the Keurig brewing machine and the full range of K-Cup® beverage pods including big-name brands like Starbucks, Green Mountain and the Great British favourite Twinings. Our facilities expert Pam Wakefield said: “The new Keurig coffee machine is another part of our campaign to improve the wellbeing of workplaces. Staff value good coffee so Keurig is a great way to reward employees for their hard work. We all know that simple rewards can be a great boost for teams and that means a happier workforce with better staff relationships and increased productivity too.” Pam continues: “We’ve been trying it out ourselves at the Irongate offices and we really love it. It’s perfect for staff kitchens and its sleek design means it can easily fit into reception and waiting areas too, making a great first impression for visitors.”

Buy a K140 coffee machine and up to 288* pods for the special price of £225 For up to 15 people

Free demo. Contact us for a demo of Keurig to taste for yourself how good the coffee is

K150P coffee machine and up to 288* pods for the special price of £325 For 15-30 people (Prices are subject to change at any time)

With Keurig office coffee machines, everyone’s happy. With a wide variety of coffee, tea and more, employees can discover a new favourite (or two) every day of the working week.

60% of UK employees like to drink coffee at work but nearly a third leave the workplace during the day just to buy a good-quality cup of coffee

No more spillages with a Muggi anti-slide mug carrier

A tasty offer from Nescafé this autumn Buy 2 tins of either 750g NESCAFÉ Original®, 750g NESCAFÉ Gold Blend® or 500g NESCAFÉ Azera® and receive a tin of Quality Street FREE


• Stackable and easy to store • Smart one-handed tray complete with thumb grips • Non-slip rubber feet • Dishwasher safe

Promo code: NL819826

Promo code: NL819828

Promo code: NL819827

Promotion only valid when ordering with the promotional code, whilst stocks last until 31st December 2016.

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Top of the polos. Nicki’s recommendations. Best for coolness

Power to the polo! Originally a blend of sportswear and streetwear, the polo shirt is now one of the most iconic styles in fashion history. For many businesses, a custom polo shirt is a staple item of their work uniform and it’s easy to see why. They are comfortable, breathable, budget friendly and available in a vast array of colours, styles and sizes. But with so many options, how do you choose the right one for your team? Here, our Workwear expert Nicki Ambidge gives you her ultimate guide to choosing the perfect polo.

Sleeve length Starting with the basics of what kind of polo shirt will be best for your team: sleeve length. If your team works indoors, there’s a good bet a short-sleeved polo shirt is sufficient. Plus, there’s the added benefit of them being easy to layer up with sweatshirts or soft shell jackets if it gets a bit chilly. Long sleeves offer the same cool comfort whilst protecting arms from the outdoor elements, flying debris from using machines or generally dirty environments.

Fabric Cotton polos are really breathable. Moisture is kept away from the body so it’s a great choice for hot workplaces. It’s comfortable and as it’s a natural fibre even sensitive skin is less likely to be irritated. Polyester t-shirts tend to crease less and keep their colour and shape for longer but can make you sweat more when it’s warm. A great compromise is a PolyCotton mix. Usually with 70 percent cotton and 30 percent polyester, PolyCotton offers the best of both fabrics.


Heavy duty or ‘workwear’ polos tend to be thicker than the standard, so are great for uniforms that are exposed to paint, dust or dirt. They’re also warmer, so a good choice if your team are working outside on cooler days.

Fit Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all. Most polo shirts come with a more fitted option for women as well as men’s and unisex options. Warehouse staff and delivery drivers will have different uniform requirements. Depending on who works in your team and what kind of role they have will help you to decide on the best option for each of your team members.


Premier’s Coolchecker Pique Polo is quick drying and has wicking fabric to keep workers cool. Its panelled details gives a more fitted shape. It retains all of the 14 bright colour options brilliantly and is a great smart alternative to a shirt. Available in 16 different colours, mens and ladies fit.

Best for comfort Russell’s 539 Classic PolyCotton Polo is a tried and tested favourite. Twisted fibre construction gives it shape retention and its double yarn pique makes it exceptionally soft. It’s a great all-round performer and will suit everyone. Available in 14 colours, in mens, ladies and children’s sizes.

Best for ladies fit Russell’s 566F Ladies Stretch Polo looks great and provides all day comfort. It’s 95 percent cotton, so nice and soft and the slim fit is great for women wanting a more tailored look for their uniform. Available in 10 colours, in sizes XS-2XL.

Price does not necessarily indicate suitability. Chances are, you can find a few options that meet your needs in different prices brackets, so concentrate on features first and costs later.


Personalised polos Don’t forget that we can personalise any polo shirt with your company logo and even your employee’s names. We can send out complete, named uniform packs directly to each staff member to save you time on distribution across multiple sites. If you’re looking for something a little more unique to your company, we offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service for businesses with 50+ wearers, or companies with different departments, needing a coordinated look across the whole team.

Contact us for more information.

T 01332 345950








Create a consistent company colour scheme for a seamless identity. At Irongate, we know how challenging it can be selecting workwear to suit everyone in your team. You might have staff in the warehouse who need durable polo shirts, jackets and trousers but then, your office based staff might need something more formal that still reflects your brand. One way to ensure that all of your team, no matter where in your business they work, reflect the identity of the company is to use your brand colours across the complete range of workwear.

With Selco Builders Warehouse, we created different uniforms for different levels of job roles as shown here, for shop floor staff and office/sales staff.

This creates a seamless identity. All of your employees are instantly recognisable and every person in your team has workwear that is both fit for purpose and comfortable for them to carry out their jobs. You might have a different design for each role in the business so that your customers know who to approach for advice. Perhaps your primary colour for the sales team, and a reversed colour design for your expert advisors. If you’re in catering, perhaps different coloured aprons would be better to identify different roles, which is not only helpful to your customers but also useful for your staff if you have very large teams. Gone are the days of drab and dull black and navy uniforms. Whether it’s branded formal shirts, t-shirts, polos or sweats, it’s now even easier to match a number of styles across multiple job functions to one core colour. We can help you pick a colour from your company logo and show you how to use this across your workforce, and bring your brand to life. It’s easy to create a cohesive corporate identity with Irongate’s workwear range, colour options and embroidery service.

T 01332 345950

Size matters. Being able to clothe everyone in a workforce regardless of age or body size, is an essential part of uniform supply. With the average UK dress and shirt size now reportedly a 16, it’s even more important than ever to be able to cater for all. With Irongate, you don’t need to worry. When it comes to size, we have loads of options, because we know that everybody is different. We work with lots of different workwear manufacturers and leading brands to make sure we can offer the perfect workwear range for your specific requirements. There’s a much broader collection of ladies workwear on the market nowadays, so they don’t have to put up with men’s sizes that are too big and baggy.

We also offer tailored options to fit individual sizes, with tall, petite, extra small and plus-size options for a whole range of men’s and women’s workwear. Our footwear range is available in all shapes and sizes too, from a UK size 2 all the way to 14+ with wide-fitting and easy-fasten options.

Did you know we offer “Sizing Days”? For 25+ wearers or where your uniform requirements are more complex, we can arrange to hold a sizing day at your premises to measure wearers for new uniforms to ensure that everything is ordered correctly. All correct wearer information can then be captured, reducing the need for swaps and exchanges at a later stage.

Try our workwear out for size, contact our workwear team on 01332 614616.

Ask our expert. Sat hello to Nicki Ambidge If you’d like to discuss how we can help bring your brand to life through your uniform, or answer any of your particular challenges in managing the uniform provision for your business, whether that’s quality, stock management or cost reduction, then we’d love to hear from you.

Call 01332 614616 or email



A comfortable choice of office seating. When you think of office furniture, you probably just think of desks and chairs but there’s so much more to office furniture than desks and chairs. There’s never been a more exciting time to enhance or transform your office habitat and one way our experts recommend you can do that is with the introduction of soft seating and breakout areas.

See the picture below how an open space has been transformed into an attractive but highly useful multifunction space providing a private meeting huddle and different configurations of open upholstered seating with tables for informal meetings or a place to relax or chat over a coffee.

Available in a spectrum of vibrant or pastel colours and different fabric options, soft seating is the perfect way to inject comfort, practicality and style into your workplace.

Arny Lite is a range of compact lounge seating which has three backrest height options. An optional armrest cushion or writing tablet adds versatility and practicality, making Arny Lite one of our most popular units.

Simon Clark, Irongate’s Office Interiors specialist says: “There’s a huge range available now and you can make a definite design statement by choosing just a few simple pieces. It’s not just a design thing either, comfy soft seating placed in key areas of the office is an important tool in encouraging communication in the workplace”.

An extravagant combination of fabrics makes the Coco a signature piece -distinctive in shape, comfortable, generous in size, robust yet elegant.

Soft furniture lends itself to a variety of situations in the workplace, it’s not just about reception sofa’s. You can transform your staff kitchen by giving it a stylish but comfy bistro feel, or create a soft break out area to provide a quiet space for relaxed informal meetings or adding a touch of class to your Director’s offices.

There’s something for absolutely every taste so if you’re looking for more inspiration and for advice on how to introduce soft seating or a breakout area to your work space, contact our friendly Office Interior specialists. Call 01332 614614 or email


T 01332 345950


Stand up for wellbeing. As experts warn of the adverse health outcomes associated with living increasingly sedentary lifestyles, offices have become a target for strategies to reduce sitting time. A growing body of research suggests that prolonged periods of sitting at your desk is linked to a higher risk of developing chronic diseases, including obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. A recent study at the University of Sydney, Australia found that workers who increased their standing by up to 60-90 minutes a day by using a sit-stand desk were more active and felt more energised than workers who used traditional desks, while not compromising their work output. The findings of the study are good news for office workers who want to make the case for sit-stand desks in their workplaces. At Irongate we believe that balanced movement is one of the key ingredients of wellness at work. Helping to create an engaged, active workspace, our range of sit/stand desks are designed to make changing postures effortless. Switching between seating and standing postures throughout the day is good for energy and productivity and overall health.

Need office furniture… FAST? Then remember to ask Irongate Interiors. Our fast furniture range of over 10,000 products are available in just 24-48 hours and perfect for those times when you need something quickly. Desking, seating, reception, shelving and accessories. Request a copy of our fast furniture catalogue or give us a call to find the perfect product for your office needs.

Furniture delivered in just 24-48 hours!

Workers at Sit Stand desks are more energised and productive study finds.

Our top tips • Aim to stand every 20 minutes, even if just for a minute or two. • Aim for at least two hours of standing per day. • By standing you cause the big muscles in your leg and back to contract which leads to an increase in certain enzymes that break up fat in the blood stream.

Looking for more ideas and inspiration for your workplace? We’ve only included a snapshot of the latest trends and products in this issue of in business but you can find out loads more in our VIBE magazine which is packed full of innovative furniture products and ideas to inspire you. You can read VIBE magazine by viewing on our website or we can pop a copy in the post, just give us a buzz on 01332 614614.

T 01332 345950


For more scientific facts and figures and benefits ask for a copy of our “Health benefits of sit stand” brochure. If you need height adjustability in your desking and want to join the sit-stand revolution, contact our experts who can advise on the best solution for your specific requirements.

Ask our expert.

Our Office Interiors & Furniture expert Simon Clark is on hand to offer advice, ideas and inspiration for your workspace.

Call 01332 614614 or email


The power of promotional products for brand recognition. Free gifts and giveaways have been used by brands as part of the marketing mix for years. The idea being that individuals will think of a business more favourably if they have been given something for free or as a kind gesture. But is the use of promotional merchandise nothing more than a cheap gimmick? Or can it really boost your business revenues? The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) has conducted several surveys and done research that provides evidence that there is a direct correlation between promotional product advertising and an improvement in brand recognition and increase in sales.

Increased brand recognition How can you make your brand not only stand out from the competition, but also remain in the minds of customers, both current and potential? Promotional products are a simple tool that can help increase brand awareness for your business. Items such as t-shirts and shopper bags act as great free advertising tools.

Stick around for a long time Promotional gifts usually end up on a customer’s desk so they see it every day which helps to showcase your brand. This is often seen as a better form of advertising as promo gifts are kept, whereas conventional advertising only has a short shelf life.

Looking to take the stress out of managing the production and supply of your promotional merchandise?

Irongate’s promotions management service: Dedicated Account Manager To deal with any questions that the franchise network may have, taking the hassle away from head office.

Sourcing and managing your promotional merchandise can be time-consuming, especially if you have a complex requirement for lots of items or multiple locations to distribute to on a regular basis.

Convenience The franchises have the convenience of being able to order promotional products 24/7 from the marketing portal which are delivered directly from Irongate’s warehouse next day.

We can work as an extension of your team and manage the whole thing for you – from sourcing and designing products, stock management and fulfilment with management reports - freeing up your time to get on with more important things.

Marketing resource portal

Brand Protection We oversee the product selection, sourcing and manufacture of all items, ensuring that product quality and branding is consistent and accurate. Shorter Lead Times Via our stock holding service Premier have reduced the lead times of their promotional items from order to delivery. Management Reporting We supply Premier with a range of bespoke management reports to help them monitor and control stock, delivery, re-order and usage.

Premier Education Group, the biggest sport and physical activity provider in the UK take full advantage of our managed merchandise service to source, stock and distribute their promotional merchandise to their hundreds of franchises and clubs up and down the UK.


T 01332 345950


Sam’s top tip for choosing promotional products. The number one reason people choose to keep a promotional item they have been given is its usefulness.

Planning an event? There’s so much to consider when organising an event whether it’s a product launch, exhibition, conference, trade show, awards ceremony or sporting event. And with so much going on, it’s easy to forget about the little things that contribute to its success such as promotional equipment and giveaways. Our promotions team are bursting with fabulous ideas for your event or marketing campaign so give them a call to have a chat.

If it is practical to them, something that can be part of their day, or something that will make their life a little easier, they are more likely to keep it. My top tip is to always choose products that are going to be useful. Pens, mugs, shopper bags, calendars, post-it notes, power banks and usb’s are great as they have long shelf lives. You can be sure your brand is always on their minds if your product is a part of their day.

Play Touch Rugby League summer event merchandise and clothing

Top 10 most popular promo items that people keep: Pens USB Mugs Power Banks Bags Sports Bottles Notebooks and Sticky Notes Keyrings and Trolley Coins Stress Items Lanyards

Ask our expert. Sam Johnson is our promotional products and gifts expert. Nothing excites her more that when she has a blank canvas to work with. Whether it be a corporate event or exhibition, she loves finding the perfect promo item for her clients. So please don’t hesitate to contact Sam if you’re looking for a quotation or just some ideas. Alternatively you can view our gallery on our website.

Call 01332 614607 or email

T 01332 345950


Request a promotions catalogue. If you’re looking for some inspiration and ideas for your promotional merchandise, then make sure you have a copy of our promotions catalogue. It’s packed full of good ideas. Request a copy via our website or by emailing

126 pages

t of the lates al products promotion gift ate or rp and co ideas


Optimising marketing spend for a very special charity. The challenge. It’s so important for charities today to get the most from their marketing and operational print budgets and that’s why MHA has chosen to partner with Irongate Communications for over 15 years. Driving savings to boost a return on investment is business critical to a charity especially in a crowded market place. Irongate not only provide innovative technology solutions to reduce transactional costs but also use their significant buying power to leverage their supply chain taking risk away from the buyer and driving best value. MHA are a special organisation with a mission of improving the quality of life for older people inspired by Christian concern. The society has changed beyond all recognition since its formation as a charity in 1943 but its important work is as relevant today as it was then. MHA care for over 5,000 older people in their care homes and provide over 2,000 individuals with purpose built apartments to support them in independent living.


Operating centrally, regionally and locally MHA was exposed to a huge administrative burden to ensure the production of over 2 million items of print were compliant, relevant, on brand and managed in a cost efficient way. MHA required locally relevant materials for over 300 care homes and a solution that would allow the management over 500 stock lines for their operational and marketing print collateral and overlay all of that with ever moving legislation associated with operating in a highly regulated sector.

Irongate’s solution. Irongate was able to create an MHA branded marketing resource centre and e-store linked directly to Irongate’s on demand print capability which operates from their centrally located pick, pack, store and logistics centre. Warehousing and inventory management are key to the success of the relationship and with our ability to use our extensive fleet of vans as well as leveraging the courier network we can ensure the operational and marketing needs are met for the charity.

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The benefits. • Friendly and efficient account management who recognise the values of their brand. • A single source supply allows higher speed to market for marketing and operational print. • Dynamic templating allows a reduction in artwork costs. • Managing inventory with low stock level triggers and working to reduce obsolete stock. • Highly relevant localised marketing. • Simple customisation allows quick and efficient document creation. • An ability to manage regulation and compliance and to control their documents efficiently.

All these benefits are transferable across all business sectors. If you’d like to find out more about how Irongate can help your business, please contact one of our print specialists at

Direct mail is the new black. At Irongate, we think direct mail is an essential part of the marketing mix but then again we would as we print it! The long predicted demise of direct mail has been spoken about for years and in fact the bulk producers will confirm that volumes are falling. We’ve noticed at Irongate that over the last couple of year’s direct mail is jumping off the door mat and making a return as a force to be reckoned with.

As relevant in 2016 as it ever was. Businesses are still investing in direct mail and in 2014 this equated to about 15% of the average advertising budget, last year spend was up again by almost 5%. There’s no getting away from it and I’m sure this provides no solace to the hard working postman that direct mail is still considered important. Here at Irongate we make DM even more relevant by leveraging our powerful technology to drive your data, building a profile of your target audience and by delivering innovative, bespoke campaigns to increase response rates and to help businesses get a much better return on your investment.

Why is direct mail still fashionable? We think there are many reasons. Recent security breaches and data protection issues online give the impression direct mail

is a safer bet. Direct mail is sustainable and the relationship with the ever growing managed forest organisations like FSC and PEFC provide evidence that this industry at least is taking recycling and replanting seriously. Give us a carbon calculator and a clever environmentalist and it wouldn’t take us long to work out the carbon cost of a direct mail campaign, We’d challenge you to do the same with an email campaign on the ever increasing world wide web. Direct mail appeals to the young which is especially cool given that they are bombarded with email, texts and subliminal social networking messaging. Recent reports have shown that the young actually like getting something in the post response rates from the younger members of society are shooting through the roof. Hand held direct mail, you can touch it and you can trust it.

You need all the help you can get. The versatility of direct mail allows it to remain highly relevant as part of the marketing mix. Direct mail integrates with every other channel be that TV, Radio, static advertising, email and social media campaigns. Direct mail drives web site traffic and raises awareness and as part of a cohesive marketing strategy – direct mail is definitely not dead!

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The detail is the data. As businesses improve the way in which they collect data they can truly develop a client relationship by using highly personalised campaigns. One such example is that of a members organisation where they have over 10,000 members. Revenue from the membership was falling due to low levels of renewals so we developed a bespoke pack that went out just before the annual subscription was due, we used demographic profiling to build a library of over 70 images, we developed a range of relevant personalised text that we hoped would resonate with the individual and wove in special offers that we felt would appeal to each individual. From vouchers to use at a theme park for families with kids to heritage tours in High Peak that we felt would appeal to more mature members. In essence, highly personalised, intelligent engagement with the membership in this instance arrested the rate of decline and delivered the required return on the investment.

If you would like to know more about how you can use direct mail as part of your marketing mix, contact us on 01332 614619 or email


We are your brand guardians “In this ever-changing society, the most powerful and enduring brands are built from the heart. They are real and sustainable. Their foundations are stronger because they are built with the strength of the human spirit, not an ad campaign. The companies that are lasting are those that are authentic”* At Irongate we understand how important your brand is and that’s why we want to work as an extension of your own business and operate as a true guardian of your brand.

Colour integrity. We know that colour can vary when deploying different methods of output like litho, digital and large format ink-jet so we work closely with our extensive supply chain to ensure that as much as possible is done to maintain a consistent match across multiple devices and multiple substrates. The technology that sits behind this reassurance is complicated and our team of experts have a rich manufacturing knowledge that allows us to get to the end result by helping our clients make the most informed decisions when it comes to brand colour integrity. Irongate uses a mixture of brand guideline test sheets, spectrophotometry, colour density and ISO12647/2 to drive consistency across the myriad of different materials and different processes that are used to print brand specific colours. We take a consultative approach to colour so if you have any questions about colour please talk to one of our experts at print@irongategroup. *Howard Schultz, Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time


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We’ve teamed up with our friends at STABILO to offer you the chance to win a copy of the fantastic Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom adult colouring book along with a set of STABILO colouring pens. With 25 colours, STABILO’s point 88 pens are perfect for colouring the beautifully intricate patterns in Millie Marotta’s colouring books. All you need to do to enter the competition is download a copy of our ‘do what makes you happy’ design from the news page of our Irongate Group website. Then simply colour it in

Download the ‘Do what makes you happy’ design by visiting the news page at

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