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We keep Procurement Managers like Christina smiling.

Irongate LIVE returns for 2017!

5th October 2017 iPro Stadium | Derby

Save the date Once again, for only day only, we will be gathering together the UK’s leading brands and industry experts in all of our key business sectors - office products, facility supplies, workwear & PPE, office interiors & furniture, promotional merchandise, corporate gifting and print services. We’re delighted to be able to announce the date for this year’s event is Thursday 5th October at the iPro stadium in Derby.

You’ll be able to explore our impressive gathering of exhibitors to gain valuable insight, talk directly to the experts, ask questions and source exactly what you need for your business. You will benefit from seeing an impressive range of products and the latest technologies plus a host of new services and procurement solutions. We’re busy creating the event website so as soon as it’s live, we’ll send you an invite and you can register online.

Why attend Irongate LIVE 2017? • Everything you need under one roof • 50+ leading brands & exhibitors • Free refreshments • Exclusive product launches • Source products • Streamline your supply chain • Fresh ideas & inspiration • Reduce your procurement costs • Live demonstrations • Competitions & giveaways

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Welcome to the spring issue of in business magazine. It looks like spring is finally here and we can all look forward to some lighter evenings and warm days.

We’ve got some great hints and tips for you in this issue for spring cleaning your office and workstations.

Spring is often the time when we think about fresh starts with businesses having their financial year end and spring cleans.

Once again, we’ll be bringing the very best brands together under one roof for one day only at the iPro stadium.

Also, be sure to save Thursday 5th October in your diary, when we’ll be bringing Irongate LIVE to Derby.

Adam Noble Managing Director

Look out for your invitation this summer.

Irongate launches single source procurement service for schools. We are pleased to have launched a new single source procurement service for the education sector to help make schools’ purchasing easier. InOne with Irongate helps schools to save significant time and money by allowing them to source everything they need from one supplier. Nick Cash has joined Irongate to head up the Education division. “InOne transforms the way schools buy their business essentials, there’s a huge opportunity for schools to make a significant saving,” explains Nick. “By combining all six of our specialist sub divisions, schools can access one online portal to order everything they need including stationery and furniture.

of different suppliers, it costs them more than they think. InOne simplifies the ordering process and schools can take control of their purchasing.” The new service allows schools to find everything in one place – from exercise books, stationery and art and craft materials, to practical items such as furniture, office equipment and cleaning and catering supplies. In May 2017, we will be launching an 800-page catalogue specialising in school products.

“When customers order a diverse range of products from a number

Everything your school needs in one place.

If you would like to find out more, contact Nick at

Have you spotted our new vans? This year, we are incredibly excited to be celebrating 40 years of history, growth and success. As part of the celebrations, we revealed our fresh new brand identity and website at the end of last year and now we’ve completed our brand refresh with the unveiling of our new vehicle graphics. Centred on our brand value of ‘expertise’ and our comprehensive approach to procurement, they have been designed using our bold corporate colour of green with each van conveying a different quirky message. Debbie Hunt, Marketing Manager commented “Our vehicles are an important advertising medium and we wanted to keep the design simple but high impact. We’ve created a different message for each van which showcases our vibrant personality and hopefully raises a smile along the way. Let’s see if you can spot all seven!”.


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What does your favourite colour say about you?


It says a lot about who you are. Colour has a powerful impact on our everyday lives. From enhancing our mood in summer, to the colour of your car, your home decor, the clothes you wear and the appearance of your work environment. According to research there are links between your colour preference, your personality, your career and the products you buy. The way we react to colour will in part be determined by society, influences and experiences but take a look around you and you will see you most definitely have a favourite colour. Colour doesn’t define who we are but it most certainly plays a big part in the everyday choices we make.

Cool colours of blue, green and purple are associated with peace and harmony whilst the warmer colours of red, orange and pink are more representative of stimulation and high energy. According to a study by the University of Westminster, people who prefer cool colours are more likely to be analytical, committed, loyal, questioning and methodical, suited to jobs in finance, data, computing and engineering. Those preferring the warmer colours are more likely to be goal orientated, determined, results driven and high performers, ideal for management roles, sales, marketing and training.



Love pink? Your personality traits are kind, loving, generous, romantic, sensitive and you are compassionate towards others.

Love aqua? Your personality traits are sophisticated, patient, reliable and you will have strong clarity of thought.



Love blue? Your personality traits are reliable, trustworthy, sincere, full of wisdom and you are a very honest and loyal friend.

Love orange? Your personality traits are strength, spontaneity and optimism making you an enthusiastic and social person.



Love green? Your personality traits are peaceful, hopeful, balanced, down to earth and you are a good listener.

Love purple? Your personality traits are originality, ambitious, creative and you are an understanding person

Show your true colours. Stand out from the crowd. introducing wow, the brilliant range from Leitz. The Leitz WOW range is perfect for anyone wanting to upgrade their workspace with vibrant, positive and energetic colours that will never go out of date. Its uncompromising premium quality and high aesthetic appeal can reflect your colourful personality. Contemporary, stylish

and vibrant, with WOW you are guaranteed to create desk envy with your colleagues. Contact us to see the full Leitz WOW range of desktop products.

T 01332 345950 E


The smart way to clean your tech! We’ve finally made it through the cold dark winter months to April, which means only one thing – it’s Spring Clean season. We may do a thorough spring clean at home, but how often do you think about cleaning your workstation in the office? How dirty is your smart phone? We all have our smart phones and tablets within arm’s reach at all times, picking them up and using them hundreds of times per day. The disadvantage of touch screens though is that it takes no time for them to become covered in fingerprints and other greasy marks. We all love our smart technology, but smart technology demands an equally smart cleaning solution.

Home and office workstation cleaning doesn’t need to be hard work with our range of specialist cleaning products. Designed especially for screens, surfaces, phones, keyboards and technical equipment, they are all available in a variety of handy kits, wipes and sprays to ensure cleaning is easy and convenient.

You can find the whole range in our catalogue on pages 223 and 224. But we wanted to highlight one particular product which is THE product of the moment and perfect for cleaning your tech devices.

Luckily AF have developed the perfect solution. The brand new AF Smart Wipes are a nifty box of 10 super strong, individual dry wipe sachets that absorb grease and fingerprints in an instant leaving a sparkling finish. Product code: AFI50858 £3.50 per pack of 10 wipes

An essential wipe for any smart technology. It gives fantastic results on tablets, fitness watches and any other device. Not forgetting glasses too, it works wonders removing smears and even make up effectively. It’s even washable. That’s right, a dry wipe that you can use time and time again for ultimate convenience.

To find out more about office equipment cleaning and the right products to use contact our customer support team on 01332 614602 or email:

Clean up with AF! Ensure that your workspace is always clean and fresh with some great value offers from AF International. Product Code


Pack Size


400ml + 200ml

Product code Description



SCR100T + AFI50404 PHC100T

Sprayduster 400ml + FREE 200ml Aerosol 100 Wipes Screen CleaningClene Phone/Screen Tub Bundle Phone Cleaning







Don't delay, order yours today! AF VOW 190x135mm_Qr2_012017_V2_prepress 28 February 2017 14:54:31

*Bu a Stan y dard Spray d get an uster and In Spray vertible d absoluuster tely free!

Toilet seat

Kitchen counter



bacteria/sq. inch

bacteria/sq. inch


Pet food dish




*This offer is subject to stock availability and ends 2nd July 2017


things cleaner than your smart phone.


*Scr & Ph een-Clen e on Supe e-Clene r Val Bund ue le

Du 100 o Tubs of wipe s eac h

T 01332 345950 E

25 5

bacteria/sq. inch

Door knob

8643 bacteria/sq. inch


Checkout screen

4500 bacteria/sq. inch

What’s your typical day?

Stand up for a healthier way of working. Are you sitting your life away? Many of us would claim we lead a healthy and active lifestyle. From regular gym sessions and sporting activities, to scrutinising the ingredients in our favourite foods. It seems there is a growing awareness of the importance of being fit and healthy. But the minute we walk in to work we sit down at our desk, start working, and rarely move for the vast majority of the day without questioning the impacts of sitting all day. Sitting is a part of everyday life. We are all sitting longer than we should, whether it’s sitting in the car on the way to work, sitting for the entire day whilst at work and then followed by more hours of sitting we get home. That is a lot of sitting, but unfortunately some people are unaware of the health risks linked to a sedentary lifestyle. Having a sedentary lifestyle can have serious health implications as sitting is not just bad for your back; it affects your breathing, digestion and every aspect


Wherever possible, stand during meetings and presentations.


Get up and move around when talking on the phone.


Stay on your feet when waiting for buses, trains and trams.

the stairs 4 Use instead of taking

Implementing smallscale changes could be a good starting place for adopting more ‘active’ behaviours and attitudes. Encourage employees to activate and engage their bodies in movement and also help promote an active working mindset, using these.

8 Hours sleeping 7.5 Hours sitting at work 3 Hours sitting at home (reading / watching TV) 1.5 Hours sitting at home (working at a computer) 1 Hour sitting eating 3 Hours standing/moving

of your health, along with your brain engagement and focus. Many health experts are calling it the ‘new smoking’ in terms of health implications, after citing it as a major cause of rising obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. It’s then no surprise that research shows one hour of daily gym-time is easily offset by over seven hours sat at a computer screen.


Fellowes Healthy Cycle of Motion


Whole Body Movement

Although prolonged sitting can be extremely damaging for your health, just standing instead is not a complete solution. Standing over a prolonged period can be harmful to your back and lower limbs, with aching feet and swollen legs being just two of the most common complaints. Getting the right balance of sitting and standing is essential and there are many ways to do this, following the Fellowes 10 top tips and engaging in a healthy cycle of motion would be the best place to start. Visit to find out more.


10 Tips

There are many ways to introduce more dynamic movement into the sedentary working day. Here are just a few examples:

Do simple stretching exercises when sat at your desk: raise your arms, move your neck from side to side, place your hands on your lower back and lean backwards, lift your legs up and down, gently shake your feet.

Neutral Position

What’s the solution?

escalators and lifts.


Would you consider yourself as sedentary as the typical European office worker?

If it’s absolutely essential for you to sit for a long time, remember to take regular breaks and short walks.



The best solution of all for desk workers is to use a Sit-Stand Workstation or Work Platform which enables you to experience a healthy cycle of motion – effortlessly.


Make time for an outdoor walk during your lunch break.


When needing to communicate with a colleague in the office, go to speak to them to discuss the matter rather than emailing them.

Keep hydrated - pay more visits to the water dispenser (and bathroom!), to boost mobility, tissue health and range of motion. Tip: adding a pinch of salt to the water helps your digestive system absorb fluid and stop it passing straight through.

T 01332 345950 E

Trial the new Fellowes Lotus SitStand workstation. We’re sure that once you experience ‘active working’, you’ll soon start to feel the benefits. And that’s why we are pleased to offer you a FREE no obligation 30-day trial of the Fellowes Lotus™ Sit-Stand Workstation. It enables you to effortlessly transition from sitting to standing multiple times a day. Watch the video to see the Lotus workstation in action.


5 simple tips to spring clean your office. With winter finally over and spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to breathe fresh air into your office by giving it a good spring clean. As the sunshine flows through your office window, it can cast a glow over that thick layer of dust that has accumulated over the winter, and that stack of documents piled high on your desk. When it comes to spring cleaning, your own workstation is a good place to start. Try and get your colleagues on board too because having a big clean-up will give your workplace a new lease of life. Here are our top 5 tips to ensure your workplace is refreshed, hygienic and organised.

1. Light it up. You can save energy and money by making the most of the spring weather and letting in the natural light. It’s the perfect opportunity to give all the windows in your office a thorough clean to allow the maximum amount of natural light to brighten up your office.

2. Get rid of old paperwork. The chances are that many of the documents which are piled up on your desk may not be of any value to you now. Take time to tackle the stack and think to yourself ‘Do I need this?’ If the answer is yes, create a filing system to fit your needs and make a point of filing any print outs in the future to stop this happening again.

4. Digital clutter. Now your office space is nice and clean, it’s time to tackle the bigger mess that may be lurking inside your computer. We stash all of our files on our desktop or one master folder, but this just ends up making you more stressed when you can’t find the things you need. The same can be said for not properly managing emails. It’s a good idea to create folders that are labelled and regularly delete old files to keep the clutter at bay.


3. Clean your desk.

5. Give your communal kitchen a deep clean.

As we know thousands of germs live on the things we touch every day so it’s important to make sure these things are as clean as possible.

Keyboard. Turn your keyboard upside down and shake out all the food remnants, dust and dirt, air dusters are also good for blasting out any dirt that may be lurking under your keys. Afterwards wipe the keys with an antibacterial wipe.

Phone. Use an antibacterial wipe to clean your handset and telephone, paying special attention to the earpiece, mouthpiece and buttons.

Shared surfaces. Surfaces such as printers and desktops are touched by everyone in the workplace, meaning they are covered in germs. Try to clean these every few days to rid them of any infectious bacteria.

Pay special attention to the fridge and the microwave and remove any old food and clean them thoroughly with a multisurface cleaner. Also replace any chipped mugs and plates to give everything a fresh clean look. Let’s not leave it until spring every year until we decide to give our offices a good clean-up. By spending a small amount of time each week to get rid of any clutter and clean your desk space, you’ll benefit from having a clean and comfortable work environment.

Ensure your workplace is spotless with our range of cleaning chemicals and janitorial products. Request a copy of our FRESH magazine for our best-selling products and prices.

Ask our expert. Say hello to Pam Wakefield, our facilities supplies specialist. If you’d like to discuss any area of our facilities service – from cleaning chemicals, hygiene products and a healthy workplace through to catering supplies, coffee machines or first aid kits – Pam would love to hear from you.

Call 01332 614602 or email

T 01332 345950 E

Take a break. Discover the benefits of providing snacks in the office. It’s a well-known fact that regular, high quality work breaks can play a big role in boosting worker morale and productivity. That’s why more and more businesses are investing in their staff by providing more comfortable break rooms for people to spend time in, and more exciting break rooms which offer things like football tables, soft seating lounge areas and free snacks. Many companies already offer free water and coffee, but now many have started offering free snacks and treats too. Businesses who are offering complementary snacks are noticing the difference that the gesture has made, such as:

Employees are healthier. Businesses that offer healthy snacks such as fruit and nuts are helping their employees to make better snack choices. Why buy a chocolate bar for your midmorning snack when you can have an apple or a banana for free? By eating healthier foods your employees will become healthier people, which can lead to less employee sick days.

Employees have more energy.

Food is fuel for the body and mind, however many employees don’t nourish themselves throughout the day like they should. Being hungry can lead to discomfort and grogginess that can be bad for productivity. Businesses that offer employees light snacks throughout the day could notice a more productive workforce, if the right types of treats are being provided.

Employees are happier. Even if you do decide to offer chocolate and sweets instead of something healthy and organic, providing employees with any kind of snack will improve their mood and boost their morale. It gives them something look forward to throughout the day and makes them feel like they are cared about.

Something healthy Healthy foods are the best option when providing your employees with snacks. Not only will this encourage your them to be healthier but it will boost your business in the short term. By offering high protein, low sugar snack such as nuts, this will boost their energy throughout the day keeping them focused and productive.

Something fun. To keep things interesting, offer different things from time to time. Encourage employees to bring in homemade snacks to share with their colleagues. Keeping it fresh and fun will also reinforce a sense of comradery.

Something for everyone. Make sure you take in the dietary requirements of all employees into consideration when your choosing what snacks and treats to offer them. Some may be vegetarian, some could have nut allergies and some could be celiac. Offer a variety of different snacks so everyone has something to choose from.

We offer a wide range of snacks and sweet treats to keep the hunger pangs of your employees away, and cater for any client visits you may have. Everything from biscuits, sweets, chocolate and even cereals.

FREE 2 packs of Nestle Variety Chocolates when you buy 2 tins of NESCAFE coffee.

Promo code: NL819833

What snacks should you offer?

Promo code: NL819832

Promo code: NL819834

Happy snacking!

Request a copy of our Facilities Supplies catalogue to see the full range.

Promotion only valid when ordering with the promotional code, whilst stocks last until 30th June.

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Keep your cool with our top 5 summer workwear tips. Summer is fast approaching and with the hotter weather comes certain challenges in respect of providing your staff with suitable workwear. It’s important that staff feel comfortable in their work clothes and aren’t distracted by the hot weather as distractions can cause accidents as well as reduce productivity.

We asked Irongate’s workwear specialist, Nicki Ambidge, for her top 5 tips on providing the correct workwear for this time of year.

1. Switch from trousers to shorts. Different roles require different requirements but providing shorts instead of trousers for delivery drivers for example will make them more comfortable when they are out driving all day.

2. Switch to t-shirts and polo shirts made with moisture management fabrics. Garments made from fabrics with anti-wicking properties keep the wearer dry and cool because it has the ability to draw moisture away from the skin and evaporate into the fabric.

Henbury Coolplus® Polyester Polo Shirt


3. Switch to lightweight alternatives.

5. A polo shirt and hi vis vest in one!

As temperatures rise, workers will need outerwear that not only provides the necessary protection, but offers lightweight technical fabrics to keep them cool and comfortable as they work. Most clothing brands now produce lightweight versions of their standard ranges which are perfect for warmer weather conditions. For example, to combat the challenges of summer showers, you can switch to a lighter weight waterproof jacket.

For a smarter alternative to a standard t-shirt or polo shirt and hi-vis vest on top, why not go for a Hi Vis Polo Shirt? Ideal for construction, driving, event marshalling, security and traffic.

Hi vis polo shirts available in a range of colours.

4. Provide long sleeve options to protect from UV. Outdoor workers are exposed to the heat more often and for longer periods than staff who drive or who work indoors. For example, construction workers require clothing that is both protective and breathable, and often this can be a bit of a conundrum for employers in summer. A polo shirt with a high viz vest might stop them from getting too hot, but it puts them at risk of sunburn. In that situation we would suggest combining a cool polo shirt with long sleeve high viz vests. This still meets health and safety requirements but also protects from the elements and is comfortable to wear. Other options for protecting your staff from sunburn and UV is to provide them with a hat with ear and neck protection and sunglasses.

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you with your summer workwear, or for any advice or to discuss an enquiry, please contact our specialist workwear team. Call: 01332 614616 or email: T 01332 345950 E

The return of the polka dot!

SOL’s Becker Polka-Dot Shirt

Here at Irongate, we’re firm believers in modernising staff uniforms with innovative and contemporary garments. Gone are the days of dull and dreary plain black uniforms. So when we saw these fantastic new shirts and polo’s from SOL’s, we couldn’t wait to show you. You can really set your business apart by having an innovative and contemporary uniform and the polka-dot pattern in timeless. It first appeared on the fashion scene at the end of the 19th century and has endured through the decades: from the ladies elegance of the 30s to the pin-up girls in the postwar period. It then went pop thanks to the artists of the sixties. The SOL’s Becker shirt and Brandy Polo are available in men’s and ladies sizes in 4 fabulous colours – dark grey/white, french navy/white, oxblood/white and white/french navy.

SOLS’s Brandy Polka-Dot Polo Shirt

T 01332 345950 E


How to get the best out of an open plan office. Open plan offices have been around for decades. They allow you to maximise office space and get your teams communicating, collaborating and working better together. But with all this talking and idea sharing going on, could this be having a negative effect on employee productivity? Workers in open plan offices sit in very close proximity to each other and generally report having less privacy, hearing more noise and experiencing more distractions. Research shows that more than 70% of workers believe noise is the most significant workplace distraction, with other people’s conversations being the type of noise that disturbs them the most. And once we get interrupted by our colleagues, it can take us up to 23 minutes to get back into the flow of what we were doing.

Below are our tips on how to make your open plan office a little more private: Agile office furniture.

Introduce plants.

Fortunately, the open plan office environment offers enough flexibility for you to make tweaks here and there to improve your employees’ comfort levels and boost productivity. Bench desking is ideal for this as its offers maximum versatility and is also a very modern looking desking format.

There’s not much that nature can’t do. Plants can improve air quality, which also helps with productivity, employee wellbeing and can also help to drown out noise. Carefully placed plants have had a proven effect on reducing noise levels in the open office environment. The larger the plant, the more of an effect it will have when it comes to reducing noise.

Acoustics. The hard surfaces in offices are perfect for sound waves to reflect off. By adding carpets or floor coverings, furniture, upholstered screens and fabric wall panels, the distracting noise of phone and team conversations will be absorbed. Sound absorbing panels on screens, booths and pods create private spaces in an open plan layout, whilst absorbing and reducing noise.

Dedicated quiet zones. Now and again whilst at work, it’s good to go to a quiet place to concentrate and get away from distractions. Whilst empty conference rooms provide this space, it’s becoming more and more popular for companies to design dedicated space for this within their office layout. This can be done by providing acoustic pods.

Provide loud spaces. In contrast to the previous point, having designated areas around the business that encourage interaction and discussion can also be beneficial. This could include discussion pods, meeting point tables and breakout areas.

To ensure your staff stay focused and productive, it’s important to create an office environment that works for everyone. If you’d like more information and advice, contact our interiors experts at 01332 614614 or email: 10

T 01332 345950 E

Introducing Orb, the revolutionary new round desk. Ask yourself, why are desks rectangular, when much of human culture in terms of shape and form is round? The rectangular form can perhaps be traced back to the Romans (what did they ever do for us as Python once asked) whilst prior to those times the round table was, in England at least, the ultimate symbol of equality and team work in the myths and legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the round table. But Orb is not just a round table… Orb is a revolutionary 740 high circle top desk desking solution designed and manufactured in the UK by Senator, that allows the liberalisation of space through 360 degree circular worktops. Senator are not talking simply about cutting corners, far from it, Orb’s design provides the optimal work space where it is needed, retiring the regimented rectilinear formation.

Orb desks feature a 4 star cast aluminium base, aluminium column with integrated vertical cable management and aluminium cable port with lift covers. As well as offering strength and rigidity, this form of structure is more organic and natural with a central trunk that encompasses and carries optional power and data from the floor to the user. To truly appreciate Orb you need to sit at it. The centralised structure allows the structural elements to be brought into the centre and away from the user, thus liberating the space around the outer edges of the workstation and easing freedom of movement and positioning. The desk area is not only amazingly spacious, it just feels right and it’s so easy to turn to collaborate with colleagues.

Watch the video to see Orb in action.

Orb can be linked together by incorporating the cleverly designed “bite” tops that facilitate interlocking to make this a true system solution.

The desire for offices to feel more domestic is strengthening and Orb has been developed as a response to this, as it deregulates work spaces while still maintaining a logical rhythm. If you’d like to put the needs of your staff at the centre of your vision, contact us and we will tell you more about Orb.


Straight with bite


Curve with bite




Orb dual light

Round 60”

Round 60”

Bite 60”

Bite 54”

Orb task light

Curve with bite

Orb above power desk light

*54” only available on standing height

T 01332 345950 E


Top 8 tips to choosing the perfect promotional pen. There’s a world of choice when it comes to promotional pens. So where do you start? Below are some factors you might want to consider.


Why the promotional pen is still one of the best tangible marketing tools. Promotional products are an affordable and effective way to raise your brand awareness. But with so many promotional products available in an industry that continues to grow and develop, we sometimes forget about the simpler, more basic products that still do the trick. For the marketing manager who is seeking a promotional item that is affordable, desirable, and will actually find utility in the hands of their target audience, a pen is the ideal choice.

1. Pens are cost effective.

4. Pens are like business cards.

You’ll get the most bang for your promotional buck with pens. Pens are one of the least expensive promotional products and they’re sold in bulk, making the cost to put your brand on a pen very affordable. However, just be aware that no one likes a cheap pen that feels flimsy, doesn’t write smoothly and leaves ink stains on hands. So be sure to invest in quality customised pens for a better impression to the recipient.

You can place all your information on a pen – your company name, logo, telephone number, email and website – turning a simple pen into a powerful marketing tool that your prospective clients will have on them. Apparently 73% of people carry a pen with them at all times, more than any other promotional product.

2. Pens are a desirable gift. No matter how many pens a person has, there seems to be a desire for more and there’s always someone in the office looking for one! Even if the pen isn’t needed immediately, it will frequently find a home in the car glove box, desk drawer, home office or handbag. A pen is a great promotional item because it is a required daily tool for any professional worker.

3. Pens have a high usability. On average, promotional pens are used 18.2 times per month, making it the most frequently used tangible marketing products. A study found that a whopping 79% of people use promotional pens they received from a business, while 83% are most likely to keep the pen if it’s a ballpoint. The practical quality of pens means they are retained by the recipient and keep working long after your campaign has finished.


5. Pens are often shared. Pens get passed around and lent a lot, so you’re getting extra exposure to other people for free. Studies show that 60% of people use a pen 5-10 times a day.

6. Longer advertising shelf life.. Unlike traditional forms of advertising such as TV, radio and print adverts, pens can last for more than 6 months, giving your brand exposure for longer periods.

Ensure that the pen you choose matches your target audience - an executive will not always appreciate the same pen as a student.

Budget. Consider how much you have to spend and what quantity you require. You might also think about whether the promotion will be repeated later in the year as you can get good discounts for larger quantities.

Pen style. There are many pen styles available; ball pens, rollerballs, fountain pens, pencils, click action, twist, stylus, metal, plastic. Bear in mind where the pens are being given away – a click action pen may not always be the best choice for a conference.

Pen size. Some pens are bulbous in shape and others have rubber grips. This needs to be taken into account if the pen is to be slotted into a folder or a pen loop. If you are in doubt whether a pen will fit you can request a sample free of charge.

Pen colour. Think about how your corporate or brand colours will work with the colour of the pen. A dark blue logo on a black pen will be difficult to see, however on a white pen it would work perfectly.

Print size and position. Consider what you want to put on your pen as a strap line or contact details will take up more space than a logo. If you want to include a lot of information consider a pen with a large print area, normally the largest print area is on the barrel. Do remember that your logo will need to be reduced in size to fit the print area. Therefore if you have a detailed logo it may affect the print clarity of your logo.

Print colour. The more print colours you opt for the higher the price. If colour is a priority then it may be advisable to opt for a coloured body with a neutral print such as white or silver rather than conveying the colour via the print.

Packaging. Presenting your pen in a gift box can add value to the promotion. There are several gift box options with different finishes, shapes, materials and sizes available. Do bear in mind that boxes take up more room and this might need to be considered when thinking about storage.

T 01332 345950 E

Our top four best selling pens. Shanghai touch ball pen.

Valentino pantone match ball pen.

A modern classic with stylus.

For style and sophistication.

The classic Soft stylus or the new white barrelled Shanghai Touch have stylus ends for use with all your soft-touch devices.

A classically designed, prestigious twist action ball pen. The pen has a chrome undercoat to the top and bottom barrel for a mirror finish when engraved. Pantone matching is available from as low as 1000 pieces. Also available in a soft feel finish.

1000 - £3.45 each 2000 - £3.20 each

100 - 249 £1.59 each

250 - 499 73p each

500 - 999 53p each

1000+ 42p each

Price includes 1 colour print in 1 position to the barrel of the pen.

Price includes engraving to 1 position to the barrel of the pen.

Beck ball pen.

Cayman ball pen.

A great range of colours.

Looks good and great value.

Incredible value in this metal pen that can be printed or engraved (at an additional cost). There is a great marking area on the barrel.

100 - 249 £1.50 each

250 - 499 £1.05 each

500 - 999 85p each

1000+ 75p each

Price includes engraving in 1 position to the barrel of the pen.

Ask our expert.

Choice of vibrant translucent colours each with a solid coloured matching clip, chrome plunger and nosecone; or for a crisp clean backdrop there’s a version with a solid white barrel, all with black ink.

100 - 249 £1.38 each

250 - 499 61p each

500 - 999 34p each

1000+ 26p each

Price includes 1 colour print in 1 position to the barrel of the pen.

FREE visuals

Sam Johnson is our promotional products and gifts expert. Whether it be a corporate event or exhibition, she loves FREE samples finding the perfect promo item for her clients. So please don’t hesitate to contact Sam if you’re looking for a quotation or just some ideas. Alternatively LOW minimum order you can view our gallery on our website.

Call 01332 614607 or email

For more choice, request a copy of our dedicated promotional products catalogue...

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The resurgence of Direct Mail. If the ultimate objective of any marketing communication effort is to motivate action, then printed direct mail is the gold standard. Consider for a moment the number of marketing messages consumers are exposed to each day — combined with the saturation of digital media — and it’s no wonder print offers the chance to cut through the clutter. With innovations in print technologies, workflow automation and personalisation, marketers have the ideal opportunity to rediscover direct mail as a way to achieve more relevant, customised communications that:

• Cut through the clutter



• Attract new customers • Enhance customer loyalty


• Deliver profitable results

Let’s look at the numbers. Consider the number of marketing messages consumers are exposed to each day, and it’s no wonder there’s a certain satisfaction in the tangible experience of going to the mailbox. According to the United States Postal Service, the average household receives about 16 pieces of direct mail each week. During that same week, the average consumer receives over 100 emails.1 It’s not surprising that 70% of direct mail is opened and 79% is read for at least a minute.2 1 Household Diary Survey 2014, USPS; The Inbox is a Battlefield, Return Path, 2013 2 Direct Marketing Production Printing & Value-Added Services, InfoTrends, 2015


Our top 3 tips for adding value to your Direct Mail. Direct mail can help you differentiate your brand from the competition. 1. Move from personalised to personal. Relevance is the key to direct mail success. Personalisation means more than simply including a recipient’s name—it means tailoring imagery, messaging and information to that specific individual.

2. Integrate direct mail with digital media. Data indicates that print-only campaigns achieve average response rates of 7.4% and action rates of 7.1%, while campaigns leveraging print, email, social media and mobile applications achieve 9.5% and 8.6%, respectively.

3. Demonstrate results. Marketers want the ability to measure communication effectiveness. Direct mail, when integrated with digital media, is measurable. Why not experiment by testing different offers and messaging to track your impact on results for maximum return on investment.

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Key insights. Direct mail outperforms all digital channels combined

The average household receives

16 pieces of mail each week During the same week, the average consumer receives


more than 100 emails

of direct mail is opened

by nearly



is read for at least a minute

Response rates:



Direct Mail

of marketers

Email 0.2% Paid Search 0.1% Other digital channels 0.32% (Mobile, Social Media, Display Advertising)

Direct mail is Here to Stay expect the amount of direct mail sent next year to increase or remain the same

55% 54% 45%

Went to a physical retail store Visited a website Indicated direct mail led to a purchase

Relevancy is Critical:

44% Immediatley discard direct mail if it isn’t relevant

Book your free no obligation Direct Mail audit.

Our print communications experts can help you understand and appreciate the value of direct mail. Why not book a consultation to discover the clever new ways that will deliver results.

80% Are more likely to open if personalized


Say print/paper quality impacts their decision to open and read

• Advice on how best to use your customers’ data. • Showcase the capabilities and value of an integrated cross-media campaigns. • Tailor your communications to be personal and relevant. • Advise how your communications can span both print and digital media. • How to measure and optimize your campaigns for success.

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Bespoke graphics for display, visual merchandising and brand communication. With summer fast approaching you may have some corporate outdoor events planned or even some exhibitions. Whatever the event our print team can help you choose from an extensive range of portable display solutions including flags, banners, instant pop ups, tent kits to full modular exhibition display.

3D design service. Using the latest CAD software technology, our experienced 3D design team will work with you to design and then render your exhibition display stand so you can view before you buy.

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