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James’ term 3 portfolio

Art portfolio In art this term we mainly focused on oil pastel drawings so we practised on like little easy things. Then we went on to drawing a scene in our favourite video game, now that was hard. First we had to draw it and then add little bits of pastel at a time. I did the front cover of Black Ops except Mr Bell Art Teacher) said I had to put in a background so I put a tunnel in the background, it was really hard to make it perfect and smudge it all so that there was no white but I managed. Also we have done something called a colour matic they are so hard to build. What you do is draw a picture photocopy the picture on to a sheet of clear plastic colour in the paper picture and leave the plastic one. Then you make a frame made of paper and separate the two with a piece of paper and when you pull it out it looks cool. At first when Mr Bell made one we all thought it was magic and he didn’t tell us until the next week so we were all

Maths Portfolio In Maths this term I have learnt many things that I will be telling you about. Division with Decimal remainders I didn’t know how to do until about 2 minutes before a test. which apparently was on division with decimal remainders. So I asked miss mason if she could teach me and she did. So I did okay on the test but no one did perfect so we had to do another test on division and fractions. The second test was easy because it was short and we had learnt heaps about it in the past week. We did equivalent fractions in a lesson and we learnt heaps about how to make them the same. Also we have done enlarging and reducing, it is really fun drawing funny faces and boats and stuff. It looks so easy but then when you do kit it isn’t as easy unless you’ve done it before. I had done it earlier in the year so I knew how to do it.

Term Reflection This term has been a good term as I have learnt heaps and had fun doing it. In UOI I have been making a movie with my friends, it is great fun. It’s about a few kids playing ball tiggy and one of the kids is a unicorn and really unusual. Michael is it and he is about to get Sahil but he said let’s gang up on Charlie (unicorn) he is cornered and then a teacher comes but Sahil and Michael get in trouble but that is at the end of the term now I’ll tell you about house cross country. In cross country I came second which I was very proud of. Forsyth however came last which was basically 2nd because Battye and Richards had a tie with 118 points each which was unexpected. Everyone was thinking Richards was going to come last. I was hoping Forsyth would win because we have won nothing except the house speaking last year which isn’t a good thing. Also this term we had hoop time which is a basketball competition my team won all their games. In my team was Me, Michael, Sohan, Jack, Ryan and some girls from SMS. At the end we had a presentation but because I was in rookies I didn’t get anything. In one of the games I was on second and we were down 50 but when I went in I got 6 points straight with some skill. We ended up winning, luckily because a siren went and I thought I was ours but it wasn’t and the other team nearly got a goal but they didn’t. The end score was like eight to 5. I was voted best player. District athletics was this term but you had to try out so I did. I got into the 100m 200m 4x100m and shot put I came third in 100m fourth in 200m fourth in 4x100m and fifth in shot put.

UOI portfolio OMG there is sooooo many things to talk about in UOI. Firstly this term we went on an excursion to the Melbourne Exhibition centre it was great. We got to walk around in groups on our own. In my group was Michael, Me, and some girls from SMS which I don’t know their names. In the end we got loads of free stuff like penguin’s lollies and brochures. We went there on a train and left on a train. Also this term we have done a picture with and article. We got the title of an article and we had to set up a picture that we thought went with the title. I was with Sahil and mike our title was DNA spray marks out thieves it was pretty cool this is what it looked like. I know pretty skilled. We have done a video also it was pretty fun I had Sahil, Mike, Will and Kevin.

English portfolio This term we started with a few comprehension, they were pretty fun especially when we did them as a class. At the start of the term everyone, even Kash thought that it was so hard but throughout the rest of the term we have learnt how to do them a lot better and more efficient. This term there was no extension English which I played a part in in term 1. Every week we have done a spelling test and I have gotten 10/10 every week even when the word were scientific. My strong point is spelling and the English language even though my punctuation isn’t very good. In the middle of the term we had a comprehension test which everyone aced because of the things we had done to practise and revise. Some things that I would of liked to of done we didn’t do like extension English I loved heaps first term but we just didn’t have time.

Science Portfolio This term we have done a lot and I am going to tell you about them. We did an assignment on coral reefs I got 39/40 on that which I was proud of. It was an enjoyable assignment as when I finished it I didn’t go “finally I’m done” like normal I was like “oh I’m done”. My poster went over three pages and it was black. It looked really good. At first I thought I wasn’t going to finish but then I worked on it all night and I luckily finished. We did a KW chart and I already knew.            

Off the coast of QLD See it from space Has over 2000 kinds of fish One of the 7 wonders of world It's known for colourful coral and fish One area of it is called the Horse Shoe Scuba diving Is there because of the shallow warm water Deteriorating because of global warming and pollution Oil spills around and over it in the past Tourist attraction Biggest reef in the world

We watched finding Nemo to end the topic, I like that movie especially when we haven’t watched it for ages. Also we did a science speech on a fish in the Great Barrier Reef; I did mine on the clown fish. I got 27/30

Library Portfolio This term we had a fun term starting with Book week which was really fun then we went onto the school intranet book catalogue and then Cite Ace. Book Week was really fun… my book got 3rd prize, it was pretty good looking. I did the book the Empty Pot. I watched a video on this book and it sounded very interesting. It is a Chinese book and we had to do a book from another country so I did the empty pot. It was a good choice because it was really fun. My book looks the same as a real book because it’s thin. Cite Ace is a complicated program where you need to have very informed book, where it says where it’s made and published and when. We used nonfiction books, which made it easier. When we went on the school magazine it was quite cool because I didn’t know that we had the school book magazine.

Term 3 goals

Music Portfolio

At the start of the term we kicked off with some cool tunes on the keyboard which was fun. And then we went on to learning the notes and which key plays which note. When we had learnt that we went on to some simple basics, Then when we all thought they were easy she gave us some actual tune that we all knew, like Mary had a little lamb. Then we got onto actual song like stand by me which was incredibly difficult for most people. We nailed it the first lesson though. Then throughout the term we have been listening to the songs, The planets which are very famous songs by a man called Gustav Holst. He named them and the called them something like:

    

Mars the bringer of war Venus the bringer of life Saturn the bringer of old age Jupiter the bringer of jollity Mercury the winged messenger We haven’t listened to them all yet but we probably will finish them next term. This term we have had some fun watching the TV show series of Bernard the big white polar bear. They are so funny with Bernard getting angry and competitive. But in one of the shows we had to relate from what Bernard was doing to make it like one of the planets.

P.E Portfolio Wow this term was filled with exciting sports such as Footy, Lacrosse, Fitness testing and indoor soccer and I’m going to tell you about them. In Footy we focused on skills at first but because I play footy I wanted to get to the games but there is always room to improve. So we did skills for 1-2 lessons and then got onto the games which I couldn’t wait for. Joel and I were both very good footy players which meant we had to be on opposite teams but we didn’t mind. The fun part is that it was always really muddy. One of the games I tackled Joel and we ended up in a really awkward position we were like on top of each other’s legs. Then we did lacrosse which was great it was sooooo muddy that we were always falling over and we always played games. My teams were pretty good. It was like rugby it was so ruff. Indoor soccer was fun but easy because I was the only one who could play well other than Sahil and Will we were the best. My teams always owned. Then we did fitness testing which is fun to see how much you weigh and stuff but I would definitely prefer to play a sport.

French Portfolio In French this term we have mainly focussed on vocabulary and weather but we also did a fun assignment which we had to build a house on Google sketch up which I had never used before. The weather taking was pretty easy because she wrote them on cards and we got to play games with them. Then we had a test on them which was easy so basically everyone got 7/7 which is what I got. Then we had a test on land scape vocabulary which was pretty hard I only got 9/10, because I didn’t practise enough. Then we got told that we were going to build an energy efficient house on Google Sketch up. At first I thought I was in a bit of trouble seeming I had never used Sketch up. So I asked if I could use Kahootz she said yes so I tried and then it was way too hard. So I learnt how to use sketch up. It didn’t take long with the expertise of Yianni Makroliolios and Ricci Hartman I learnt pretty quickly. In the end my house turned out really well, it was great for a first time. Especially in only 4-5 days.

PYP Attitudes/Learner Profile The PYP attitude/Learner Profile I think I showed most this term is probably risk taker because all the pieces of work I have done I have taken a lot more risks than last term.

James' Portfolio  

Hope you like my term 3 portfolio

James' Portfolio  

Hope you like my term 3 portfolio