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Katie Groves Classification Essay Personality & Individuality

Each human being brings a distinctive personality to the table of humanity. Personality can be defined as an approach of how a person expresses himself, who a person genuinely is, or the way an individual conducts herself. How imperative is persona? In today’s society personality is the basis of discovering a true insight of identity, a social life, a career, or a soul mate. Every personality is distinct, yet several are categorized as a typical “type”. Each personality has unique aspects, but frequently falls into a category classified by outsiders. Although numerous types exist, all seem to work together to create the diverse atmosphere that is living today. In every organization there must be an assorted group of character in order to benefit all types of personalities. Every trait must be accounted for, and the faction cannot function productively without one type. No matter how many personalities race car drivers possess, when they combine and perform together, they attract the interest of ample fans able to relate to their nature. First comes the norm. The norm consists of drivers who are continuously on the track, but never on the podium. These drivers are essential to the sport itself, but not to the list of winners. These characters bring the sympathy vote to the sport. Fans from all corners can relate to a point in time where nothing seemed to go right, and a ‘victory’ was not in sight. To be classified as the norm, hope and dedication are required. These drivers are consistently hopeful and upbeat considering the embarrassing amount of victories that have been grasped. Dedication remains a necessity because not everyone can race all of the races they do and still love racing without winning. Vitor Meira, who has raced nearly 100 races in his career and still seeks a victory, leads Tomas Sheckter and Sarah Fisher in the norm in the IndyCar Series. This roster reads a who’s who of

some of the unluckiest people in the world. Unlike the norm, the rising stars of racing begin to control the sport, the fans do not understand where the wins surfaced, and begin to wonder if someone else will ever win again. Even those who are not avid admirers of racing are familiar with the names of the drivers who defeat just about anyone who comes close to crossing the finish line first. The rising star does not have to put forth much effort to gain a fan base, because the truth is that their fan base is made up of bandwagon jumpers who are only on for the ride until the star begins to slip lower in the grid during the next season. The rising star may bring bandwagon fans, but occasionally those fans are so intense that their love for racing suffuses into others. In the case of Scott Dixon, who won 7 out of 17 races in the IndyCar Series in 2008, his fan base tripled throughout the season. Just as the rising star does not work hard for a fan base, neither does Mr. Personality. Rather than earning fans through victories, though, Mr. Personality gains fans by simply being. Mr. Personality is all the hype and the face of racing. Smile, talk on television, and win is the philosophy of Mr. P. Mr. Personality accumulates fans that love classy, charming, and down-to-earth people. He is the definition of class and proves it in every race, every interview, and every encounter with fans. In the case of the IndyCar Series, Helio Castroneves towers above all. His natural ability to charm the audience makes him loveable to everyone as well as popular off the track. His happygo-lucky persona inspires the rest of the league to be more like him and attracts fans to the aura of racing. Mr. Personality is an impeccable driver as well as a fantastic person off the track. Looking past the driving and the positive attitude, the cutie of racing is a decent driver and can hold his own, but gains fans from his striking good looks. Perfect hair after wearing a helmet for three hours, who can argue with that? The cuties bring a young collection of supporters to racing and ensures a steady set of admirers for generations to come. The cuties are essential for the sport and intrigue fans and eventually allows them to love racing, too. Marco Andretti and Graham Rahal are two

cuties that have teenage girls fawning over them and committing themselves to being fans of the IndyCar series. The ability of the cuties may not be as important to their fans, but they still call themselves fans! While most of the personalities in racing are very outgoing and fervent, the sneaky class clowns require a watchful eye. The class clown may not be very outgoing like Mr. Personality or have as big of a fan base as the rising star, but the class clown is definitely known by all. The clown lightens a mood and can turn any serious situation into a comical condition. In 2007, as Dario Franchitti was speaking at the Indianapolis 500 victory banquet, IndyCar series class clown Tony Kanaan awarded Dario a pie‌ in the face. The class clown makes the racing league much more enjoyable and their amusing personality wins over comic hearts all around. Nevertheless, while all the merriment is happening, there is drama brewing. The forecast calls for a 100% chance of crisis whenever the drama queen steps foot, or tire, onto the track. The drama queen generates a scene of fights and arguments at practically every race and event. The queen lures fans and traps them in her spell leaving them craving for more clashing. Danica Patrick reigns as the IndyCar drama queen and it is guaranteed that everyone knows who Danica is. Yes, she may be beautiful, but looks cannot hide the malice that lies beneath. Although she is trouble, Danica has multiplied the number of fans of the IndyCar Series with her harsh words and stomping fits. All personalities of racecar drivers work together, although unintentionally, and beget an unexpected method of acquiring fans. Personalities collide and jive in racing, as well as the world outside of it. In every assembly of people, there are countless personalities; not just in the world of racing. Racing serves as an example of how different characters work together, but in reality, it happens everyday in everyday life. Every personality is distinctive and is essential to life itself. Civilization cannot function without one type of personality. All must work together to create a civil environment, just

as different racecar drivers work together to draw in fans. A personality should not be hidden, changed, or judged. They are all different and all bring a piece to the puzzle, and it is up to people to convey their personalities to the world for the better. Ready, set, go.

Personality & Individuality  

Different personalities are classified using examples of racecar drivers.