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The combination of technology and design

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The inspiration of a renewed spirit With the presentation of this renewed i6, it deepens in the innovative spirit that is molded in the DNA of the brand sustained in the multiple and varied technological solutions and in the meticulous aesthetic care. The concept of renewal of the Irizar i6s follows an exercise which is at the same time relatively simple and extremely demanding. Simple because it was only a matter of time before the Irizar i6s adopted the features of the shocking i8. Demanding because this renewal had to be endowed with a soul; The soul of the brand’s new models. Therefore, at the basis of this aesthetic revolution is a cutting-edge technology that adds the value of concepts inherent to the Irizar i6s, such as the quality, robustness and reliability of a model with its own personality. Design, technology and sustainability are the attributes of the renewed spirit that radiates the brand and that seeks to inspire confidence in all that makes up the organic part of a bus: owners, drivers and passengers. Because it’s the people who motivate our inspiration.

Own visual language A new semiotics for a new irizar i6. Inspired by its own visual style, the surface of the i6s marks the impression with which irizar wants to underline this new era. The front design is defined by the new LED headlamps and the unique trapezoidal integration detail of the adaptive cruise control system. More pronounced and aggressive lines, carved on hard and soft surfaces. Harmonic integration of different elements, such as front anti-fog lights or position lights. A renewed and flashy result that qualifies and emphasizes the familiar face of Irizar i6s. The improvement to which the Irizar i6s boasts in its later part arises from the delicate and modern angular details. It shares with the i8 aesthetic concepts for those who want to have a personal seal that radiates a greater attraction in the market. The overall effect is of an unmistakable Irizar i6s, stronger and more dynamic.

Technology Other challenges have to do with well-being and safety, or, almost the same, with the tranquility, pleasure and enjoyment of the trip. In this case, Irizar solutions are geared towards collaborating with traveler satisfaction: unique capacitive switches in the diffuser ceiling and the novelty of ceiling and under-ceiling air intake systems that increase respectively the performance of the driver’s air conditioning and of passengers.

Safe and reliable Avoiding problems on the road is a priority for Irizar vehicles. In addition to the rest of the brand’s models, the new Irizar i6s complies with the R/66.02 safety standard and features state-of-the-art active safety systems to ensure stability and minimize risks under unforeseen circumstances. The structure in the new Irizar i6s was designed taking into account the rollover resistance and the frontal impact, optimizing the distribution of weights. In addition, the design of the driving position, due to its breadth, ergonomics and accessibility to the controls, is a fundamental part of safety. The Irizar i6s follows the maximum of the Irizar buses. It is a robust, lightweight, quiet and reliable bus.

We take care of the inner well-being Facilitating a sense of well-being at the beginning of each journey and ensuring that the same sensation remains until the end of it is the premise on which the inner concept of Irizar i6s is based. The front of the passenger lounge is occupied by a large 22 “ high-resolution flat monitor, a clock and a toilet light. The access is illuminated by LED lights on stirrups and roof to facilitate the entry and exit of the passengers. It incorporates capacitive soft touch switches and LED reading lights. The ceiling coverings are light gray to contribute to the interior light. The top luggage compartments stand out by their capacity and are illuminated by a row of LED lights. The trapezoidal design air conditioning grilles, to match the new defenses, have lower openings to increase passenger comfort. Other equipment and features are the new partition wall, more airtight and with greater glass area, which generates a new and pleasant sensation of amplitude and improvement in the performance of the air conditioning.

The new armchairs focus on the renewed aesthetics of the Irizar i6s. More ergonomic lines that emerge from models in development and rigorous tests. Larger head restraints. Impeccable seams and elegant edges that fit perfectly with the interior decoration. As a final result: a seat that conveys comfort and elegance. The main attribute of the new armchairs is the possibility of incorporating adjustable headrests, generating a new experience in traveling. We emphasize the high range of options of configurations of armchairs, counting on all the possible options, from the traditional executives to the modern and luxurious armchairs 180 degrees.

A sensitive way of driving The driver is the protagonist. Sitting and feeling good is the beginning. The driver’s seat is designed to ensure a quick search for the most ergonomic posture. The positions of the armchair and the steering wheel adapt to all wingspans. The command dash is completely multiplexed with new icons and colors to make them easily identifiable. The clocks and information screens are in strategic location. But the driver’s feeling of comfort at the controls of the Irizar i6s is enhanced by excellent visibility of the rear-view mirrors or the possibility of adjusting air conditioning outputs. In short, a way of treating the driver with care, facilitating the work and conveying a well-being that results in an improvement of the safety for all the travelers. It is, in short, a welcoming and functional space.

Irizar digital driver cabin Irizar presents the new digital cockpit Irizar, the digital dash that offers innovative functions both technologically and in terms of quality. The high-resolution 12.32“ display has a dynamic and intuitive design and displays information in a complete and versatile way. It allows the driver to interact with the vehicle and to obtain all the necessary information for a comfortable and safe driving.

Maximum profitability Already a brand differential is the aerodynamic study of the unit. With a lower coefficient of friction, in a narrower front and with smaller air intakes, the spare wheel, the lower weight by the use of high strength steels, actively contribute in the recognition that the Irizar i6s is a leader in its segment when consumption.

Customization The Irizar i6s follows the Irizar maximum that allows a high degree of customization, four lengths, three types of W.C., one of which can be adapted for female exclusive use, different entertainment systems and control system for stewardess with tactile monitor. In short: a tailor-made model of all needs, with great adaptability that allows the customer to configure the vehicle to your needs, as you need.

Note: The maximum number of passengers should always consider the current legislation. OBS: 1) The heights mentioned here always consider the highest part of the ceiling. 2) These figures are merely illustrative for the purpose of indicating the measures of the bodies, being possible to have variations in the number of doors and others. 3) Irizar Brasil Ltda. Reserves the right to change the specifications and drawings of its products at any time or even discontinue them, regardless of prior notice, without incurring obligations and liabilities of any kind. 4) The dimensions of the luggage compartment may vary depending on the chassis model and body specifications.