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ragrance has a tremendous impact on mood, energy and feelings. on our mood, energies and quality of feelings. A goodquality scent which is just right for us has a beneficial effect on the environment. Hannah Brauner, Perfume Trainer for cosmetics importer Shestovitz Ltd., recommends using body cream in the same scent as perfume so as to maximize the perfume’s staying qualities and fragrance. She explains that the “perfume ‘develops’ in a moist, oily environment, while the skin naturally tends towards dryness. To move in a cloud of fragrance, and extend ‘operating hours’ for the perfume, we recommend a spritz on the edges of the hair, as well. This yields impressive results, as well as a spray on the clothing from a distance of about a hand’s span.” Developing and intensifying the olfactory sense Most people have not been gifted with the ability to distinguish among more than three or four scents at the same time, but there are ways to sharpen one’s sense of smell. Close your eyes and sniff different items, such as fruits, flowers, spices, chocolate and more. This guessing game is lots of fun while developing and stimulating the senses. In choosing perfume, “close your eyes, then smell the perfume. Neutralizing sight helps concentrate on smell. At home, use fragrant candles and fresh flowers, or simply spritz your favorite perfume between the sheets for a romantic feel. (Guaranteed!)”


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