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I am my own life driver


2009 Summer intern in Wu Yen interior design 2010 Art designer in ECHO international exchange 2011 Walt Disney World summer program 2011 Tic 100 innovation business competition fourth prize 2013 TianTzyy creative market

Art has always been my interest since I was little. And after I entered the industrial design of national Cheng Kung University, I started to realize the depth and complexity of this area. The most common definition of industrial design on the book is to solve the problems in our daily lives. As for me, design is the key to leading a better life, not only physical but also spiritual. I bear this faith to make my every project and work. In the future, I hope I can combine other areas to create the most value of design.

Personalized merchandise

Radio Box

We used to select our favorite channel through the radios. However, in the era of high technology, the function has been replaced by other divices. Still, there are something that can't be taken away from the radio- the value of collection. The classic styles and the important status it was make the radio different merits as it used to be. In this project, we want to keep the simple function of radio and bring the design into full play. You choose not only the channel but also your own style. Group members: Tang Wei | Chen Chun Chieh | Lai Hui Yu | Chang Hao Yu | Wang Tzu Ting

Personalized merchandise

Product comparison

We did a lot of homework about the same product on the market, and the chart below was one of many.

Main Target We aimed at 25 ~ 40 years old singles who have good economic foundation as our target consumers. These people have their own lives style and good test, and would like treat themselves nicer. They are willing to buy something with high quality and price. Our radio would be just right choice for them.

品 牌






價 格






材 質






特 色

專為浴室防水用所設計, 只能接收FM


數位式接收,具有情 境燈與語音留言功能

使用行動電話科技, 5:1的微調旋鈕與訊號 燈能精確調整電台

適合攜帶,特大背光 LCD顯示幕,於黑暗 中也易於辨識

微曲線又帶有稜角的 外觀,搭配大的圓形 旋鈕,儉約中帶著活 潑感

以純手工木材與金屬 做結合,方形的外觀 作為主視覺,再以圓 形的播音孔與旋鈕作 調和

以個人化使用設計, 迷你尺寸方便攜帶, 造型簡約

造 型 走 向

仿浴室磁磚造型,圓角 增添溫和感

方形的外觀配上適度 的圓角,再加上多個 圓形去調和

色 彩 計 畫

白色與少部分的灰色做 搭配,

黑色拋光烤漆與銀灰 色的按鈕成對比,帶 出儉約的質感

整體以強烈的紅色為 基底,給人強烈的視 覺感受

主要以木紋配上銀白 色金屬,帶出清爽的 質感

平光黑搭上金屬面的 應用,具時尚現代感

設 計 評 語

可直立擺放亦可吊掛, 電源鈕與播音孔造型互 有呼應,操作簡易

以廣播做為鬧鈴,平 時也能單獨使用收音 機功能,各旋鈕標示 清楚,操作容易上手

典雅且具有質感,講 操作與顯示一目了然, 求高品質,但價格較 附加多種功能使價值 高,不易被一般消費 增加,提升競爭力 者所接受

價格不高,按鈕配置 外出時放置口袋操作

Personalized merchandise

Color analysis

Pattern analysis

We used complicatedsimple, rounded-sharp to classify the radio on the market. And we choose simple-rounded, simple-sharp as our directions of further development.

The color black and white are the mainstream in the radio market. And this chart is also the reference for we to choose the color for our products in the future.

Personalized merchandise

The using process | Open the package

| Adjusting the channel and volume

| Open the battery cover

| The place they put

Most prople use FM only | Inserting the batteries

Many users prefer automatic searching when choosing the channel

Personalized merchandise

Internal structure

Human Factors Horizontal Display

The level knob is suitable for quantitative and qualitative, quick searching. It suggests to make the rear sight fixed and the pointer movable. It is more acceptable to increase the value while shifting clockwise.





3 2 1

Vertical Display

The vertical knob is suitable for numerical value. The rear sight could be both fixed or movable. It is more acceptable to increase the value while shifting clockwise.

0 Button

| dismantling | circuit board | operator panel

| speaker | antenna | battery holder

| | |

The button should provide some positive feedbacks to the users. And it can be achieved through the press contact or sound back.

The button spacing (take fingers for example)

Max: 51 mm Min: 12 mm

The size (take fingers for example)

Max: 25 mm Min: 13 mm

At least: 2.3 mm Operating distance

Personalized merchandise

Group brainstorming

Sketch & crude models

The most important two elements Box & Sound holes

01 University Road, Tainan

Personalized merchandise






| 1. Hollow knob | 2. Radio box value | 3. diverse patterns |

Outer Material : Paper Size: 10*10*10

Graduation Project

Outer Material : Fluffy clothes Size: 42*30*10

Wonder Bunbby

The few seconds of the needle prick could be the nightmare of the children.Then how about the few minutes of the intravenous injection and blood drawing? So in this project,we hope we could creat the different medical experience for the children, and make them have more smiles and less burdens.

Group members: Yu Chin Wei | Chen Pei Yu

Graduation Project

Wonder Bunbby Series includes a story book, hand shed and Bunbby pillow.This product is designed for children who need long process of needle prick like intravenous injection or blood drawing.The purpose is to minimize the fear and struggling of the children. To make not only the therapy go well but also lighten the mental pressure of the children. The family could read our medical-related story book to the children and help them build the concept of the therapy and what they may face in these days. As for the hand shed, it combines the rubber pipe which is necessary step in the injection and could block the terrible and horrible scene for the children. And the Bunbby pillow could distract the children’s attention from therapy through the amazing light effects and music. To be brief, “Bunbby baby” will keep the children company through the whole process to make the children relieved and take the nurses’ease.

Graduation Project

Problems discovered

Field observation Injection process Prepare the materials >> Find blood vessels >> Disinfection >> Acupuncture >> Collect blood >> Fix needle retention >> Winding with fixed board

# Find blood vessels The key step whether the child will be pricked again Possible development: 1. Make the vessels more distinctive through heating or exercising. 2.Increase the proportions of vascular searchlight using.

# Disinfection All the alcohol and lodine are saved in the bottles with caps that are not easily opened by one single hand. Possible development: 1.Different ways of dipping 2. The improvements of the pot.

# Winding with fixed board To fix the board, the large amounts of tape using make the child extremely uncomfortable. Possible development: 1. The improvement of fixed board 2.Another ways to fix the board.

Graduation Project

Children emotions

Development directions •1. •2. •3. •4. •5.

Instead of pain, most children cried because of fear. The scary scene is also the contributor of crying. The more force wield on children, the more tears they drop. Once the children start to cry, even the candy or stickers can’t make them calm down. The parents are rather important roles in the whole process.

Build friendly environment, design the whole set treatment table. Taking human factors into consideration, find the best height and postures. Story is a good means to communicate with children. Use games or special effects to distract children’s attentions. Besides children’s mood, the improvement of injection process is also important.


Graduation Project


Crude models

We tesyified different shapes and materials, try to find the most convenient ways for nurses, and mo mfortable designs for children.

Graduation Project

Experiment and testify

Since we knew it's hard to change the whole therapy environment, we deside to design a whole set implement to help child be less anxious and make the whole process much easier. Conclude the researches and experiments, story is the best materials to teach child what we're gonna to do, and a magical pillow to distract child's attention from fear. Plus a hand shield, make sure to keep child from uncomfortable scene.

In order to proof our hypothesis conclusion and crude models were feasible,we hid a mp3 in to a doll and remoted it by cell phone through the bluetooth. See how children would react when heard the music and accompanied by the cute toy while facing the injection.


Acrylic Pillow

The outcome Acrylic

The result revealed that children did easily attracted by the toys, light, sounds, and so on. However, every child has different characristics, it's hard to fulfill everyone's need. So we deside to choose a way that most children would accept it. It required a whole set system to help children build a mental construction.

Graduation Project

1. 2.

1. The family could read the Bunbby story for the child while being free in the ward. 2. The designed story content help child get to know the injection they will face in the future. 3. When the pillow detects the hand, there will be a fancy light show to ease the nervous child. 4. As long as the pillow sense the pressure ( the nurse holding child’s hand), the music will be activated. 5. By the support of hand shied, block the horrible bleeding scene for the children. 6. There will be a space to keep the stickers or candy.





Graduation Project

2012 Young Designers' Exhibition

This is how we presented our project. It was a wonderful moment after the hard working. We received many feedbacks and advices. The most improtant of all, everyone of the team became much closer than ever.

Human Factors

Design direction

Remove the handle, and hold the paper part directly.

Effortless Fan

I t ’s t h e m o s t c o m m o n form of fans. However, we can’t stand this posture for too long.

Measurement method We can put our left hand on the bicep of the right hand. The more bicep raised, the more muscles involved.

This project is to improve the products in our quotidian lives from the aspect of human factors. And the fan ,though the light weigh, we easily feel numb in just a few minutes because we have to use the whole arm to creat the breeze. So we'll gonna figure out another way to lower the burden.

Designer : Kuan Ying Tu

Make different shapes and try diverse ways to find the best solution

Human Factors

Not a good idea. It scratches the hand.

Test the most appropriate height of cut.

Advantage Meet human factors, can holding it for long time without being numb Save the effort for holding the handle. The appropriate material (soft part) make it comfortable

The soft part make the hand much comfortable.

The way of holding fans is more taxing.

Disdvantage Without handle, the waving range also reduced. Take the elements above-mentioned Because of the angle limit of wrist, it cant be used as free as those with handle. into account, this is the model of effortless fan. Many people can’t get used to it from the first.

The larger holding part is helpful.

Most effortless means but is way too hot.

Product Design

Light companion

A lamp is just like your best friend. Now matter how late the time is, it always shed the light for you. Just like cat, always stands there, scilent and elegant.

Product Design

Design concept

Capture the spirit of the cats, imitating it's postures. Make it alive on the table

Sketches & models

The tail is where to place the tube, and is also the symbol of the cat, in order to find the best position, I tried a lot to paint the different sketches ,as well as models.

Touch switch

Product Design

"Leaf " there

"Leaf there", just leave your scarf or clothing there as you come home. Capture the shape of leave, this design not only foumctioned as a hanger, but also the best decoration and spotlight of the room.

Designer : Tu Kuan Ying

Product Design

Design concept How to use

"Leaf there" is designed for accessories like scarfs, belts and so on,

Because of the foldable design, you can save more space for your closet. Or you can hang it everywhere as long as there is a hook.

Material Design

Select materials

Look for something translucent and often being ignored in our lives.

Tissue Light

The project is aimed to creat a lamp from the aspect of geometry by using any kind of materials.


Oil Blotting Paper

Plastic beg

Easily to do shaping, and the transmittance will increase when getting wet

Colorful, and the Origami is a good development direction.

With many colors and patterns already. But it's hard to present its' quality.

d the n a , le o curab m o u n t t o r p y ta Easil r e i s t a n om ! tu d x e e e t r s o f t egree of f d high


The tissue is too easy to be destroied. Besides, it is too soft to sustain it's designed appearence.

POLY To mantain it's shape, POLY is a good solution.

Material Design

Golden Ratio application

Golden Proportion

This project is to practice the golden proportion application. And in this case, I use acrylic bar to make several cubes to present the perfect propotions.Through the lengths and sizes and different angles, it exhibits the subtlety of golden propotions.

Designer : Kuan Ying Tu

Golden Ratio application

Proportion principle Final models

Sketch and crude models

Toy Design

Bustle turning

Compare to the tratidition Buckyball, it’s not the game compete the speed, but the memory and s ense of azimuth. With more and more lights flash in different direction, the more information you have to memorize. Especially after the few times of turning, it's truely hard to remember the original azimuth.

Designer : Kuan Ying Tu

Toy Design

How to play

The rule is very simple but challenged.

Advanced playing

Which handle's light flashes, just turn it upward.

As long as doing wrong, the Bustle turning will shock and vibrate as the notice.

The light hint will increase consecutively once you pass through the prior one. However if you fail, you have to start over from the very beginning.

Emotional Design

Mobil scenery

How can a bike generate the sentimental value for the rider? This project is to practice emotional design by modifying a bike. And in my group, we think nothing is more imperative than the good mood that pleasant view brings for us.

Group members: Chen Yu Xin

Emotional Design

Design concept

Since we think the pleasant view is the key of good mood, here is the challenge, we can't tell the rider where to go, so why don't take the "view" along the way with you?


The way that best to "carry the pleasant view" is to place the potted plant in the infront basket or even the bake seat! This is the most nature way to decorate the bicycle, besides, the outdoor environment is most appropriate for the plants because of the sufficient sunshine. Good idea for both rider and plant.

Besides the advantage above mentioned, the bicycle itself is the best street art, it not only please the rider, but also the passengers. Inaddition, it's distinctive style is really helpful for recognize our own bike among the bicycle park.

Image Design

Luxury toaster

The mission of this project is to set a circumstance of your target users. By the applicatio n of image board to design a toaster that fit the users life.

Image Design

Image board

This board reveals what kind of people we aim at, and the lives he/she might lead. As can be seen, the target of this project is someone who has both great income and good taste. He/ She knows how to enjoy and managed the life through all kinds of activities.

The classic and luxury style could be exhibited by using special materials in this case.

| Crystal switch | | Metal handle | | Easily taken |

Graphic Design

Underwears are womem's best friend This brochure i n t ro d u c e d i f f e re n t kinds of under wears contingent on each life stage of the women. We suggest several styles of underwears which could bring your beauty of age into full play.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Notebook inside pages


Special Christmas Version 1


Special Christmas Version 2

03 Tetris Game On


Munch "The Scream"


Hello Anyone Home?


Oops Overweight


See How marvelous of me


Top Landscape

Iris portfolio  

This portfolio remarks every special moments of my design career.

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