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Daniel Pradilla + Pei-Yun Lai + Frank Wortham

Everyone has hidden talent. You’re more than your day-job, your daily commute, and your resume. You’re not just another face in the crowd. You’re creative. Maybe you were never encouraged. Never shown how to get there. Maybe you’ve forgotten. AAU is here to remind you that everyone is an artist.

Our idea People are doing art everyday without recognizing it. People have talent— but don’t realize it. We’ll let them discover their potential by making a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. We’ll create tools that reveal people’s hidden talent by recording their creative movements. Through this campaign, people will have the experience of making art and sharing it with their friends.

The hidden talent tools Widget + iPhone App + Facebook Webcam App

Widget People use their computers everyday. If the screen is the canvas, then the mouse is the brush. We’ll create a widget that lets people capture their brushes and keep a journal of their mouse movements on their computers. People can review their mouse’s journal on their computer anytime. They can print their works of art on T-shirts for free and share their art with friends.

iPhone App We use our hands in creative ways without realizing it. Our iPhone Application records casual everyday hand movements and transforms them into inspired work of art.

Facebook Webcam App We’ll create a webcam application that people can use on Facebook. Our app will transform their hand movements into art that they can share with friends.

Bus Shelter People read or doing stuff when they are waiting for the bus. We’ll create an interactive screen that locate people’s hand automatically and record their hand movements. It’s a microsite that people can share their art works, know the story of this campaign, and learn more about AAU.

Online banner Using banners, we drive people to the website so they can download the hidden talent tools and experience the unique process of making art.

FRAME 1: To imitate the webpage of search

FRAME 4: Find out your hidden talent on

FRAME 2: Key in the question of “Where is my hidden talent?“

FRAME 3: There is no result about your search, because you pick the wrong place.

Conclusion Our ‘Hidden Talent’ campaign is an innovative, intelligent way of using new media to connect with a new generation of students. Prospective students will uncover their hidden talents by creating a one-of-a-kind digital masterpiece through a web-based download. They’ll share their personalized digital paintings with friends and family through social media sites, and spend quality time with the Academy of Art brand.

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AAU Interactive campaign  

AAU Interactive campaign

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