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Tim burton

“Movies are like an expensive form of therapy for me.”

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“They call me the vampire king“

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Welcome to Show Your Fangs

Tim Burton

About his life, career, movies and his work.


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We welcome you to the first issue of Show Your Fangs. Show Your Fangs is the only magazine of its kind: filled with horror. You can expect the latest news about new movies, interviews with the legends of this century, exclusive behind the scenes footage, history about ancient creatures you never knew existed and terrifying tales. My name is Iris Janssen and all my life I have been fascinated with the darkness. When I was little I began to write horror stories and draw creatures of the night. And even though people judged me for it, I never stopped. My love for horror only grew stronger and developed over the years. Horror movies of all kind began to be a big part of my life and I kept writing and drawing. When the opportunity came to make a magazine about your own ME-brand I knew what I had to do. Finally I could put my real passion into a school assignment and write about the thing I loved the most. The magazine Show Your Fangs was born. Show Your Fangs is one of a kind and will take you on a roller-coaster ride through darkness and lets you experience the horror in a way never seen before. Enjoy and be scared...




Tim Burton has made name in the movie industry and stands out due to his own style. Burton started at Disney and is now a professional director and producer. But he is just getting started. Burton was born in Burbank, California, in 1958 and has lived near Hollywood all his life. Growing up, he did feel close to Edgar Allan Poe and Vincent Price and many monsters from many bad movies. He also took sanctuary in the confines of his own imagination; for him, drawing was a refuge. Burton’s first vehicle of public acceptance was a garbage truck - in ninth grade, he won first prize in a contest to design an antilittering poster, and his work graced the refuse trucks of Burbank for a year. Wanting a career for which he wouldn’t need too much schooling, he studied animation at the California Institute of the Arts. Upon graduation, he went to work for Disney. Unhappy on the animation assembly line, Burton eventually won some measure of freedom within the Disney kingdom, directing his first animated short, Vincent, in 1982. Then in 1984 came Frankenweenie, a half-hour exploration of the Frankenstein myth come to the suburbs. This lovable little mutt of a movie, which announced the outsider-in-town theme Burton would later develop in Edward Scissorhands, was buried by Disney until this spring, when it released a home-video version.

Burton was chosen to direct Batman. Burton went deep into the myth and deep into the dark and produced a flawed but fascinating pop epic. The critics paid all sorts of attention, and the picture did historic business.

This gave Burton the freedom to direct Edward Scissorhands, a deeply personal project he had first conceived as a teenager. The story concerned a castle-bound boy with shears for hands. After this he began developing Nightmare Before Christmas which made Tim Burton fully known. His most recent works are Alice in Wonderland and Frankenweenie.


Well, in the past you’ve said that you were, in the films, working out or from a lot of “childlike feelings” and that you felt you would move on from them. Yeah, I find it very interesting, because I think it holds the key to everybody - that question of what you are. Children are not perverted in a way. It has more to do with the culture. When children are drawing, everybody draws the same. Nobody draws better than everybody else. There’s a certain amount of strength, there’s a certain amount of passion, there’s a certain amount of clarity. And then what happens is it gets beaten out of you. You’re put into a cultural framework, which gets beaten into you. To punch through that framework, you have to maintain a certain kind of strength and simplicity.

Do you remember when you first had the impulse to draw? I think it started when it started for everyone. I’m just lucky that it wasn’t beaten out of me. I was very lucky that I maintained a passion for it and didn’t give a fuck what my third-grade teacher thought of it.

In the past, you’ve brought up making films as therapy a number of times, both as a metaphor and almost literally in the case of Vincent - that it was therapy for you to make that film. People don’t realize, because of the surface way the films look and the cartoonish nature of them, that the only thing that keeps me going through a movie is that these characters mean something to me. My process is such that I look at all these characters and get a feeling out of them that I find very meaningful. And thematic. That’s the only way for me to approach it. I could never approach it like it’s just a funny movie or it’s a weird-looking movie.


How do you feel your background in animation shaped you as a director? What I feel really good about, really happy about, is that I did not go to film school. I went to CalArts and went through animation, where I got a very solid education. You learn design, you draw your own characters, your own backgrounds, your own scenes. You cut it, you shoot it. You learn the storyboarding process. It’s everything, without the bullshit of film school: the competition, the feeling like you’re already in the industry - you don’t get a chance to create.

Do you go out to the movies? I think because of living here - this sounds like a stupid cop-out, but I don’t have any other explanation, to tell you the truth - it just feels redundant. It’s such a one-industry town. I grew up here, I live here, you go out, and it’s all movies. It just feels redundant.

What terrifies you so much about putting the movies you made out there? It’s funny, I question it. It’s a split. Obviously, I do this stuff. I’m talking to you. I’m not holing up in my castle in Switzerland, away from anybody, but I have a strong fear of letting this stuff out for some reason. I think because I don’t know who I am. I think I haven’t figured myself out. It’s personal. The movie is my baby, and I’m putting it out there into the cruel world. It’s scary, that’s all. Really scary.

Burton’s latest movie Frankenweenie can now be seen in your nearest cinema. Frankenweenie is a warm-hearted Burton movie with everything you can expect. A dark horror atmosphere, a tear, a laugh. Go see it now!


1. V/H/S 2. Sinister 3. Paranormal Activity 4 4. Carrie 5. Mama 6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D (2012)







1. Psycho 2. Bram Stoker’s Dracula 3. The Exorcist 4. Donnie Darko 5. The Shining 6. The Sixth Sense (1960)







A grey, sad, horizontal landscape. That was all there was, nothing more, and all there ever would be. The sky split open and rain shattered down. For a second I felt like I wasn’t part of this world, like I didn’t even exist. I closed my eyes. I don’t know how long I stood there with my eyes closed, probably more than an hour, when suddenly the first lighting was shot from the sky. I opened my eyes and at that moment I was sure. But I still felt doubt. Was this the moment I had been waiting for all this time? Was this really the End? But my body and mind had separated a long time ago and I was already walking. For an unknown reason I knew exactly where I had to go. I didn’t even bother asking myself why. I kept on walking until I saw it. At first it was just a shadow, but as I came closer the shadow began to take shape.


The iron was rusty and the wood cracked. Around it was a shiny glow and I knew that if I came too close, it would pull me right in, sucking me in. But wasn’t that what I wanted? Wasn’t that what I had desired all this time… It was calling my name and I knew I would give in. For the first time in days I felt how exhausted I really was. So here I was, exhausted, and so close to what I wanted. I couldn’t do anything else but give in. My hand reached out and my fingertips carefully touched the iron. It felt like someone poured a warm liquid over my head. It was all over me – blood. With a smile on my face I softly fell to the ground and my world turned black, never to become light again.



Turn over to discover the horror..


ASYLUM Season one shocked all viewers: it was unlike anything anyone had ever seen. American Horror Story mixes horror with sexiness and isn’t afraid to cross the line. After a successful first season the makers of AHS decided there was going to be a second season. The new season takes place in an Asylum: Briarcliff. A place for the mentally ill. Get ready for the scariest series you’ve ever seen. Last season American Horror Story took everyone by surprise with its horror and sexiness. This season they will take it to the next level. Same cast with some new additions, new story, new place, new horrors. The makers of American Horror Story began to release short promo clips which made everyone wonder even more. With the first episode only one week away we were allowed to have an exclusive first look on the set of American Horror Story Asylum and we were given some facts about this season that we will happily share with you.


Read some exclusive information about American Horror Story below: THE LOVERS Leo (Maroon 5’s Adam Levine) and Teresa (Jenna Dewan -Tatum) are the unfortunate modern-day newlyweds who choose to spend their honeymoon within the corridors of the now-abandoned Briarcliff. Once they set foot inside, all hell breaks loose, and the pair are unwittingly thrust into a gory fight for their lives. THE PATIENTS Kit (Evan Peters) and Lana (Sarah Paulson) are both outsiders committed to Briarcliff, against their will. They’re surrounded by a motley crew of inmates, including a sex addict, a degenerate bully, and the enigmatic Grace, who develops a friendship with Kit..” THE DOCTORS Briarcliff residents definitely do not want an appointment with James Cromwell’s Dr. Arden. Says the actor, “He does torture and I think even winds up killing a number of patients.” Dr. Thredson (Zachary Quinto) appears to be at the opposite end of the spectrum “He’s the most forward-thinking, contemporary member of this asylum,” says Quinto. THE KILLER He/she is named Bloody Face for good reason: this killer of women has fashioned a mask made out of the victims flesh and hair and teeth. In other words, it ain’t pretty. Says Murphy, “You think Bloody Face has died back in the ‘60s but he shows up [in the present]. The question is Is it the real Bloody Face? Who is Bloody Face? Or is it an imposter?”

Photo above and below: Two exclusive behind the scenes photos.

We can’t wait for the first episode to air. It looks like it is going to be scary as hell. Are you brave enough to watch? To see more exclusive behind the scenes footage look on Youtube. Like American Horror Story on Facebook and get updated weekly.




Name: Donald Wayne Henrie Known as: Don Henrie, The Vampire King Born: August 27, 1975 Nationality: USA Don Henrie appeared on television for the first time in Mad Mad House, which aired in 2004. It was a reality show about a group of ten contestants who had to live together with a group of ‘alts’. These included a vampire (Don Henrie), a witch, a naturist and a voodoo priestess. After this show Don appeared in several television shows including The Tyra Banks Show and he participated in several documentaries about real-life vampires.

“Exes are like Axes. I have loved greatly and lost even more. The ones I gave my heart to… have given me lies in return. In the end the loves of my life try to kill what little heart is left and smear my good name in public.” - Don Henrie Don Henrie lives in a Vampire Community and studies up on all the religions of the world to get a higher perspective or understanding on the higher being. There are three types of vampires: The blood feeder (feeds on blood), the psychic (no blood but psychic powers and energies), and the hybrid (both blood feeder and psychic). Don Henrie is a hybrid. He sleeps in a coffin. Don has taken distant from the human needs he does not need. One of those is sex. He devoted all of his life to being a hybrid and studying all the religions of the world.





Kimberley and John live with their son Corey and his wife Wendy. Since a young age Kimberley has been experiencing supernatural activities and has been followed by demons and ghosts. She wrote everything down and shares her story with us.

So much has happened over the last two years and it will certainly take some time for me to sort through all my notes and write everything down. So, for now, I will update this page with a brief explanation of what has been going on with our family. August 2010, we had to move out of our home which was nothing but a blessing. We ended up moving in to the home we are currently living in. For the first 7 months, it was completely uneventful and peaceful. Not one single thing happened that was even remotely questionable. Then my son met his girlfriend Wendy and everything changed. After Wendy moved in, little things started happening. The events started out small and gradually over the next few months progressed to the point that it became unbearable. When they both started confiding in me things they were experiencin‌.I knew, they were in trouble again. I contacted world renowned demonologist Keith Johnson, explaining what had been happening with my son Corey. He spoke with my son on the phone and advised that we seek assistance immediately with one of the local churches. After a while we finally found a church willing to help us. For the moment, I will spare the long details about how everything unfolded and just go straight to the main details about what we discovered. What we do know is that something (a demon) followed Corey from our other home to his apartment. It likely has been in our family for generations and generations and likely was attached to me and then moved on to our son Corey. Turn over to

read more..


From what I have recently found out, it was likely the exact same demon I saw when I was a child. It is believed that the reason the activity spiked when my son‘s fiancée Wendy moved in, was because this demon was very territorial and was attempting to frighten off Wendy as a means of keeping total control over Corey. It was attempting to frighten her away. The pastor shared with us that this demon had actually visited them in their home and threatened that they and the church needed to back off from helping our family and according to the pastor, these threats didn’t happen just once, they happened multiple times. And then suddenly it stopped.. We are fully aware that at any given moment, this demonic energy could return, but for now, we are continuing to stay strong in our faith, enjoying a safe and peaceful life and hope that it continues that way. I also want to mention, that at first…we found out that my son actually had 2 demons attached to him, one of which I mentioned prior on this page (the resilient, controlling one) and another other one, we never found out its name, but as far as we know it wasn’t as resilient in leaving. Again, at a later date, I will certainly update this page with more details about our ordeal, including the time I was blessing my son’s apartment and found out what we (myself and my son Justin) heard knocking on the walls immediately following the blessing, evidently fled the apartment, went to Corey’s work and warned him that I was in his apartment without permission and I pissed it off when I attempted to make it leave. More details about this and other events later. Please check back soon.



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