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Make Your Home Completely Accessible with Straight Stairlifts and Wet Rooms Straight Stairlifts As the natural ageing process happens in life, people become less able than they used to be, as a result certain areas of the home can become difficult and tedious to access. The most common area that affects people would be the stairs. This problem can easily be remedied by the installation of a Stairlift, some stairlifts are curved and these can be made bespoke to suit Staircases with a turn in them, but most suit Straight Stairlifts. Mobility companies often keep Straight Stairlifts in stock and they can often be installed the next day. Straight stairlifts usually can be installed within 2 hours and fit very neatly to the steps. People can struggle with stairs for many different reasons, be it, joint or muscle related reasons, but more often than not the reason most people purchase Stairlifts, is because of breathing difficulties, as stairs can make people very breathless. Stairlifts are a great invention and really do improve peoples day to day living and can improve life expectancy also. Straight Stairlifts are a great help for people who need them, so don't struggle with stairs anymore when you don't have to.

Renting a Straight Stairlift Straight stairlifts can also be a rental option, this can be more affordable to somebody who needs a Straight Stairlift immediately, but may need time to save up for one, so renting is often a quicker option that appeals to many peoples pockets and provides a perfect affordable solution. Wet rooms Ireland Wet rooms are becoming quite a popular choice of bathing in Ireland, especially amongst the elderly. Wetrooms in Ireland used to be associated with hospitals and nursing homes, and therefore a certain stigma can be attached with the product, especially when it comes to Wet rooms around the home in Ireland. With modern methods and the correct tradesmen, it is now common practice and perfectly acceptable to install Wet rooms upstairs in timber floor situations. As people become older and mobility becomes an issue, baths can be difficult to get in and

out of, and as is often the case, very slippery and dangerous. A Wet room or wet shower area is completely level and does not discriminate against anybody and therefore, easy and safe to use, anybody can bathe in a Wet area but not everybody can use a bath. Wet rooms installed in Ireland can come with, or without a seat. These can be free standing or wall mounted, but they are optional and choices are available.

Installation of Wet Rooms Installing a Wetroom in Ireland, usually involves installing a tray underneath the floor, this is then tanked around and up the walls to ensure it remains water tight. The Wet room or wet area drains in the same method as a bath, it has a trap and a pipe to take the water away, the only difference is, its under the floor as opposed to above the floor. In certain situations where a fall cannot be achieved, A pumped waste system is then used, this option is successful but only used where the waste needs pumping on a level or up a slight incline. The floor finish is usually personal choice, which can be mosaic or Safe Lino, but it is recommended to use a R11 rated slip resistant covering type. Most people would take showers, so why struggle climbing into a bath to take a shower, when you can have a safe option Wet room, Wet rooms are fast becoming a popular and wise choice in Ireland, and more and more people are only too happy to have made the decision to have a Wet room installed in their home.

Make Your Home Completely Accessible with Straight Stairlifts and Wet Rooms