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How to select cheaper & very durable Flooring Products in Calgary We will keep this posting super simple and also make it very valuable. Basically, after numerous postings on Hardwood, we will do a simple cross-compare with other types of flooring surfaces. There are some great resources online that are easily found via Google searching.

Wood to Vinyl Let’s begin with wood to vinyl. There are Vinyl styles designed to look like wood flooring. Vinyl wood flooring is simply vinyl that has been printed with natural hardwood markings/colors. The printing technology is now so good that vinyl products accurately simulate the look of a variety of wood species. Costing is always something to consider especially in price savvy Calgary. Vinyl is typically priced out at anything from $2 - $5 per square foot. You can get much cheaper but the quality of your goods will be compromised. Conversely Hardwood Flooring can range anything from $5 - $25 per square foot (the species makes the difference). Rare and exotic hardwood materials may cost even more; although, we at Westvalley Carpet & Flooring have some of the best pricing for Hardwood Flooring in Calgary! It’s also important to mention longevity. A good vinyl can last for 10-20 years and Hardwood, if maintained, can literally last for generations. What it ultimately comes down to is what is the best choice for you as customers.

Wood to Bamboo It may appear that these two types of surface are one and the same thing. They do share a lot of similar characteristics including: feel, look etc. Structurally though Bamboo is a type of grass: Hardwood is not, it is directly harvested from lumber, trees or in some instances it is reclaimed from previous uses. The hardness is also affected due to the above. Bamboo is actually quite a hard surface and can be heated to make it even more durable or of superior hardness. Different types of hardwood can vary in softness and the best guide to use is the Jenka Guide. With respect to pricing, Bamboo will usually run at $3- $6 per square foot. One of the significant positives of Bamboo is its recent press for being an incredibly green, eco-friendly building material. It is also

worth a note about moisture especially for Hardwood Flooring in Calgary considerations. The bane of wood flooring is moisture, and bamboo struggles with this too. Basically, homeowners just need to be super careful and all will be well.

Finally, Carpet vs Hardwood – the eternal debate!! Where do we begin with this one? Both are popular, and indeed favorable for different purposes. Both can be compared across several qualities including: cleanliness, durability and versatility. For example, Hardwood Calgary NW does have a degree of prestige, and aesthetic appeal. Probably more so than carpet but carpet has come a long way and it is easy enough to get Designer styles these days. Staining can be perceived as an issue for carpet, whereas hardwood is widely noted as being super easy for cleaning purposes. Durability is one of the big keys, a good quality carpet that is well maintained can last a couple of decades easily. Conversely wood can almost last a lifetime if treated well and kept right, of course for Hardwood Flooring in Calgary that includes humidifiers. There are multiple other things to consider, and as ever it comes down to customer choice about things. And that is the concluding comment. Hardwood Flooring has massive advantages. And, so do other types of flooring. We are happy to help you navigate what is best needs/use for you in your home. To achieve that all you need do is contact us, or arrange for one of time to visit with you in your home.

How to select cheaper & very durable flooring products in calgary  

We will keep this posting super simple and also make it very valuable. Basically, after numerous postings on Hardwood, we will do a simple c...