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Five Reasons to Choose Laminate Flooring in Calgary The wood flooring Calgary homeowners love is timeless and classic. But there are other options that might be more affordable and quite durable. Consider five reasons to choose laminate flooring in Calgary over any other type of flooring material. 1.

Laminate Flooring is Affordable

Many homeowners opt for laminate flooring because the price is right. The wood flooring in Calgary people covet can cost over three times as much as laminate flooring. Laminate is also half the price of tile flooring. Rather than dealing with scuffed or worn floors for years, homeowners can spend less to get a luxurious new laminate floor. The price makes it easier to get new flooring in multiple rooms rather than updating floors one room at a time.


Laminate is Durable

Durability is a major concern, especially when people have pets and children. Laminate is known to be extremely durable. When heavy items are dropped on tile floors, it can crack. Laminate flooring resists cracking and scuffing. Pets can leave scratch marks on wood floors but laminate flooring typically stands up to the challenge. Laminate resists staining and fading. From spills to letting in the sun, homeowners have no worries about keeping their laminate floors looking good.


Laminate Floors are Easy to Install

Unlike other types of flooring, laminate floors are easy to install. Laminate floors take less time to install because they are placed down much like a puzzle because of their unique design. Laminate flooring is also a preferred choice because it can be placed over any type of subfloor including concrete floors and existing floors. This saves homeowners time and money. 4.

Laminate Floors are Versatile and Beautiful

Purchasing wood floors or ceramic tiles can become very expensive. Many homeowners are on a tight budget. They want to renovate their homes but can't spend a lot to do it. Laminate flooring Calgary is versatile and beautiful. It is available in an array of colors, designs and patterns to match any type of home decor. If a homeowner covets stone or wood floors, laminate flooring can be chosen to resemble these materials for a fraction of the price. 5.

Cleaning Laminate Floors is a Breeze

Cleaning certain types of flooring can be difficult. It is a hassle to get into the grooves of tile floors. Laminate floors don't have to be varnished like wood. People like laminate floors because they are a breeze to keep clean. Homeowners can maintain laminate flooring by simply going over it with a damp mop. Stains are spot cleaned in just minutes.

Five reasons to choose laminate flooring in calgary  

The wood flooring Calgary homeowners love is timeless and classic. But there are other options that might be more affordable and quite durab...

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