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You've heard the saying "different strokes for different folks" well, the same concept applies to model train hobbyists, one hobbyists might want to own model railroad trains that can run outdoors in and through their garden another might only have a small space in the closet. Some model train hobbyists have great imaginations and the space to go along with it for creating massive track layouts, others just don't have the space and have to think of unique ways to set up their trains. Thankfully, model railroad trains come in a good variety of sizes to suit the needs of just about everyone. Arguably, the most used size train is the O gauge which is one of the larger sizes. The O scale translates to 1/48th. The 1/48th scale means that the model is one forty-eighth the size of a real live train. Another important measurement is the "gauge" and the gauge for O scale is 1.25 inches. Model railroad trains with this size track are often used for outdoor layouts, just do a search on Youtube for O scale. Obviously, the O gauge isn't for everyone and smaller trains appeal to model train enthusiasts for a number of good reasons. One of the smaller scale trains is the HO gauge which is approximately 1/2 the size of the O scale. The meaning of HO is easy to remember since it literally stands for one half of O. The actual scale size of HO trains is 1/87. Another important number for HO scale model trains is the "track gauge" which is 16.5mm for HO model trains. The size of HO scale trains makes it a popular model train able to create some very unique layouts. The small size allows for some very realistic scenery with complex HO track layouts that really use very little space. HO scale model trains come with a variety of detail, you can get a basic train with little detail or you can spend a lot of money and get a train so detailed that you're afraid to let anyone touch it! Small children under 5 should be kept away from HO trains and those between 6 and 8 should be supervised to avoid damaging your train, after some instruction you might find them fully capable of handling your setup. Since HO scale mode trains are sort of in between the large trains and small trains, they have been a very popular scale and you'll find no end to the train engines, cars and accessories available for purchase. Historically, the HO scale model trains were first manufactured in the United Kingdom around 1930. At the time, the 00 scale was popular in England and the HO scale was created as a competitor to the OO scale. Since the 00 scale was already deeply entrenched in the model train market the HO scale had a difficult time trying to make any headway into the market. Markets have a way of establishing themselves and the model train hobbyists in the U.S. demanded a high quality realistic train in the 1950's when they discovered the HO trains from England, by the 1960's the HO model train market really exploded in America and hasn't slowed down since. There's research that indicates HO scale trains are preferred by more than 2/3 or model train hobbyists.

Since HO scale trains compose such a huge part of the market, you'll find a tremendous selection of supplies and trains with a wide price point range along with a very large number of model train manufacturers. Walk into any hobby shop and you'll find HO scale trains and supplies, the larger the shop the more choices you'll have, but I always recommend trying to support your local hobby shop even if it means you have to special order items because there is no end to the variety of HO trains and supplies. Even though I suggest using your local hobby shop first, the internet provides global access to HO supplies that is almost unimaginable and don't forget auctions like Ebay. Given the wide choice of scale model trains, the HO scale model trains will provide you with everything and anything you can imagine for setting up the train layout of your dreams that will impress your family and friends while creating hours of entertainment for you and your model train friends. Nothing can ever replace the sight and sound of your model train winding through curves, into a tunnel and through the local town. Check out your local phone book and the internet to find a local train club, they will be more than happy to share their hobby with you and answer any questions you might have about HO scale model trains!

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==== ==== Discover All The “Closely Guarded” Model Railroading Tips, Tricks And Secrets You Need To Plan & Build Your Dream Model Railroad… ==== ====

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