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No matter where you live in the the United States of America you basically have only two choices on how you watch your favorite shows on television. The first choice is through your local cable company. The other choice is to find a provider that offers satellite service. So which one of these two is the better choice to watch TV on? Let us take a closer look at both. Both cable and satellite have the same services. They both offer channels in high definition and they both have a service where you can order movies and TV shows you can watch at any time. Here is where the differences are. Lately the costs of cable seem to be increasing slightly. Also cable companies seem to have a monopoly in the area they operate. For example two cities right next to each other may have their own cable provider in it. so if you move from one city to another you will not be able to get the same cable provider that you had before. Another problem is if you live in a very rural area you may not be able to get cable at all. Now onto satellite which has its own issues. While some satellite providers claim to have better rates than cable there are sometimes some hidden or extra costs that can get added to you bill. There is sometimes a problem with some satellites being affected by the weather. A thunderstorm or just a cloudy day can sometimes mess with your reception. Even tall trees or high mountains in your area can affect it.

There is a better choice than either cable or satellite. It is known as Satellite Direct. With it you have access up to 3500 channels not just here in the USA but worldwide and at a one time low cost. To learn how this works visit for more info.

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==== ==== Why Pay Over $100 A Month For Cable Or Satellite TV Services? Check This Out: ==== ====

The Battle Of Cable Versus Satellite  

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