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Student expresses love for school spirit Grace King may not be perfect but the thing I like the most about the school is the spirit we have. I love seeing the bond the school had at soccer games and wrestling matches. It was unbelievable how much we went all out. There were big crowds screaming together dressed in green and gold. The one thing I am really proud of is how united the current sophomore class is. I’ve noticed how close we all are and how much effort we put into the pep rallies. I know over time and by our senior year, we are going to be phenomenal. Our class is going to be huge. It’s really encouraging when upperclassmen recognizes us for our bond and spirit. I would be disappointed if I was not a part of Class of 2016. Ashley Guan, sophomore

Soccer captain thanks school for support I remember, before the season started, thinking to myself what my team can do to help overcome some dilemmas. Of course, the result was my family. The bonds we have developed with each other were almost impenetrable. It was amazing, despite all of us being from different cultures and religions. We came together like a puzzle with no empty holes. This is what I believe led to us becoming state finalists. The strength we gained from each other was astonishing. The joy I feel when I can say my family made history is fulfilling. Every huddle, every little prayer, and every little argument led us to play in the finals. So now to make my family even bigger, thank you Grace King supporters and administrators for helping us gain the confidence and support we needed to achieve this level. We are all one family and I hope our family grows and gets stronger as time passes. Hisham Abdelaziz, senior

Disappointed student feels unequal treatment As a senior at Grace King many rules have been added or changed. There’s one rule that everyone

Junior appreciates new school policies I feel as if our school has gotten a lot better since Ms. Griffon started making a lot of changes. It really bothers me how people are freaking out because they can’t wear the shoes or hoodies they want. School is about getting an education and getting prepared for college so you can support yourself and your family in the long run. School is not about making a fashion statement. People should be grateful that they’re even getting an education, when other parts of the world would die for this opportunity. School is a blessing and I really wish people would start realizing it. Elizabeth Prokop, junior

What is the longest month?


April. Testing takes forever.

Perry Hawxhurst,



February. Valentine’s Day makes me depressed.

A l ex a n d ra Rod ri g u e z ,



December. Everyone’s waiting for the 25th and New Year’s.

Deilyn Silva,




should follow here at Grace King but some people don’t follow. They don’t follow them because we have something called favoritism at Grace King. Our disciplinarians do not treat the students equally. Many students walk around wearing the wrong shoes, sweater, etc. On Fridays last year we were allowed to wear spirit shirts. This year that changed, and I am fine with that, but many students still wear their shirts and the disciplinarians do not say anything. Teachers are losing their patience because students just do not listen. The disciplinarians, during the exchange in classes, should be checking uniforms, but we still have people with the wrong clothing on. I feel teachers in first block should be checking uniforms everyday, and then this problem would stop. It is not right how not everyone gets in trouble for wearing the wrong uniform in this school. Favoritism should not occur at all. It’s my senior year; I wanted to make it the best but with these problems it’s just not working out. In the end, in all reality students are winning. Ana Lopez, senior


Senior reminisces successful soccer season As the whistle blew and wind grazed my face, the surreal season ended. Making history with a team that was like family surely is going to be one of my most fun memories from high school. We started as a team and finished as a family. We tried to always hang out before games and fix our mentality for the games, making sure we ate before any match. After a match, we loved to feast and hang out at Cici’s. I can confidently say with a smile there was never a dull moment in the team. When we faced our first defeat in a tournament, we could have taken it in a negative way, but we did not. We only knew that the next step was to train harder and give up our vacation days for practice. As a result, we won district and two tournaments. As I graduate this year, I am proud to be a former Grace King soccer player. The memories won’t fade away, especially the smiles and tears of my mates as we were proclaimed Division I State Runners-up and the fans that supported us. I will never forget the stands swarming with green and gold. Alejandro Sevilla, senior

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Junior grateful for father’s decision I find it ironic that I was not supposed to attend this school, yet I am in my junior year. My dad wanted me to attend a private school because he did not like Grace King’s reputation. I argued with him frequently about this subject. All my brothers came here and I wanted to be like them. When he learned that there would be a new principal, he figured the school’s atmosphere would be different. After a couple months into my freshman year, he started to see a difference. I am happy he let me stay here. I would not have the friends I have today. Eleni Korominas, junior


Friday, March 14, 2014



Irish Eyes

November. It takes the longest for the holidays to arrive.

Heaven Zeccarias,


Isabella Cross Features Editor

During winter break I attended Victor Manning Driver ’s Education. Being involved in various school activities, I stay after school nearly everyday, and every student knows that waiting for their ride

is a struggle. I was overjoyed at the thought of having my own license and car, and managed to stay awake through the 30-hours of boring classroom instruction. After passing the ten tests given, I scheduled the driving portion of my class. I felt excited but anxious at the same time. The thought of all the dangerous drivers on the road scared me, and I was nervous to start driving. Driving with my family, I saw drunk drivers on the interstate and have almost been in crashes myself. To avoid hurting myself and others while on the road, I was determined to be a safe and cautious driver. When learning to drive, instructional videos give you the main idea, but doing the actual thing is completely different.

Physical practice is the key to learning to drive properly. Once I had completed four driving sessions, my instructor encouraged me to go and get my permit. Obtaining your license/permit is the hardest part of beginning to drive. The Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) is only open on weekdays from 8 A.M.-4 P.M., making it literally impossible for students to get their permit without skipping school. Once I found a day that was okay to skip, I arrived at the OMV at 7:30 a stormy, freezing morning. Oddly enough, the weather worked in my favor, reducing the amount of people there. Bring every single document that has your name on it: birth certificate, state ID, passport, school ID, work ID and a certificate from your school verifying that you are a student.


August. It’s the beginning of the school year. It takes forever to get through all the new classes and teachers.


Young driver emphasizes value of road experience Crossing the line

Chad McAvoy, Sophomore

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