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GIORGETTI NAGANO SKIS No ski vacation is complete without a pair of killer skis. The surface finish of these luxurious skis is in “abonos“, fossil oak sourced from rivers, and is very durable. The wood is treated with varnishes and oils that ensure that the skis last for years and years. The core, built entirely from poplar and birch, is covered with layers of bamboo and composite fibres. Completing the structure are metal layers and rubber inserts to enhance performance and reduce vibration. The bases are of the highest quality to ensure the least amount of drag over all types of snow surface. All the materials are fixed using a slow process at low temperatures to create a unique skiing experience. The skis come complete with bindings and mounting plate, adjustable to suit all users, and telescopic poles in aluminium. Plan a family trip to Aspen or the Alps to break in these elegant, tasteful, and understated skis. Price upon request, available at giorgetti.com

ALEXANDER WANG X POLTRONA FRAU DRINKS CABINET Fashion wunderkind Alexander Wang launched a limited-edition collection of furniture, consisting of bean bag chairs and a drink cabinet, in collaboration with luxury Italian furniture brand Poltrona Frau. Wang's furniture designs echo the style of his clothing. Brass is used to line the inner edges of a black trunk bar, which opens to reveal two shelves for drinks in each half.The metal is visible as a thin seam that runs in a line around the outside of the cuboid form, incorporating the material cohesively throughout. Available at select Alexander Wang and Poltona Frau boutiques.

ALAIN MIKLI PROVOCATION/COLOR CAPSULE COLLECTION SUNGLASSES The emergent German street artist 1010 is the inspiration for this sunglass collection. 1010 is a Hamburg-based contemporary artist known for his enigmatic, portal-like street art illusions on walls around the world. The Mikli sun collection features a mix of sophisticated colors and classic shapes and plays with sculptural layering of materials. The styles unique touch is given by the exclusive three layers lamination acetate, which is inspired by 1010’s work as his art brings new layers of depth to flat surfaces. Retro avant garde were the keywords for this particular pair of sunglasses. An iconic style from the 80’s archive, this is a unique round metal frame with a distinctive acetate bridge and new two base lenses. Eighties inspired hues and pops of bright colors like those from the Memphis movement inspired this new color capsule collection. Price Upon Request, alainmikli.com


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