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OM 5 Workcenter Layout Design: p171-173 *1. Need to make sure on the accuracy of the location of workcenters (?will the location given in question?) *2. Remember to calculate the initial & new cost, because there are total of two layouts for layout design. Step 1: Illustrate the location of workcenter. – draw a square chart, indicate with number in each square. Step 2: Illustrate the interworkcenter flow by model. Step 3: Determine the initial cost of this layout – e.g. material handling cost x by no. of load Step 4: Find the highest cost, and then change certain workcenter location that can reduce the (highest) cost e.g. shift some location of workcenter which is with high move-distance cost. Step 5: Re-calculate all the cost with the new layout. Step 6: Find out how much of the cost is reduced. And suggest the lowest cost layout.

Assembly-line Balancing: p175-177 *1: Mindful to the unit in calculation question. E.g. second, minutes (task time) Step 1: Draw precedence diagram - to show sequential relationships. E.g. follow the “tasks that must precede” to draw the flow (with arrow), and then write the task time aside the letter of task. Step 2: Determine workstation cycle time. C=cycle time Formula: C = Production time per day / Required output per day Step 3: Determine the theoretical minimum number of workstations required. N=number of. Formula: Nt = Sum of task time / Cycle time Step 4: Select assignment rules. 4i) First, prioritize the number of following tasks (largest number come first). 4ii) …I have no idea what’s going on in the secondary rule…