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“GO FORTH” Take the L train to commute to the Levi Strauss & Co Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada

We tell the same story as the Levi Strauss branding: gritty, rustic and authentic. And we have a lot of things in common: • We’re vital. • We’re a public utility. • We’re used 24 hours a day. • We have a diverse crowd of users. • We’re tough, functional, and a part of American culture.

Research & Concept Development A Metrocard from Levi Strauss & Co will be sent to the audience as a pre-show invitation; they will swipe the cards to get inside the station, which is inspired by the famous City Hall Subway Terminal in New York City. Inside the booth are life-size replica subway trains. A variety of models in different postures, wear Levis Brand pants. This subway ride inspires the idea to take the train and Go Forth.

The back of the booth shows a large-scale overview on a fabric printing.

The product selling center is divided into three parts, based on three brands: Levi’s, Dockers, and Signature. Large graphic images make up the exterior surface of the subway trains. The graphics connect the visitor to each of the brands’ current campaign.


Selling Center Check-in

Levi’s Impressions


Dockers’ and Signature’s Impressions Conference Room Platform/Aisle

Visitor Experience The audience will have an experience that feels as if they are on a real train; they hear train sounds and feel shaking.

“HERSHEY’S DREAM HOUSE” A Pop-up exhibit for Hershey’s: An unexpected Chocolate World!

The Hershey’s Dream House exhibition is a fantastic journey through a Hershey’s chocolate wonderland. Upon entering, the visitor‘s imagination is sparked to encourage people to pursue their dreams. This experience will help revolutionize each visitor’s perception of Hershey’s.



Hershey’s Chocolate Dream • Where does Hershey’s chocolate come from?

Milton Hershey’s Dream • Milton Hershey’s story • Orientation • Two big decisions he made


Your Dream Incubator • Sharing your dreams • Achieve your dreams with Hershey’s



6 4

3 3


• A chocolate scent lab

• Two interactive activities create your own dream chocolate

Hershey’s Chocolate Dream

Hershey’s Chocolate Dream

5 5

Your Dream Incubator • A collection of dreams from the world

Milton Hershey’s Dream The exhibit’s first gallery is named “Milton Hershey’s Dream.” Milton Hershey founded the company. At the Hershey Town headquarters, he used milk as an important ingredient in chocolate treats and he spent his entire life exploring his own chocolate “dreams.” His story is illuminated in a video, with the screen planted in the middle of the gallery. The huge milk fountain that comes from the milk floor go to the chocolate ceiling. This chronicles his decision to create milk chocolate...Three touch screens provide opportunities for audience members to assemble their own ideas and desires around a town of chocolate.

Where does Hershey’s chocolate come from? A dreamlike fantasy showing the origins of Hershey’s chocolate

Hershey’s Chocolate Dream Does Hershey’s Chocolate really come from a factory? It is a Hershey’s chocolate wonderland, showing unexpected places that chocolate comes from. • Hershey’s chocolate sauce volcano • Hershey’s chocolate bar trees • Milk waterfall • Cocoa bean beds • Raindrops of Kisses

Hershey’s Chocolate Dream Create your own dream chocolate Create Your Chocolate With Light The audience is given the opportunity to draw a piece of chocolate in lights. Visitors move into a light box and, after following a few simple instructions, begin to describe a piece of chocolate that is in their own mind. The audience draws their dream with the lighting elements. A camera captures the movement of the lighting and prints it for the audience. The resulting lighting artwork offers another way for visitors to bend their imagination around chocolate.

A Chocolate Scent Lab There are few scent diffusers on the wall; these offer the audience the opportunity to smell a variety of chocolate flavors. This technique is an important element, one that frees the audience’s imagination. Beside each diffuser is a label in the shape of Hershey’s Kisses that describes the chocolate in the first person. The audience also gets a thorough education about every type of chocolate. After they smell the varied chocolate scents, they can pick up a sample of the specific type of chocolate behind each diffuser.

If You Are A Piece of Chocolate

The audience will be detected and shown as diverse shapes of Hershey’s chocolate on the touch screens. Then, they will be able to play with the ingredients, textures, colors and the packaging to decorate themselves as a piece of chocolate.

Achieve Your Dreams With Hershey’s On the other side, there is a long Hershey’s Chocolate Bar wall as well, but in this case, each box is in different dimensions and colors. The audience is able to 1. Record Your Dream using

to get a

2. Achieve your dreams with Hershey’s chocolate Step 1: Choose a dream you may have

Step 2: Take a picture

Your Dream Incubator

A Collection of Dreams From The World It is never too late for us to pursue our dreams like Milton Hershey! A wall of Hershey’s Chocolate Bar-shaped screens shows videos by different people who talk about their dreams.

Step 3: Sending you to the Hershey’s dream scene: a Hershey’s chocolate world where everything is made of chocolate! Step 4: Send the video to your mail box

“THIS IS MY RULE� An exhibit for female artists: A story about modern women

This is an exhibit center designed for four famous female artists, who shared the same self-determining values. These artists demonstrate an unique side of women and show special perceptions about art and life: independent, emotinal and not afraid to express their strong beliefs. They encourage modern females to speak out through their fantastic works and life experiences.

Exhibition Space


Transform to polygon of seven sides

Devide space into several dynamic geometries

Final plan


Hexagon cell

Integrate geometries based on contents

Distinguish the four major display sections and two public areas by stairs

The entire space is not only independent, but also integrative. The geometrical sections combine relations between the sequences and dimensions of traditional space. This makes the exhibit more dynamic and exciting. The four main exhibit areas tell different stories, bringing visitors various experiences that emphasize the features of each artist. Meanwhile, it also shows the concept that “That is my rule�.

The entire floor-plane of the booth

Floor Plane


3D models



Rei Kawakubo display area

Zaha Hadid display area

Frida Kahlo display area

Diane Arbus display area

Public display area

Rei Kawakubo

As a woman, Rei Kawakubo inspired us to look at fashion in a different way. Through some of her projects made of tattered pieces of cloth, we can discover how she speaks out.

Concept: Asymmetry

Goal of exhibit: Promote the idea that every woman should be brave enough to be themselves.

The entire display section tells the same story of the artist's works.

Zaha Hadid

Concept: Get rid of the rule and make your own rule

"Do not follow any rule, or I just follow my own rule."

Goal of exhibit: Using acute triangles and various long radian curves, the geometric structure tells the story and enhances the visitor's experience.

Encourage females to learn self-affirmation, and to break intrinsic rules and release themselves in Zaha's Works.

Frida kahlo "I draw self-portraits, as I always feel alone. I am the one who know me the most."

Concept: Self review

Goal of exhibit: Encourage females to learn to endure terrible sufferings in order to arouse aspirations. Their deep souls will emerge bright, radiant, something ordinary people do not have.

Distorted mirrors among the panels make visitors explore different sides of themselves.

Diane Arbus

Concept: Change your intrinsic evaluation criterion; be yourself

"So frank that it is incomparably clear," that is the expression of Diane Arbus, a Van Gogh in the photographic industry.

Goal of exhibit: Suspending exaggerated size of photos in an alternate sequence, creates a visual impact that evoks the audience's emotion.

Enourage people to reexamine “normal” and“abnormal”, “fair” and “unfair”, and “moral” and “immoral”.

Model and Hightlights

Public area: It is a small movie room that provides vidoes of these four artists. Also, it is an outdoor space for visitors to take a rest and communicate with each other.

A series of wonderful angles are created by geometric partitions that bring dramatic experiences to the audience. A doorplate engraved with classic quotations from the four artists is placed at the entrance, which stimulates visitor curiosity, as well as makes the circulation easier.

Visitor Experience The entire booth will use acrylic and environmentally-friendly materials. Nature and light come inside to create a unique sensory mood. Meanwhile, corkscrew circulation is able to provide the audience with unexpected indoor and outdoor sights.

THE POWER OF “Black-and-White” An exhibit about experiencing Hitchcock’s movies

For many people, Hitchcock is no longer just a name. He represents the spirits of suspense and thrills. He creates a "virtual reality" and emerse themselves in the story. Therefore, he is not only capable of controlling the movie, but also in drawing the audience’s attention. With this idea in mind, the goal of the exhibit is to offer visitors the opportunity to put yourself in his "suspense trap". This experience only belongs to "Hitchcock".

<SPELLBOUND> key element: eyes

<THE BIRDS> key element: birds

<PHSYCHO> key element: sneak

Floor plan The inspiration of the floor plane comes from the shape of the camera. In order to highlight the idea of "shooting and recording horror". At the same time, Hitchock's four classic works serve as the main content. The audience is able to fully understand and experience Hitchcock's charm and talent.

<VERTIGO> key element: spiraled

The Experience "Movie Boxes" <Spellbound> The concept is based on an analysis of the movie. A person's dreams often reflect the things encountered by his/her insights and individual psychology. The booth graphics utilize lots of stripes. Dali's famous painting, "Eyes", located in the middle, also explores the dreams of the movie. However, visitors are not able to enter the space; they are able to experience the dream through the holes on the wall. As the audience"enjoys" the dream, they also see the other audienceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s eyes from other holes. This creates a sense of horror.

<The Birds> This concept is based on the ubiquitous birds in the movie. In order to create psychological and physiological feelings, such as intense fear and loss of a sense of direction, the booth graphics show thousands of white birds on the wall, to create a feeling of entering into an enclosed space that is surrounded by birds, just as in the movie.

<Vertigo> The concept is based on a shot in the movie that moves slowly from a woman's lips to her pupil. Then many spirals appear, and these spirals constantly change colors and direction. In the booth, people walk through the circles, one by one, from small to large. On the other side, the title of the movie revolves on the screen. The visitors experience the process of vertigo visually and physically.

<Psycho> In the enclosed space, the walls are installed with screens that monitor the entire space from different angles. A shower nozzle is located on the ceiling, and the ground shows a figure of a dead human's body, that is drawn in chalk lines. At the same time, it is be highlighted by a spot light. With these elements, the visitors would feel as if they are "being watched" and "near death".

Highlights The physical film is extended through the entire booth. It not only connects the four separated sections, but also makes the shape of the booth become more dynamic and vivid.

An intro panel at the entrance indicates the main idea of the exhibition: The Hitchcock's photo launches a "horror tour."

The material of the entire booth will be black acrylic, not only because black conveys a sense of fear, but also makes the atmosphere more elegant and contemporary.

“ALL ABOUT COMMUNICATION” An outdoor exhibit of the Weeksville Heritage Center

Communicate with Us! Communicate with Nature! Communicate with Each Other! The goal of this proposal is to communicate with the residents and visitors. As per the clients’ requests, the design will show the audience interacting with nature, as well as communicating with African-American culture.

The idea of the pavement plan comes from the above African painting and the terraced garden. I divided the ground into pieces by using curves and different colors. I think these colors and shapes not only express a sense of humor and make this place more attractive. It also stands for the African-American people who live there. The goal for the pavement plan is to have a strong connection with the content of the museum, as well as to create a space for communication.

Top view

Heirloom Plants Terraced Garden This is a special way for people to get the information about heirloom plants. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a conversation between people and nature.

General Public Programming Viewing tower This structure captures the scenery of the whole area as you get to the top of the tower

25.6 Ft

Top view

General Public Programming Outdoor workshop Overhead structures provide shade and rain protection. Posters on the facade of the tower alert the audience to up coming events.

10 Ft

Top view


Visitor experience All of the structures are inspired by nature and interpreted in organic shapes that match the story in WHC. They also provide places for people to communicate with employees, residents, and diverse visitors. At the same time, people experience nature at night through my lighting design.

“THE SWEET LIFE” A map design for Battery Park City

The map shows the best spots for people to enjoy the sweet things in life.

Location My map is located on the back of benches in the park. I want people who sit on the benches to see this map and find new ways to explore this place.

The map is my concept to show the best places, where people may enjoy the sweet things in life inside Battery Park City. Map stay with your lover

play skateboard


do exercise

read books

enjoy music

ride a bike

have a picnic

play basketball

baby meeting

play games for children

take pictures

play with your dogs

draw something

Iris Pan Graduate Exhibition Design, FIT Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

Concept After doing a lot of research, I found that people who enjoy this place do a lot of sweet things: they are relaxed, happy, and enjoy themselves here. This gives me the inspiration to make a map for people that shows them the best places to enjoy these sweet things.

The map is my concept to show the best places, where people may enjoy the sweet things in life inside Battery Park City. Map stay with your lover

play skateboard


do exercise

read books

enjoy music

ride a bike

have a picnic

play basketball

baby meeting

play games for children

take pictures

play with your dogs

draw something

Iris Pan Graduate Exhibition Design, FIT Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

â&#x20AC;&#x153;DESIGN AND ART, LIFE AND FUNâ&#x20AC;? These projects are inspirational

Design is a special way to make life more beautiful. A designer who is able to create amazing works must appreciate his/her own life and loves. This gives new meaning to normal.

Model in Transition â&#x20AC;&#x201C; New ideas for constructing a booth

New Life for a Pepper Tree â&#x20AC;&#x201C; A Pepper Desk Lamp Environmentally-friendly design uses recycled materialsâ&#x20AC;&#x201C; a dead pepper tree, inspires new meaning.
















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• Master of Arts: Exhibition Design Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY– New York City, NY, US • Bachelor of Arts: Environmental Design Zhejiang University of Technology – Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

EXPERIENCE • Public Relations and Graphic Design Intern Beauty Within TV – New York, NY

• Music Video Art Director Iris CP. – New York, NY

• Exhibition Designer Intern Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian – New York, NY

• Interior Design Freelancer Huzhou Zhongding Silk Company – New York, NY

HIGHLIGHTS • Software: Proficiency in PC and MAC OS, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, VectorWorks, Auto CAD, Sketch Up, Microsoft Office, Social Network, 3D MAX • Additional

Skills: Model making, product building,

sewing/knitting, hand drafting/drawing, digital photography • Language: Fluent English and Mandarin

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Iris Chenqi Pan


Iris Chenqi Pan