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Let’s go vintage! 10 tips to keep in mind when shopping for vintage clothing.

Where To Shop Best vintage shops in Southsea.

Sing by the sea Dive in the ocean of vintage music.

Let’s relive the past

Contents 1 Editorial. 2 Let’s go vintage. 4 Reviews of shops. i - Dress code. ii- anything goes vintage. iii- one legged jockey. 13 Sing by the sea. 15 Your stories with us.


Editorial I

ris is not just a magazine its a lifestyle in which we celebrate every bit of our past and make a unique experience as we try to relive what we have left behind yet it is so close to us! witness the much forgotten greatness and excellence, as we walk around the city looking for shops that sell vintage items and cover your stories of your vintage collection! welcome to Iris.






Let’s go Vintage

oTp It is very exciting to shop for vintage clothes and accessories. One of the many reason for the experience to go enjoyable is the fact that at the end of your shop trip you will own outfits that no one else owns. This make you look totally unique. The items are of considerably good quality,


made in ways that are not used in today’s time with fabrics that you won’t even find these days. The fact that all these items clothing are eco- friendly can definitely not be denied, it just adds up to all the wonderful qualities about vintage fashion. That’s all the fun part, but when shopping for vintage attire one

must a little background knowledge regarding the vintage fashion and style, and where to look for the right stuff. So, in this issue we will take you through ten easy steps or guidelines that you need to keep in mind while you go all vintage.

1. Be aware of vintage dates and quality 2. Know your preferred fashion decades 3. Know what to look out for. 4. Understand the importance of trying on the clothing for size. 5. Decide your budget. 6. Know where to shop. 7. Be an open-minded and flexible browser. 8. Be prepared to make alterations. 9. Mix the old with the new. 10, Love your look!!

Dress Code Dress code deals with variety of fashion. Ranging atlernative style of clothings, bags and accessories to all that can be called vintage. Located on one of the most famous roads in the city by the sea, Dress code is the sea of the vintage and alternative supplies. So, if you are either looking for alternative music, supplies to decorate your room, having a theme or costume party. Dress code is the place for you. Address- 1 Albert Rd, Portsmouth, Southsea, Hampshire PO5 2SE Phone:023 9273 1972

q Anything goes Vintage q T

he moment you enter this fine looking, modest shop you will immediately get the feeling that you have somehow time travelled. “Anything goes Vintage” is a modest shop - but their size has nothing to do with their collection of vintage items. They specialize in vintage clothing, but that is not all that you will find once you are inside. As the name clearly gives the hint “anything” that’s vintage, you will find it there. Their apparel collection has been very appealing to me.

If someone cannot get the idea of vintage style, you should take them to this shop. You will not have to explain to them any further. When I entered the shop, it gave me a very calm and classic feel, a collection of very subtle clothing and jewellery. Want to buy a present for your grandma that she will absolutely adore? I would say this is the perfect place for you to buy something that has a story to it.

Address - 97 Elm Grove PO5 1LH Southsea Phone- 07931 332200

One Legged Jockey



One legged jockey specializes in a wide range of vintage collection for ladies and the chaps. They are having two stores in Southsea and one in Chichester. So if you can’t come all the way to Southsea to enjoy an unforgettable experience of vintage shopping, you can always pop into one of their store that is located in Chichester.

Their store in Southsea is jam-packed with clothing and accessories of antique style. So if you are the one who likes to stand out of the crowd and wants to make a statement by your own dressing style, give One Legged Jockey a visit. There is nothing that you won’t find that would complete your outfit.



Southsea 62 Elm Grove Southsea PO5 1JG 023 9273 2232 9 Marmion Rd Southsea, Hampshire PO5 2AT 023 9273 9437 Chichester 9 Crane Street PO19 1LJ Chichester, West Sussex.

Sing by the sea We were on our way to hunt down vintage shops on Albert Road, one of the most popular and lively roads in Southsea. Filled with pubs and restaurants with very lively environment on the weekend and otherwise. Albert road gives the essence of Southsea and of the attractive tourist spot. So, as we were on Albert road we came across

the place called “Soundz”. This outlet is for a true music fan. Feeling tired by Justin Bieber, One Direction and the radio stations playing the same auto tuned songs? Make a quick walk to “Soundz”. It is a true delight to the eyes and ears and will excite your all your senses. Their collection of musical records is so vast

that it will be tough for you to decide. You might end up buying records you weren’t planning to buy in the first place. Treat yourself with a little of Elvis, Beatles and Johnny Cash. Relive the past and the good old rock and roll music at 70 Albert Rd, Southsea PO5 2SL .

Dear Iris,



am a vintage fanatic! I like all old fashioned stuff, when I was little I used to be ashamed of my house as it was different from all my friends because my mum had old stuff and I hated it, however what I didn’t realize was that it is a preference in style. I thought my house was different because when you’re a child all your friends have the same sort of style. As I grew older I started liking it now I hate modern styles, I don’t know if it was because I was surrounded by it, but now I like that style myself although I was ashamed of it when I was younger.

I like quirky unusual things but the trouble in value whereas the things we have with that is some things I like that are modern always has money in them, it’s the oldest repros but not everything, trouble is I am told form of recycling really, you can sell it by my friends that I am extremely difficult to and it will go back into the market as buy for at Christmas and birthdays whereas I there is always a call for old furniture disagree because I’m always seeing things I because its so well made. like. I’ve got to a point where I’ve got to stop now and decorate, there’s no more wall space or space for furniture!

I like the idea that what you buy modern today will go out of fashion, for instance last years trends aren’t the same as this years, whereas if you get the traditional vintage style it’s like that forever and not only that I’m tight so I don’t like paying out twice for things, so most of the items I’ve got in my house are vintage or antique. If you buy something from Argos, for example, it soon depreciates

I bought this stuff thinking if we’re ever hard up I can always sell something. The fireplace was a third attempt, we had two other style ideas but I didn’t like them, I wanted a slate roof but I got let down by builders, so I saw the canopy from Ebay. I also have an old Bakerlite phone which came from BT, Bakerlite is

“It’s the oldest form of recycling really”

the name for early plastic, although it’s only there for show as it’s a dial phone and you cant use it with the modern phones because you’ve got voicemail and inquiries and you can’t push the buttons so its not compatible with the modern systems.

I class vintage as everything old by gone age, I don’t class anything 70s or 80s as vintage because I remember it from when I was younger so I select things from before that time not items I was used to growing up with so its different for different people. I like the style and quality of vintage things. Before Ebay came it was mainly second hand shops and the adverts in the local newspapers which I used as my source to find vintage items, but now Ebay gives you the chance to get items from further afield and now you can get them delivered, even though the costs have gone up. I am a regular reader of your magazine and have loved every issue so far! There are very few successful vintage magazines on the shelves today but, in my opinion, Iris is one of the best. I enjoy reading the articles that have been sent in by other readers and thought I would join in with the hope of my article bing printed. I look forward to reading your next issue and finding more vintage inspiration! Your faithful reader, Marilyn Wickett

Above: Marilyn Wickett, Age 52, London



I have been always fascinated how far we have moved on in life when I see pictures and goods from yester years. My grandfather’s cabinet was filled with so many things I had seen from childhood but never had a chance to use them, or shall I say, they were not of my time!! I grew up when we had color TV instead of radio and black and white resolution television. Computers were dominating education; we had pocket radios, video games weren’t restricted to specific play area/station. Cell phone was making its name as the next big thing and telephones were less utilized. All of this had created a gap between my lifestyle and that of my elders. It was soon that I realized that the things I had seen in my grandfather’s cabinet are now vintage.

Having stuff around you for ages, considering it to be of no use and then suddenly realizing that the old man’s chest is full of treasure, sounds pretty cool. Well what I believe is that everyone has one way or another had his/her vintage experiences, it’s just a matter of realizing how important those things are and what significant purpose did they play for your grandfather or even his father, if you are lucky enough to still have those equipment/goods around. Not many people realize that, but trust me, take some time out look around you, recall the stories you once listened to when you were a kid. Tune in an old radio set, play that Phonograph and dance to the beats of an old record. Pick up an old Pen lying in the cabinet and put it in your pocket, wear them old Shoes, take out that old Umbrella and take out your grandfather’s old Car on a rainy day. Enjoy your vintage experience.

Peace of Mind e152f VINTAGE- It is not just a word that describes an era. To me, vintage brings feelings of warmth and home. Home is somewhere you relax, let yourself loose, feel cozy and warm. The same feelings are attached to vintage. Since childhood, I have been drawn towards homekeeping, collecting things, taking care of things. My grandmother had a range of collectibles which we used to go through during childhood.

That was probably the time which inspired me towards vintage. During the time, my passion towards vintage style has been growing. I started with collecting kitchenware. Different styles of utensils, crockery, the stylish delicate teapots, the floral designed jugs and jars which I can mix and match for any occasion. Whether it is a posh dinner party or just everyday’s meal, I can pull out an elegant table dÊcor.


Iris is a vintage magazine. With a variety of pages including fashion and music.

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