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Your music your personality Did you know that strangers can accurately assess another person’s level of creativity, open-mindedness and extroversion after listening to his/ her top 10 favorite songs?

Your taste in music can reveal a lot about you, giving accurate clues about your personality.The question “What kind of music do you like?” which we have been asking everytime we meet someone new is so revealing. Besides, it is the number one topic of conversation among young adults who are getting to know each other, according to psychologists Jason Rentfrow of the University of Cambridge in the U.K., and Sam Gosling at the University of Texas at Austin. Knowing whether a person prefers John Coltrane to Mariah Carey, or Puccini to Metallica allows for remarkably accurate personality predictions, their research has found. Did you know that strangers can accurately assess another person’s level of creativity, open-mindedness and extroversion after listening to his/ her top 10 favorite songs? Psychologists think that personality clues are revealed in the music’s tempo, rhythm and lyrics!

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Without music, life would be a mistake.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Smart Sounds

tion to family dishonor say the psychol-

Intresting is that fans of jazz, classi-

ogists. Don’t blame Madame Butterfly.

depend on how outgoing you are.

cal and other “complex” music typically

It is said that dramatic personalities are

Background music can help extroverts

have above-average IQ scores. If you

drawn to opera, not influenced by it.

focus, but tends to torment introverts.

enjoy hanging out with the smart ones

Parental Advisory

Think about it!

that’s the kind of music they should be

Parents often worry that music—

Peak Performance

listening to!

whether it’s Elvis or Eminem—pro-

Who would have thought that music

Easy Listeners

motes sexual or aggressive behavior in

doesn’t always pump up athletes?

Can you imagine that?! Fans of coun-

teens. Fortunately, studies have found

Motivational music can give weightlift-

try and Top 40 hits tend to be more

no direct link! As a matter of fact, fans

ers an edge. Runners, however, don’t

conventional, honest and conservative

of gangsta rap or heavy metal are often

move farther or faster with the help of

compared with fans of other genres.

more timid and shy than other kids. Can

motivational music. Soo, next time you

People who like country and pop might

you believe that?

go jogging consider not taking your

be more simpleminded, and that’s not

Boom Town

ipod with you.

necessarily bad. They just tend to avoid

Extroverts gravitate to music with


making things unnecessarily complex.

a heavy bass line, according to a

Fans of energetic music like dance and

Drama Queens

Northeast Louisiana University study.

soul are more likely to impulsively blurt

Well, it seems that compared with other

Brain Invasion

out their thoughts, compared with fans

music fans, opera fans are three times

Whether you can study or work effi-

of other styles.

more likely to endorse suicide as a solu-

ciently while listening to music may


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Where do you see yoursel in the future? F or each and every one of us


comes a time when we have to

Our ”boss” also answered:

decide what are we going to

Banu Andra: ” Frankly, I want to continue my

do with our lifes. Haven’t you

gonna bore you to tears anymore and let’s

studies in Romania because my future job differs from country to country, and I would like to work somewhere that still has a conection with my homeland + all my friends live here. Besides, I would like to study a year abroad mainly for opening up new horizons and for helping me in the future. I consider that I’ve met in Mishu a lot of good as well as bad exemples of people from which I learned usefull advices and I developed my general

see what they had answered…


done that? As in the precedent article we presented you how our student life in Mishu

is, we thought it would be a nice idea to ask a couple of our colegues which are their plans regarding their dream universities - whether they will go to foreign or romainian university - and if they think they’ve made a good chioce coming to Mihai Viteazul. So I am not

Ada, Latino Dancer, tells us: The girl with the longEST hair said: Irina Bantoiu: ” Honestly, I still haven’t decid-

Nam ut massa turpis, ac blandit justo. Nulla ultrices, odio commodo faucibus commodo, mi nisi tempor”

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ed on a field of study yet, but i do take into consideration a romainiam university as well because they are as good as others and they are cheaper. Instead of paying a large amount of money for studying in a foreign country i can invest them here in something else. Secondly, I love Viteazu’ because I have met a lot of intresting people with which I have a lot in common and I came across numerous opportunities.” Camelia, known as Ada – don’t ask why because we don’t have an answer –responded: ” I’m going to study here, of that I am pret-

ty sure. As for my opinion about Viteazu’..I like it because here I learn thing outside a specific field – not only math or phisics – Furthermore, here I can fiind the conditions necessary build my character, which is

”I may remain here for studying, although anything can change ...Though we have to admit that our teachers are as good as anywhere else and often they don’t have who to teach because our students leave abroad, and with whom remains Romania? Once they go studying there, most of them remain there ... yet I agree with Master degree abroad. This college helped me by the fact that I met some people from which I really have what to learn and for that most teacher are eager to help you understand the lesson and I am sure that anywhere else I couldn’t have gained so many informations that contribute to our overall knowledge.”

A blue-eyed blonde affirmed: Racolta Melania: ”I also intend to finish my

studies here. I’m sure I’ve made the best decision coming to Mishu considering that I interacted with teachers which were able to stimulate me learning even more than before due to the way they teach and by showing me things really captivating. So they managed to arouse my curiosity :) In addition, being a student in Mishu helps you to be familiar with ”backbreaking” work so to say, and that’s why future “challenges” of university won’t take me by surprise (I hope).The last thing ... I believe that each interaction with people from my highschool was helpful and made me expand my horizons and understand better the people around me.” The Teen Press reporter declared: Cosma Catalina: ” I wish I could study abroad,

but the lack of required fonds prevents me from doning it, so I’ll use an alternative – take my licence here and Master degree abroad. I cannot say exactly why I want so much to leave from Romania, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about in a while. As for Mishu, it developed me from all points of view. Moreover, I have met wonderful people and I made good friends.” Here’s a girl which literally has a big head – not as big as her heart, Alexandra Fleaca: ”I desire to study in Romania,

though I’m taking into consideration leaving abroad as well, but with more uncertainty. The things that led me to choose to continue

my studies in the country are that I’m inclined to think that lot of universities in Romania provide good training for students, belief that I have after discussing with various people around me, from parents to teachers and classmates. What’s more, there is something special that binds me to this country and it’s hard for me to leave. I have here my family, my closest friends, all people I care about. It seems like a difficult step to let go all of these, even if the separation is not permanent. I would miss this place, with all the traffic jams, the ”sarmale”, with Vama Veche! I believe that being student in Mishu helped me realise that if I want to be truly appreciated I have to work extremely hard. I have also met wonderful people, so different from each other, and yet, from whom I learned new things every day - friends, colleagues, and teachers. If I hadn’t been student here, I wouldn’t have met my pshysics teacher, Mr. Toma, and I would have ’ruined’ my life!:)) Last but not least, a wonderful singer, Bulea Andreea: ” University probably in Romania, although it is not excluded the possibility of traveling abroad in case of opportunities - studying abroad is expensive and, further, it is quite difficult to accommodate. Besides, universities in Romania are quite good. A good example is Mishu, that opened my eyes , teaching me what hard work means. Additionally, I also developed (more unconsciously) my way of thinking and I began having a keen interest in learning new things.” Corina.

To study or Not to study abroad? that is the question...

Alex Andrei: ” I will continue my studies in Romania, and as for the second question… I feel that people consider me smarter just because I learn here.”

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Life in MIshu Let’s take a journey in “Mihai Viteazul” National College.


can definitely affirm that life

know where to look for them.

in C.N. Mihai Viteazul is very ...complex. From my point

First of all, competition here is quite

of view, the most important

high and that is a great source of

thing is that you have the chance to

ambition - wanting to get to the to.

develop yourself exactly as you want,

What’s most interesting is that you

it’s a good benchmark from which you

have from where to choose

can start your road to maturity. Here

it comes to extra-curricular activities

you have the chance to meet interest-

and for sure you will find something

ing people who share your passions as

suitable for you. I admit that the school

well and with whom you have many

has changed me very much and that is

things in common. There is room for

good. I began to realize this when I

everyone and certainly you will find


someone like you in 1200 people. The

and I was shocked. It is very important

atmosphere is very pleasant and the

that during this part of life to try to

people are wonderful, just have to

develop in all fields,

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those from other highschools

“wise man have more to learn of Fools than fools of wise men” Michel de Montaigne

you want to know more and want to know

that you managed to survive four years

the world. I consider that students here

here, certainly

are privileged regarding other students

to you! However, we sometimes forget

and we should take advantage more of

what it’s our real purpose and we get

that. All you have to do is to open your

carried away in all this madness and we

mind and be interested, and the rest will

find ourselves forgetting to do what once

come from itself. Of course life is not nec-

made us happy and we realize that we are

essarily pink here, but, after all, where is it?

buried in homework and projects. Then

I can say from my own experience that it’s

you have to try to find a balance between

pretty hard to deal with the fast rhythm

school and personal life and we have to do

and constant stress, but it turned out that

our best to be happy even if we have lots

the students of Mishu adapt more easily

of homework!

than others. And eventually ... only think


the rest will seem trivial

Most of our obstacles would melt away if, instead of cowering before them, we should make up our minds to walk boldly through them.” Orison Swelt Marden

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Tips on how to dress this


our earing y w y d a e r al ry 1 . Yo u’r e e ate r s. T w s ’s r e h agrandfat your ultr n w o d g is dressin onning h d y b t i u s modern a t , t o o. fishing h 4. Think of it as anti-bling. You want it matte, not shiny. And it should be long enough to hang below your tee’s neckline.

2. Wallets are always black or brown. Why? That’s what people will wonder when you pull out your green-wrapped greebacks. 3. It doesn’t look like much on the rack at the army-navy, but when you put a black webbed belt in a more stylish context, you won’t miss your leathers.

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5 . Yi n and y a n g, fanc y dude watch : Ta k e , m spor t a atch y stra it wit p h , and to tur a be pr n hea e pared d s.

Q your G h t i w p cks ping u e e de bu k e n u e s e b . ow o u’ v e vor ite ou k n a y f , a s h 6. If y e nt is becom nt mo e e v c a e tte th r h e l s in a e l p o d ty walke -you s e dus n h e t e t b u with F e bo at hav e all a h r ’ t e s r W o 7. col astel p — r d. yea r t roa i d a down 10. Wool knit ties are for

winter. Grab a paper-thin silk version to complement your cotton suits. 8.You want to look put-together, not like you spent too much time at the mirror obsessing. A frayed pocket square throws it away a little. 1 1 . C o lo r is k in g t h is s e a s o n h e s it a n t , , b u t if y o h e r e’s a s u’r e u b t le , a f f o r d to star t: T a b le p la c e h e s e t ie b a r s , in f o u to n e s, co r off-the s t f if t e e n w a ll b u c k s each. 1 2 . Fa c t : N o matter what sha y o u’l l lo o pe your s k g o o d in chnoz, s h a d e s w it h t h is g iv in g k e y h o le n o s u lt r a - f o r e b r id g e . them bac P e r s ol brough k ; now to t n s o f d e s ig t h e a c t io n n e r s a . r e in o n G a b i. Designfreebies Magazine • • 9

Rise Against


ise Against is an American punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in December 1999. The band currently consists of Tim McIlrath (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Zach Blair (lead guitar, backing vocals), Joe Principe (bass guitar, back-

ing vocals) and Brandon Barnes (drums, percussion). Rise Against spent its first five years signed to the independent record label Fat Wreck Chords, on which it released two studio albums, The Unraveling (2001) and Revolutions per Minute (2003). In 2003 the band signed with the major label Geffen. Siren Song of the Counter Culture brought the band mainstream success, producing several successful singles. Their next two albums, The Sufferer & the Witness and Appeal to Reason, were also successful and peaked at number ten and number eight on the Billboard 200 chart. Appeal to Reason was followed three years later by Endgame. All four albums released via Geffen were certified platinum in Canada, while Siren Song of the Counter Culture, The Sufferer & the Witness and Appeal to Reason were certified gold in the United States. Rise Against was formed under the name Transistor Revolt in 1999 by former members of the bands 88 Fingers Louie and Baxter. The first lineup consisted of Tim McIlrath (vocals), Joe Principe (bass and vocals), Toni Tintari (drums) and Mr. Precision (guitar and vocals). Tintari left shortly and was replaced by Brandon Barnes, after a short time with Dan Lumley as the drummer. The band changed its name to “Rise Against” in 2001 and released their first album, The Unraveling (produced by veteran punk producer Mass Giorgini) on Fat Wreck Chords. That same year. Mr. Precision left the band in 2001 and was replaced by Todd Mohney of The Killing Tree.

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Rise Against released Siren Song of the

Project. The band actively promotes ani-

Counter Culture in August 2004 on Geffen

mal rights and all members (excluding


Barnes) are straight edge (they refrain

In January 2006, after touring in sup-

from consuming alcohol or using recre-

port of Siren Song of the Counter Culture,

ational drugs), PETA supporters and veg-

Rise Against recorded their fourth studio


album at the Blasting Room studio. The

Rise Against’s musical style throughout

Sufferer & the Witness was released on

the band’s career has been described by

July 4, 2006. Rise Against’s fifth studio

most critics as melodic hardcore, punk

album Appeal to Reason was released on

rock, or hardcore punk. The band has

October 4 in Australia, October 6 across

cited numerous punk and hardcore

Europe, and October 7 in the United

bands as influences to its music such as

States. The album sold 64,700 copies in

Descendents, Dead Kennedys, Refused,

its first week and peaked at number three

Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Nirvana,

on the U.S. Billboard 200, making it Rise

and Anti-Flag.

Against’s highest-charting album to date.

Sooooooo….our message to you is :

Rise Against finished recording their sixth studio album, Endgame, in January 2011, after they recorded some last minute guest vocals for the record. The lyrics of the album focus on real world events, such as Hurricane Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. According to McIlrath, although the lyrics discuss grim topics, they actually take on a positive view and were written from the perspective of: “What if the place on the other side of this transition is a place we’d all rather be living in?”. Rise Against is also known for their advocacy of progressive organizations such as Amnesty International and It Gets Better


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The Harlem Shake is an Internet meme that went viral on

“Gangnam Style”. But the business magazine Forbes pointed

YouTube in early February 2013. The meme is in the form of

out that unlike “Gangnam Style” and other notable hits from

a video that began being replicated according to a similar

2012, Harlem Shake is more of a meme, since a wide variety

concept by many people.

of groups and individuals have uploaded variants of the

The meme was established in a video uploaded on February


2 by five teenagers from Queensland, Australia. The teenag-

Answer: According to Martin Talbot, Managing Director of

ers’ video, in its turn, was a follow-up to a video by a YouTube

The Official Charts Company in the UK, “Harlem Shake” is a

comedy vlogger named Filthy Frank featuring a part where

“phenomenon”, the first ever “crowd sourced video” to sig-

several costumed people danced to the song “Harlem Shake”

nificantly drive sales of a song. Previously, as happened with

by Baauer. After a while, more people started to replicate the

“Gangnam Style”, there was always an initial video created

original video and upload their own versions to YouTube,

by an artist which would start a dance craze that was subse-

therefore Harlem Shake became what is called an Internet

quently adopted by fans.

meme, in this case a series of similar videos re-created according to a similar concept. On February 10, the upload rate of Harlem Shake videos reached 4,000 per day. As of February 11, about 12,000 versions of the popular Internet meme had been uploaded to YouTube, garnering over 44 million unique views. As of February 15, about 40,000 Harlem Shake videos had been uploaded, totalling 175 million views. As a result of the popularity of the phenomenon, Baauer’s single reached #1 on the iTunes America chart and #2 on iTunes in the UK and Australia on February 15, 2013.The Harlem Shake meme went on to achieve widespread global success, including in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and most of the rest of Europe, even spreading as far as Russia and Eastern Europe, China, India, The United Arab Emirates, Jamaica and many other. Numerous commenters have compared the Harlem Shake to

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CheMeSTRY JoKeS Q: if h20 i s w a t e r, what is h A: Drink 204? i n g, b a t h i n g, w a s m i n g, e t h i n g, s w c. imThe seco nd one s ays “i thi h2o too n k i ’l l h a ” -- and h ve an e died. po ost im

the m s i t a h y? Q: W ! mistr e h c poon n i s e e l h ru kt er lic v e n A:

r tant

Tw o c h e m is ts g o in to a re st aura n t. T h e fi rs t o n e sa y s “i th in k i’ ll have an h2o .”

al. us met o r o m ost a h a nyt m i e w h t e n bi m is t ’ll com i Ti t a n i u , t o h it gets When t h i n g.


ox y h e f le o when o m r? d t h e xc i t e l e s b a r ! s a e y w ules e sing umbe h c W Q: o l e t o f t h r o’s n m n ad ou ge og d v e A lk wa e got h A:

ney ere h d to as re ce sup b er h e a n ntly b otThe ea yet een d pro v y el isco -ide em tain pos n e t ium ed ifie vnt. n d . am e is : Un - ob -

Anions aren’t negative, they’re just misunderstood. Alex. Designfreebies Magazine • • 13

Get healthy! All around the world there are several sports but generally whenever you refer to the term of sport you are thinking to physical activity. The simple act of moving your body can have a great effect. Whenever you are practicing a sport which requires a lot of physical movement for a significant amount of time after a while you begin to feel very tired but also really relaxed. Beside that you are thinking much more clearer than usual. It is not important to practice a sport activity everyday but if you have the possibility try to put your body to work at least 2 days on a week. If you make your self a schedule and you manage to stick to it in time you will get a great physical condition and psychologically you’ll feel a lot better

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Get healthy!


Get social!

Health is the reason for exercise, not sports

Sports can help you learn social interaction,

— sure. But a great side-effect of sports is exercise. Exercise

as well as give you a chance to exercise leadership. In competition,

improves cardiovascular fitness and controls your weight. More

you quickly learn what your teammates — and you — are made

importantly — being active in sports can help you look good!

of. You rely on your teammates and opponents to make you stron-

Athletic activity:

ger, and pretty soon, you have a new set of friends.

Reduces body fat, strengthens bones, and builds muscle

Improves coordination, balance, flexibility and endurance

Slows the aging process

Reduces the risks of injury, and helps you recover faster

It also establishes a healthy pattern of lifetime physical activity, and makes your friends jealous.


Get relaxed!

Playing sports releases stress and tension.


Sports competitions teach you to feel relaxed in high-pressure

Get smart!

situations. Athletics also helps you fight depression and anxiety — endorphins are our friends!

Healthy body, healthy mind. Improving in sports translates directly to improving in school. Sports can help you… Gabi. Increase concentration and develop problem-solving skills Learn how to set and attain goals

Gain “Training Transfer”, skills that start showing up in

school or on the job Improve self-esteem through success (and failure!) Learn time-management skills

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Tea - such an anamazing art “Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage” Catherine Douzel


ho would have thought that tea can be an art?

substantial meal, including meat and/or fish, and was really an

Certainly, I never thought that drinking a cup of tea

early dinner which well suited the middle and lower classes after a

could be an art and I definitely never thought that

long day at work. Now, let’s take a peek at the various types of tea.

there are so many varieties of tea. We will start with

White Tea, comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, specifically the

a short history of tea and then we will see where we will end up.

tea buds and youngest tea leaves of this plant.

Tea likely originated in Yunnan, China during the Shang Dynasty (1500 BC–1046 BC) as a medicinal drink. In one popular Chinese

Green Tea tea is the most popular type of tea, mainly because it is

legend, Shennong, the legendary Emperor of China and inventor

the beverage of choice in Asia. Some loose green teas are scented

of agriculture and Chinese medicine was drinking a bowl of just

with flowers or mixed with fruits to create scented or flavored teas

boiled water sometime around 2737 BC when a few leaves were

Oolong Tea, also known as wu long tea, is full-bodied with a

blown from a nearby tree into his water, changing the color. The

flavorful fragrance and sweet aroma. It is semi-fermented, which

emperor took a sip of the brew and was pleasantly surprised by

gives it approximately 15% of the caffeine in one cup of coffee.

its flavor and restorative properties. A variant of the legend tells

Black Tea is a fully fermented variety of tea that comes from the

that the emperor tested the medical properties of various herbs

same Camellia sinensis plant that oolong and green teas are made

on himself, some of them poisonous, and found tea to work as an


antidote. From that point there was just a small step until people

Rooibos Tea or red tea, is made from a South African red bush. This

started travelling around the world and spreading the art. In

premium tea is a healthy source of vitamins and minerals; it also

Britain, tea was an upper-class drink and people used tea as a way

contains antioxidants.

to meet with each other and started to lay out tea gardens and hold tea dances. In the past whether you took “afternoon tea” or

How to Properly Drink your Tea

“high tea” was a peek into your social standing. Afternoon Tea was a light elegant meal served between a light lunch and late dinner,

First and foremost never hold your cup with your pinkie finger

usually between 3 o’clock and 5 o’clock, and was mainly confined

extended. This is improper and in most social settings is consid-

to the aristocracy with their leisurely lifestyle. High Tea was a more

ered rude. Place your index finger into the handle of the cup up to

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the knuckle while placing your thumb on

cup and to the right of the handle. Of

the top of the handle to secure the cup.

course, never take a drink of your tea with-

The bottom of the handle should then

out removing the spoon first, and please

rest on your third finger. The fourth and

never, ever sip from the spoon.

fifth fingers should curve back towards

If seated at a table, do not lift the saucer

your wrist.

(this is only proper if standing; then lift the

At one time it was traditional to pour the

saucer with the cup.) When you taking a

milk into the cup before the tea. This was

sip of tea do not look around at the other

done to prevent the glaze on delicate tea

guests, but lower your eyes so you can see

cups from cracking. We do not have that

what you’re doing and not spill your tea

problem today, so add the milk after the

down the front of your blouse or dress.

tea so that you can judge how much to

When your cup is low try to avoid the

use based on the color change.

temptation of swirling the tea in the cup.

When stirring your tea, be careful not to

How embarrassing if some should happen

clink your spoon against the cup. Gently

to slosh onto the tablecloth and we all

swish the spoon back and forth without

know how easily tea can stain.

touching the sides of the cup.


through stirring, remove the spoon and place it on the saucer behind the tea


Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves – slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future. Live the actual moment. Only this moment is life” Thich Nhat Hanh

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BeAUTY TiPS h ey everybody! i know there are plenty of girls in high-

can use a brush cleaner.

school who love wearing makeup and of course we

wanted to please them as well so we decided to search

Bad habit #2: not Removing Makeup Before Going to Bed

some tips for them to pick up! But first…

Sometimes it can be tempting to sleep before removing the day’s

have you ever wondered why women started wearing

makeup, but this is one beauty mistake you should never fall vic-

makeup and other beaty products? Well, there are many reasons

tim to. When you sleep with makeup on, it rubs onto your pillow

for which women choose to wear makeup. one of the top reasons

and the pillow presses it deeper into your skin, which can cause a

is to enhance their natural beauty! let me give you an example.. if


a woman has pretty eyes, she will use eyeliner to make them stand out more, and she may also apply mascara to her eyelashes to

Bad habit #3: not Properly Removing eye Makeup

make them appear longer and fuller. Moreover, women also wear

So what if there are remains of kohl(fard ochi) around your lids,

makeup because it gives them confidence. The first thing a person

at least most of your makeup has been removed, right? Wrong.

usually notices, especially men, is a woman’s face. Usually, when

eye makeup can be one of the main culprits of styes ( urcior =

having makeup on, a woman often feels ready for the world and

inflamație acută a glandelor sebacee de la rădăcina genelor, cu

confident in going through the day. This doesn’t mean that she

acumulare de puroi), which can take months to get rid of.

couldn’t be confident without the makeup, but it simply serves as a booster to her natural self-confidence. on the other hand, what

Bad habit #4: over-exfoliating

it’s important to remember is not to be one of the many girls who

There’s no question that using exfoliants, such as scrubs that con-

wear excessive makeup because nobody likes seeing a clown out-

tain sugar or ground nut shells to slough off dead surface layers,

side the circus! Yes, makeup is good, but we have to know when to

can indeed reveal softer, healthier-looking skin. But too much

stop. it is also always recommanded to wash your face after coming

scrubbing can leave your face red and even create little whiteheads

home because using a lot over time can cause toxins to build up in

deep under the skin that won’t go away.

your body and the skin to age. Finally, hope you’ll find the article useful.Most women have beauty

Bad Habit #5: Forgetting Sunscreen

regimes, with varying degrees of complexity, that they follow. over

Make no mistake: there’s no other beauty habit quite as essential to

time though, some steps in these regimes may be removed or

good health than the wearing of sunscreen. Without application of

replaced, while other steps may go away completely. in the ongo-

a sunscreen with a good SPF, skin may be vulnerable to sunspots,

ing evolution of our day-to-day routines, there are certain bad

wrinkles, and even more serious, skin cancer.

habits we should avoid developing.

Bad habit #6: lining the Rims of eyes Bad habit #1: Using Dirty Brushes

The pages of fashion magazines are filled with models rocking this

not only does always having a clean brush help to distribute prod-

beauty trend, but if you’re thinking of trying it, you should be sure

uct more evenly and ensure a more flawless finish, it also helps to

to keep the tip of the pencil rounded, soft, and very clean. having a

keep skin healthy and free of bacteria. if you start to notice that

tip that’s sharp or full of pencil fragments can tear the delicate rim

you’re breaking out (especially in the cheek area), it may be time

of the eyes or expose you to harmful bacteria, causing a potential

to clean your brushes.

eye infection.

Solution: Makeup brushes should be washed thoroughly from time to time with mild soap and water, but in between shampoos, you 18 • Designfreebies Magazine •

Homemade Beauty Products Why? Because mostly are cheaper, healthier and easier to make(and also funny!) Now you can make your own beauty products to keep harmful chemicals off of your skin. They are as fragrant as the ones for which you pay a large amount of money, and even better, you can avoid artificial chemicals! Although those beauty products list their ingredients, they may contain formaldehyde, parabens and other chemicals that have been shown to harm animals in lab tests. Honey-Cocoa Butter Lip Balm For 100 applications 2 tbls. olive oil 1/2 tsp.(teaspoon) honey 3/4 tsp. beeswax — grated 1/2 tsp. pure cocoa butter Flavored oil of your choice (like peppermint or vanilla) 1 vitamin E capsule > In a small saucepan, heat oil, honey, wax and butter over a low heat until just melted. > Remove from heat and allow to cool for 2-3 minutes. > Stir in flavoring and contents of vitamin E capsule. > Pour into containers of your choice. The Ultimate Sea Salt Body Scrub Makes multiple applications 1 cup course sea salt 1/2 cup baby oil > Stir the ingredients together in a bowl and put into a screw top jar. > Leave for 24 hours. > Stir the mixture and apply to any areas of the body you wish to exfoliate. > Massage into the skin for a few minutes then shower off. > Pat your skin dry. Revitalizing Face Mask with Egg White, Cucumber and Avocado Makes 1 application 1/2 cup chopped cucumber 1/2 cup chopped avocado 1 egg white 2 tsp. powdered milk > Combine all of the ingredients in a blender until they form a smooth paste. > Apply the mask to your face and neck using circular upward movements. > Leave the mask on for 30 minutes, or until dry. > Rinse your face and neck with warm water and finish with a cold water rinse. > This mask will keep up to 30 minutes in the refrigerator if you need to prepare it slightly in advance. Corina

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Qutoes “Intense love does not measure it just gives.” Mother Teresa

I recently had a rough time being myself so I started reading some quotes that were supposed to make me feel better. When I was trying to find an interesting idea for my next article I popped up in my mind that I should share all this quotes that made me feel better with all of you so that you read them when you need it the most. “Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It’s not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it’s when you’ve had everything to do, and you’ve done it.” Lord Acton “Nothing is miserable unless you thing it so; and on the other hand, nothing brings happiness unless you are content with it.” Jonathan Haidt “Most of our obstacles would melt away if, instead of cowering before them, we

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Subtlety may deceive you; integrity never will.” Oliver Cromwell

should make up our minds to walk boldly through them.” Orison Swelt Marden “Live up to your potential instead of imitating someone else’s.” Martha Burgess “if you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else.” Marvin Gaye “That is the hardest thing of all. It is much harder to judge yourself than to judge others. If you succeed in judging yourself, it’s because you’re truly a wise man.” Antoine de Saint-Exupry “wise man have more to learn of fools than fools of wise men.” Michel de Montaigne “You cannot fix a broken heart by pretending it’s not broken.” Penn and Teller

“Creativity comes from trust. Trust you instinct. And never hope more than you work.” Rita Mae Brown, “Blessed is the man who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” Alexander Pope “Unpredictable moments can change your life if you are ready for them” Unknown “Unless you are prepared to give up something valuable you will never be able to truly change at all, because you’ll be forever in the control of things you can’t give up.” Andy Law “You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of.

You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.” Albert Camus “But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads? “Albert Camus “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” Albert Einstein “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Albert Einstein Irina.

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is trying to leave before the Leo is finished saying

Aries rarely say one thing and do another. They usu-

what he or she needs to say. All Leos want parades

ally do the wrong thing and don’t discuss it. Aries

on their birthdays. Leos never marry because no one

folks love Pisceans because Pisces people make them

is good enough for them.

feel well-grounded. Full of energy and initiative, they are so busy and in such a hurry that they don’t have time to think. Even so, in their “endless wisdom”, they


always know what’s best for others.

You are a pain in the ass. You regulate your breathing


and color-coordinate the clothes in your closet. No

Taureans love happy movies where everyone is jolly

Virgo in history has ever belched. Virgos clean every

and having fun, but they fight with waiters and get

square inch of everything they own twice daily with a

upset with billboards. They like to psychoanalyze

toothbrush. Everything has its place, and yours is on

their friends but have no real experience with life in

the floor scrubbing with a magnifying glass, check-

general. Taureans mumble while describing philo-

ing for germs. Obsessive-compulsive disorder? A nice

sophical concepts. They also love conflict. If nothing

euphemism for the word “Virgo”.

is wrong, then that in itself is something wrong.



You are oh-so-elegant and tasteful to the point of

Everyone loves a Gemini because everyone loves a

incurring nausea from loved ones. You are also bipo-

schizophrenic. Geminis drive funny cars. They often

lar as hell and can’t make a decision on your own. You

drive them into trees or buildings. Geminis are pushy

usually consult your therapist or TV Guide. Libras are

and overbearing. They pick fights with small children

trendy and malleable folks. They are funny because

and moon people at weddings. They like to use

they will glom onto something they hated before if it

Libras as punching bags.

suddenly becomes fashionable.

Cancer You like to know what’s going on in the lives of everyone in the galaxy. However, you tend not know know what’s going on in your own. If you are lucky, your friends will tell you. Despite your need to be everyone’s savior, you need no social interaction. Leo You will grab attention in any way you possibly can. Leos will interrupt conversation to talk, and they will place themselves bodily in the way of someone who

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The Aquarius loves a party. Anytime, anywhere is their

You got into computers early so you could use made-

motto. It is not unlikely that an Aquarius will consider

up terminology and get away with it. Most hackers

a wake a good place to meet chicks. Aquarians tend

are Scorpios, as are most people who think they’re

to be nostalgic about the 1960s because that was the

going to find fame on a chat board. You embarrass

last time they could be naked in public and get away

Libras because you like your coffee straight out of the

with it. Aquarians love to be naked. Aquarians can

bag, eaten with a spoon. Your number-one grudge is

allow themselves every possible vice on the planet,

about never having been abducted by aliens, or being

and don’t think twice about it. That is why they piss

the victim of a government conspiracy. Most of those

everyone else off. They are cosmically entitled to do

fake virus warnings or cash offers from Bill Gates are

this. Most rock stars are Aquarians.

your attempt to stir something up. Ironically, Bill Gates is a Scorpio.



Everywhere you go, laughter and comedy ensue. This

Sagittarians are born adventurers. They like smash-

would be great if you were trying to be funny. Pisceans

ing spiders with their bare hands and trying to walk

claim to love the stars, but the only constellation they

to the bathroom in the middle of the night with the

can find is the Big Dipper. If they cannot find it, they

lights out. They would sooner sustain crippling injury

cry. You remember what you were wearing on March

than do anything the easy way. Sagittarians love to

3rd, 1981 but forget your own address. You have no

entertain their friends, family, and total strangers.

sense of direction. Pisceans claim to want “honest

Sagittarians are loud and have no social graces. They

criticism” of their work. Then they commit hara-kiri on

seek to offend. Sagittarians usually have nicknames

the floor when you say you don’t like it. Never try to

like Thunderpooper or Vomitus Maximus. Animals and

use logic with a Pisces; he or she is living about three

small children love Sagittarians. This is unfortunate

feet off of the natural ground or in Narnia

since adults usually hate them. Capricorn

Capricorns are hardworking, reliable, and dull as hell.


They are always on the move, headed to their next delusion of grandeur. They are often good at math which explains why they are such pains in the ass. Capricorns are like a strange cross between a Leo and a Virgo. They think that this makes them both charismatic and logical. Aquarius Designfreebies Magazine • • 23

Canon EOS 5D Mark 2 review Canon EOS 5D Mark 2 is a model that, from the beginning, had a hard life. When your predecessor is no more and no less than a legend, the question is: how to deal with inherent comparisons? 5D was the first compact and lightweight full frame camera, addressed to a wide audience through quality and especially the price. It was the first time that a device with such endowments became accessible to a large segment of users. 5D’s appearance was followed shortly by the replies of the competition: Nikon D700 and Sony Alpha 900. So 5D mark 2 had to face a double challenge: to honor the 5D’s successor status, but also to cope with a market already populated by strong competitors. Therefore, the new camera should provide similar performance to those of the competition and not cost as much as a Ferrari as the last model. He managed? Yes, and not only that: it has become a legend himself even surpassing in terms of popularity everything that moves, making his entrance into the hall of fame.

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It’s not an ideal camera for sports or action photography, it’s not even a record holder of sensitivity or resolution, surpassed by its competitors in these chapters, but both of them are close to perfection and combined masterfully. And let’s not forget the endowment that actually has created the notoriety: to shoot full HD 1080p. However, Nikon D90 already got this extraordinary achievement, but 5D mark 2 is the first full-frame with this capability and the first to implement it to the quality parameters that were established as standard industry. But even from this point of view, it has not hit the road as a perfect product. Numerous imperfections related to sound and image as the poor frame rate, rolling shutter, artifacts, lack of dedicated shooting functions have been fully or partially remedied by successive updates. Canon has not only implanted a new sensor in 5D and launched it, there are dozens of small or big improvements that made a difference: rebuilt menu, live-view display with higher resolution, conectability, DIGIC4 image processor, ergonomic controls on the body are just some of them. But the heart of this model remains the formidable and huge sensor of 36 with 24 mm, 21 megapixels, responsible for the quality of photos and videos taken with him. The shallow depth of field, the plastic of the image considered trade-mark of professional films,the aspirations of all image creators became possible because of 5D Mark2.

Although it has already years back when it came on the market in an industry in which evolution occurs from week to week, Mark 2 remains a highly and desirable competitive product. It revolutionised the digital image of the film, facilitated wide access to top quality photo and video and stirred passions. Those who have already used one know of what we speak,those who have not tried it must try it. This model has ensured detached iconic place in the pantheon of the most powerful cameras ever produced so 5D Mark 2 receives a note of 9,8 from the KIMC reviewers. Mitch.

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