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AIESEC Bucharest Projects Based on Exchange Summer 2014  

Summer Vitamins is a project in which we want to bring 12 international students that will deliver trainings to middleschool students (aged 12-15 year old) that would help them develop personally and culturally by raising their awareness regarding values, opportunities, tolerance and multiculturalism.

The GROW project is part of the long term 2010-2015 GROW project that aims to be number-one choice national educational program addressing high-school students. The aim of the project is to train the representatives of a generation, that form through formal and non-formal education, a conduct and a behavior which are incorruptible and oriented towards developing local communities and the economy of the country.

Experience Around The World is a project in which we want to bring 12 international students to help children from orphanage become more tolerant, improve their English communication skills. Also, this projects is meant to help them learn how to work in a team and how to communicate better with each other.

The basis of this project is partnering with entities present in the cultural and educational environment of Bucharest, but who do not have a strong marketing and PR focus. We engage these entities by delivering groups of internationals with graphic design, marketing, PR, branding and advertising skills who can work on improving the marketing strategy, create promo campaigns and create a better brand for the partnering entity.

International Kindergarten is a project that aims to create a non-formal educational system for kindergarten children. IK focuses on topics like tolerance, cooperation, diversity, internationalism and opening for new.

More INFO: AIESEC Bucharest: Bucharest city: Parties: All of this with very few money:

Contact Details: Irina Mihalache Vice-President Incoming Global Community Delevopemnt Programe +40741014279

Aiesec bucharest summer projects  
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