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Cad Logic

dia - Dessau International Architecture graduate school Prof. Daniel Dendra Irina Michaela Bogdan - Valentina De Le贸n SS-2009

Slitting 1st Session

Tensed Structures 1st Session

Tensed Structures 2nd Session used functions (tan,tan)

Tensed Structures 3rd Session used functions (tan,tan)

Tensed Structures 4th Session used functions (tan,tan)

Tensed Structures 5st Session

Minimal Surfaces Starting point_formula used functions (tan,tan)

Minimal Surfaces 1st and 2nd Session

Tensed Structures Mathematica used functions (tan,tan)

Riemann Surface A Riemann surface is a surface-like configuration that covers the complex plane with several, and in general infinitely many, "sheets." These sheets can have very complicated structures and interconnections (Knopp 1996, pp. 98-99). Riemann surfaces are one way of representing multiple-valued functions. A Riemann surface is a manifold of (real) dimension two – a surface – together with a conformal structure. Again, manifold means that locally at any point x of X, the space is supposed to be like the real plane. The supplement "Riemann" signifies that X is endowed with an additional str ucture which allows angle measurement on the manifold, namely an equivalence class of so-called Riemannian metrics. Two such metrics are considered equivalent if the angles they measure are the same. Choosing an equivalence class of metrices on X is the additional datum of the conformal structure.

Tensed Structures Snd Session used functions (tan,tan) Riemann Surfaces of Inverses of Sums of Two Trigonometric Functions The graphic shows some sheets of the Riemann surface of for inverses of sums of trigonometric functions Subscript[f, 1] and Subscript[f, 2] . For purely real or imaginary parts (\[Alpha]=0 or \[Alpha]=1), multiple sheets can degenerate into a single sheet. Model Starting form the RIEMANN SURFACE graphics made in Mathematica we chose one of the solutions[tan,tan] and reproduced it in a physical model by using a cilindrical surface and 2 V CUTS

Minimal Surfaces Explorations_furniture I

Minimal Surfaces Explorations_furniture II

Minimal Surfaces Explorations_pavilion

Minimal Surfaces Explorations_module I

Minimal Surfaces Explorations_module II

Minimal Surfaces Explorations_ornament

Minimal Surfaces Diagrams

Tensile Riemann  

We started from a Riemann minimal surface and we modified it. We have made several modules on which we have applied different tensile forces...

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