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“It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage.� George William Curtis




President Seveerin Walstad

IRHA has been a truly life changing experience the last four years. It has been such an honor to see the organization grow into serving so many residents and developing the best student leaders at the University of Florida. One of the best parts has been working with so many executive boards and having the opportunity to develop friendships with such great servant leaders. I will always look back at IRHA as the place where I made the biggest impact at the university and one where I truly feel I have made a difference in people’s lives. There are so many different impacts you can make when you work hard and constantly strive to help others. The University of Florida is always embracing new ideas and is a place where student ideas matter and that is what makes it the flagship university of the state of Florida. Thank you to my support network for always being there for me and allowing me to achieve my dreams. I hope to give back to IRHA and everyone else who has helped me in the future as I know they are what made me into the person I am today.

Vice President Ashley Richey

I can’t believe after four years t is finally time to say goodbye to IRHA! They have flown by. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with all of IRHA’s members and help them develop into such wonderful leaders. While I am sad to be leaving, I know that we are leaving this organization in great hands. I cannot wait to see what furutre IRHA members will accomplish! I wish all of you the bes of luck in all of your endeavors, but try to stick around in IRHA if you can!

Auditor Elliot Grasso

Serving on the executive board of the Inter-Residence Hall Association was unlike any other leadership experience I have ever had. As I served as Business Manager and then moved up to Auditor, I learned a great deal about myself, this organization, and what it means to be a leader. I have seen myself grow exponentially as a person and professional because of the large responsibility this organization has entrusted in me. My favorite part of serving on the IRHA Executive Board has been establishing long-lasting relationships with the members and helping them grow as leaders. I am excited to serve as president next year and continue to build up the leadership of our amazing members. This past year has been a blast and there are nothing but positive things to come!

Business Manager Andrew Babcock

Executive Board

This year has truly been a rollercoaster ride of good times, great memories, and truly invaluable experiences! From starting as TAG Business Manager to eventually becoming the IRHA Business Manager, this year has been one the best of my life. I have grown so much as an individual, as a leader, and as a Gator. Being on the IRHA Executive Board has really shown me what it is like to have a great leadership team around you to help you succeed!


Secretary Tantaneya Williams

Serving on the IRHA Executive Board has been quite the experience! I have learned so much and grown incredibly as a person, and I’d like to thank each and every member of the IRHA Body for contributing to this experience. When I first was elected IRHA Secretary, I was excited for what was in store and can assure everyone that IRHA did not disappoint. IRHA does so much to impact the residents and its members, and I’m happy to have been a part of that. I learned a lot about myself, my leadership style, and working with others. I’ve made friends and I’m satisfied with my time spent in IRHA. Even though I won’t be continuing on next year as an Executive Board member, I am so happy that I’ll still continue on in IRHA!

National Communications Coordinator

Rachel Stern

My year as National Communications Coordinator has been nothing but memorable. I am so happy that I had the oppurtunity to be NCC as I led five different delegations during conferences in the state, region and nation, publicized all IRHA events, worked with an amazing Communications Committee and then some. Working with my fellow executive board has certainly been a great experience and something I will never forget! Thanks everyone for a great and fun year! Can’t wait to see what IRHA has in store for next year!

Adviser Jocynda Hudson

Wow! What a year!

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with IRHA this year. We have accomplished a lot in terms of resident satisfaction, programs, and campus involvement. These things could not have been possible if it were not for volunteers like you that gave of yourself to create a greater community for our residents. I am proud of our accomplishments and for having worked with all of you.

Executive Board

Thanks for a great year!




Broward Area Council Alex Turnage President

Tara Prakash Vice President

Caitlin Smith Treasurer

Bobby Lester Business Manager

Rebecca Cooper Secretary

Chrissy Hershey Publicity Director

Brandon Ebenhoeh Adviser


Broward Are Government

Broward Area Council’s S’more Fun event had a great turn out this year! It took place on September 12th from 7-8 pm. We had lots of fun shopping for supplies and then set up was easy because there was so many people to help. Our publicity for this even was by far the best. Chrissy Hershey, our publicity director, made a sign in the shape of a giant s’more. It was cute and certainly seem to catch the eye of all who walked past it. I was surprised to find that we would be using real fire to toast our s’mores! We set up in the Broward basement and used the grill outside for our heat source. At first people trickled in, but by the end of the night we had a full house. People roasted their s’mores and chatted and then moved inside to play at the game stations we had set up. I would highly recommend this even be repeated because, after all, who doesn’t like a good s’more?

Broward Area Council

S’more Fun


Graham Area Council Brandy Myers President

Connor larkin Vice President

Connor Yann Treasurer

Tiffani Harris Business Manager

Amanda Dempsey Secretary

Rachel Lowe Publicity Director

Tori Charette Adviser


Graham Area Government

Graham area Council's Spooktacular Halloween Bash was one of GAC's had one of the best resident attendance! Not only did the members of the Graham Area Council decorate the room spectacularly, just being at the event, you could feel the vibe of how

much the Graham area residents enjoyed getting together and mingling. It may not have been like their childhood days of walking around the neighborhood and trick-or-treating for candy, but they definitely enjoyed celebrating Halloween in Gainesville by dancing and having a

good time. Many pictures were taken by the big blown up decorations and many memories were made. Everyone was dancing, laughing, and having the time of their lives! Well done GAC!

Graham Area council

Spooktacular Halloween Bash


Mackenzie Pierpont President

Mark Werley Vice President

Malek Elsidawi Treasurer

Sharen Jean-Baptiste Business Manager

Ida Babazadeh Secretary

Sharena Jean-Baptiste Publicity Director

Laura Cook Adviser

Jennings Area Government

Jennings Area Government


Cookie Wars


Jenningas Area Government

Keys Governing Body

Martin Medina President

Stephanie Kreitzer Vice President

Ben Swerdlow Treaserer

Jorge Zamarripa Business Manager

Guillermo Pradieu Secretary

Chris Dodson Publicity Director

Chris Rokicki Adviser


Keys Governing Body

Spring Celebration

Spring celebration consisted of two events during the weekend following the start of spring. The first event was spring carnival where we provided cotton candy, popcorn, snow-cones and candy apples. KGB requested the various machines and games from irha. During the event we also allowed for residents to pie their resident assistants and friends for one dollar, we raised over

30 dollars for the humane society. The resident assistants were very enthusiastic about this event and could not wait to be pied. The second event of the weekend was Kickin’ w/ Keys, our newest event that replaced the traditional shrimpfest. We replaced shrimpfest because the residents did not seem very enthusiastic about it and the attendance showed it. Kickn’ W/ Keys was started to celebrate

the keys complex and it being named after the Florida keys. We submitted a purchase order through IRHA for food to make quesadillas, jerk chicken, fried plantains, fried Oreos and virgin pina coladas. We also utilized the equipment from the previous event and the frozen concoction maker from irha. For both events, we averaged around 35 people.


Keys Governing Body

Lakeside Area Residents’ Council Kyle Kennedy President

Hannah Bernat Vice President

Christina Barbo Treaserer

Zack Guignardi Business Manager

Kay Hartman Secretary

Vanica Guignard Publicity Director

Davie Rowe Adviser


Lakeside Area Residents’ Council

Gardening Day Due to the success of Lakeside's garden last year, LARC decided to construct another one but slightly different. After discussing the idea, LARC Exec decided to make a zen garden available to residents. The main idea was to place a frame, similar to the previous garden, but instead fill it with outdoor sand and a few rocks. A rake would be placed adjacent to the garden so that students could draw designs in the sand. The idea was to provide a quiet and calming place for students to relax, study, and meditate. After funding the project through IRHA, we needed to find a good location. Since the other garden was placed between buildings 4 and 5, we decided to place the zen garden near building 2. After obtaining approval from Housing, Zack (business manager) and Corey (general body member) assembled the garden and attached the rake to the frame. Zack left a neat wavy design in the sand, and Corey placed the rocks in a smiley face pattern. As of April 2013, plans for the zen garden are not yet complete. Future plans include placing yoga mats near the garden, putting a wind chime nearby, obtaining a plexiglass cover to hinge on the frame, and painting the frame black. In addition, we may push for a statue near the garden or perhaps planting some bamboo around the frame. And finally, we'd like to get a nice-looking sign that says "Lakeside Zen Garden".


LAkeside Area Residents’ Council

Murphree Area Council Jessica Galo President

Naveen Saini Vice President

Shamaha Noel Treasurer

Tyler England Business Manager

Maylander Mernard Secretary

Katie Duguid Publicity Director

Kaleb Lewis Advisor


Murphree Area Council

The Murphree Area Council’s most successful event of the year had to be Sausage Fest. It was great! First of all, the name alone got students interested in going. Anything with food in the title will definitely spark the interest of a poor college student. We had multiple types of sausage, a snow cone machine, and a “Pie your RA” station. There was even an inflatable obstacle course. We set up in the Murphree Courtyard, right in the middle of the Murphree area. It was perfect. We had students walking past all day long. Most of them stopped by for a quick snack and a chance to throw some whipped cream in the face of their RA. That was my favorite part of the event. It was a chance for the residents to get to know their RA on a more personal level. There was tons of scheming and planning involved to get someone when they least expected it. It created a lot of laughter and some great photo opportunities. The best thing about Sausage Fest was the way everyone came together and bonded over the event. RA’s were coordinating with MAC, residents were socializing with each other, and everyone was having a good time. We all worked hard to make this event awesome, and it was!

Murphree Area Council

Sausage Fest


Nick Algozzine President

Alison Gehan Vice President

Tuchelle Williams Treaserer

Marlee Hennige Business Manager

Nicole Lopez Secretary

Lindsey Knapp Publicity Director

Amanda Cox Adviser

Rawlings Area Council

Rawlings Area Council


The main event that Rawlings Area Council has had this year was the Racsgiving. Racsgiving is held every year before thanksgiving break and the whole team comes together to cook delicious recipes such as mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, macaroni and cheese and even turkey with gravy. It took a lot of time and effort to bring this event into life and every year lot of planning goes into it. It truly is the best event of the year however, and even people from different living areas come to check it out. Along with the delicious entrees that we had at Racsgiving, we also managed to buy a lot of pies. There was apple pie, pecan pie and any pie you desired. This event was also during the beginning of the year so many people came and made a lot of friends. Everyone was still new to Rawlings Area Council, and from planning this event many of us got closer as we were cooking and taking care of everything together. I think out of all the events that we have had this one sticks out the most, because I have never seen so many people hanging out in the Rawlings lobby than during this event. Overall, our Rawlings Area Council has had many memorable events but this one was the greatest and outshined them all. It was a day filled with delicious food, great deserts, and many memories being made as new friends came together.

Rawlings Area Council



Reid-Yulee-Mallory Area Council Kat Kerr President

Amanda Hoss Vice President

Adam Samei Treaserer

Shahnawz Hardanian Business Manager

Summer Slaughter Secretary

Allison Mayberry Publicity Director

Celia Lynch Adviser


Reid-Yulee-Mallory Are Council

Chinese New Year was an exciting event co-programmed with the Broward Area Council and Towers Area Government, whose assistance was greatly needed and appreciated and helped to make the event the success that it was. The purpose of the event was to have a culturally original program to bring residents out from multiple halls to socialize and learn what the Year of the Snake has to offer. Decorations included lovely IRHA Christmas lights, paper lanterns, plastic snakes to represent the year to come, and lots of red and gold table cloths and decorations including plastic spirals, paper lanterns, and the like. Purchase ordering Panda Express definitely contributed to the success of the event as well, it attracted the masses in the first place. Approximately 130 people were in attendance and remained to participate in the many activities we had laid out to prepare their year for good luck to come, as well as to view a parade displayed by the three councils that included a ten foot dragon- as is Chinese tradition, drums, twirlers, paper lanterns, and small paper dragons. Some of the activities included mask painting- to trap in good luck and scare away bad, red envelope exchanges to pass financial luck to friends, and fans to fan away bad luck. Other activities included Chinese themed games with candy and chopsticks that brought laughter and stories to share for days to come. Of course residents had to contribute with a random 80s dance session near the end. What can we say, we're Rambunctious RYMAC, we don't exactly follow the status quo.

Chinese New Year


Reid-Yulee-Mallory Area Council

Springs Area Residential Council Roxanne Eugene President

Monkesha Hubbard Vice President

April Smith Advisor

Sherna Joseph Treaserer


Springs Area Residential Coun-


This 2012-2013 school year has been a very adventurous one for SPARC. For an e-board and advisor that was totally new to SPARC, we did a pretty great job. Some highlights for this year would include Spooky Springs which we had 261 students go through our haunted room………We even had football players frightened and running out of the commons. We also enjoyed tie dying pink shirts for breast cancer month and raising awareness about breast cancer to our residence. We can’t also forget about the fun we had at SPARC Retreat where the SPARC Exec. And General Body members shared so much laughter and leadership experiences. All in all, this year was awesome and allowed our SPARC team to gain so much experience. We will forever SPARC IT UP wherever we may go!


Springs Area Residents’ Council

Adrian Baslet President

Stuart Hilton Vice President

Nick Baker Treasurer

Natalie Martinez Business Manager

Leslie Gaynor Secretary

Becky Cooper Adviser

Student Honors Organization

Student Honors Organization


from all committees organized an event for all kinds of honors students. As they entered the Hume commons, students were given a passport with names of various organizations on the back. Throughout the night, residents moved through commons and spoke with organizations such as Honors Without Borders, H-Camp, Honors Ambassadors, and the Honors Prism magazine. Students received a stamp on their passport each time they spoke to an organization. The event produced an incredible turnout, especially considering students could have easily been more preoccupied with the return to the dorm and classes. It was inspiring and fulfilling to see so many honors students, from all niches, come together to invest in their future involvement at this university. Everyone was eager to spend the entire evening talking about their passions, in the hopes that they might inspire someone

else to become a part of their organization. Watching multiple SHO committees, honors organization, and residents come together to create such a successful event was an experience unlike any other. While Passport to UF Honors stood out as a spectacular event, the Student Honors Organization held many more events that brought honors students from all walks of life together to enjoy each other’s company and maybe an ice cream sundae. So many honors students will proudly connect their UF experience to the events held by the Student Honors Organization. SHO is proud of its progress this year and anticipates that an even more spectacular year will follow, largely due to the 20132014 Officer Board and the 2012-2013 Executive board members who helped shape their peers into the powerful leaders they are today.

Passport to UF Honors

The Student Honors Organization has always been a family concerned fully with the personal growth of its members and the expansion of the honors program as a whole. SHO has consistently pursued these goals by connecting honors students to the central hub of the honors program, the Hume Residence Hall. In the 20122013 academic year, this was no exception as SHO brought honors involvement to new heights this fall and spring. Over the past year, SHO has been thoroughly invested in creating an environment full of opportunities for its residents. This goal was clearly demonstrated through the Passport to UF Honors event, held on January 6, 2013 as students returned to classes following winter break. On a Sunday night, while students passed by as they moved back into the dorm, honors organizations and SHO executive board members


Sturent Honors Organization

Tolbert Area Council

Logan Blue President

Jessica Raymond Vice President

Jason weWasserman Treaserer

Andrew Woollcombe-Clark Treaserer

Alissa Nading Secretary

Jessica Grant Publicity Director

Hunter Moore Adviser


Toblert Area Council

Mudfest is a tradition that was started in 1969 by the Tolbert Area Council. Inspired in part by the athleticism and UF landmarks near by, Mudfest

developed in to a spirited competition that forged links beyond halls and incited long-lasting friendships within floors. For years residents have enjoyed the camaraderie and fun of tracking through mud with friends. Every October, Tolbert area becomes a very muddy place indeed. Team captains of each floor are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring residents participate in the daily mud events of the week. Double elimination rounds and judgements of best design and floor spirit made by GHDs of the area lead to the selection of winners in the men’s and women’s categories.

Toblert Area Council



Alexa Mendez President

Yamilette Borja Vice President

Connor Gorsira Treaserer

Keenen Vernon Business Manager

Caitlin Carey Secretary

Chrissy Hankin Publicity Director

Stephanie Babcock Adviser

Towers Are Government

Towers Area Government


Terrifying Towers

Tower’s Area Government really enjoyed throwing unique programs this year as well as making our annual events the very best they have ever been! One of our most popular events was TAG’s Terrifying Towers. This event has been a popular one in the Beaty area for a number of years. This year, however, we decided to re”vamp” the occasion by adding different activities and changing the atmosphere. We offered fabulous prizes as incentives to get our residents to dress up for the costume party. Whether it be a pirate, a cowboy, or even a giant Woopie Cushion, nearly every resident that attended wore some sort of costume. The usually bland TV room was then transformed into a spooky, yet tasteful, dance floor. Dim lighting with neon accents and loud music gave the event a club-like atmosphere. We brought the dance floor to life by placing it smack-dab in the middle of the action! Popular dance songs were played at first to get everyone warmed up; and before we knew it, nearly the entire space was full of dancing residents. This yielded the opportunity to have an impromptu dance-off between the residents for Dougie-ing, Jerking, and Cotton-Eyed-Joe-ing until we couldn’t feel our legs! Hands-on, competitive activities allowed our residents to bond with each other and have a blast while doing it. With mummy-wrapping, bobbing for apples, and endless dancing, we transformed the tone of Terrifying Towers from ordinary to extraordinary.


Towers Area Government



Navigating the High Seas of Leadership

One of the largest Fall Leaderships in recent years, nearly 80 students attended the conference to kick start the year and plan welcome week. About half of the attendees were brand new freshman to the university, so the conference was their first experience at UF. Many went on to serve as area government officers and general body members. Welcome week, with over 50 programs, wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and planning that takes place during Fall Leadership. Some of the greatest parts of the conference this year are when IRHA painted the wall, the teambuilding activities and the diversity program that one of the IRHA officers created. At the end, members felt they had learned a lot about each other and bonded as an organization, overall it was a great Fall Leadership and everyone successfully “Navigated the High Seas of Leadership.”


Fall Leadership

This year, Tunnel of Oppression took place in the Broward Basement on November 14. Students wandered through the tunnels of Broward, designed to look like a family’s home, viewing the different types of oppression each family member experienced. Topics such as domestic violence, sexuality, body image, and religion were covered. After, students were broken up into small groups to discuss what they witnessed and the impacts of oppression they see in their lives. Overall, the event was a huge success with over 250 students coming out to the event!

Tunnel of Oppression

Tunnel of Oppression


United We Growl IRHA showed its true school spirit as we put on multiple homecoming events and got the entire campus involved. All the events went along with the UF Homecoming theme, United we Growl, and had an American twist to them. We kicked off homecoming week with a spirit competition. Every AG showed off their spirit during their reports, as they sang, danced, and performed for the general body. Tuesday night there was a "Star Spangled Karaoke" event in the Orange and Brew where residents competed and sang. Wednesday afternoon we had a "Red, White, and BBQ" event which featured delectable BBQ food and american games. Thursday night we had a "Tacky Tourist Bingo" event where students got to dress up and win prizes! Over 400 residents came to the events in total, and IRHA even won the UF Homecoming Cup!


IRHA had the largest presence of all student organizations in the Homecoming Parade. We had a total of 13 floats in the parade which represented almost all Area Governments and IRHA. Katie Bonti, the Homecoming director, was in charge of managing all area's homecoming representatives and coordinating all of their floats. The areas only had two days to build the float, and it was a very busy two days! The homecoming floats came out great! Every float had something unique that represented each area, and IRHA's float had a live band!


Winter Ball

Inter Residents’ Hall Association’s annual Winter Ball was held on November 30th, 2012 in the Reitz Union’s Rion Ballroom. The event was partnered with Gator Nights, therefore increasing the variety of residents who attended the evnt. The night was themed: “Welcome to ParadICE” and was inspired by Winter and Luaus. The ballroom was decorated with lights, palm trees, and even christmas ornaments. Winter Ball had a live DJ and great food provided by Gator Dining Services. Awards were distributed as guests ate their delicious dinner. Freshman Katie Bonti won the “First Year Experience Award”, Lakeside Residents’ Council won “Most Creative Area Government”, Graham Area Council won the “Building Block AG Award”. After dinner, everyone danced the night away. Songs such as “Wop”, and “Gangnam Style” got everyone moving. Donations were also collected to benefit the Change the World Foundation. All in all, Winter Ball was a great night. Students and IRHA members a like had a great time dining, dancing, and making memories.


Winter Ball

Writing on the Wall

For the 10th year anniversary of the Writing on the Wall project, IRHA wanted to take the event to the next level. The overall director, Kevin Casamayor, made sure that as many students as possible participated in this event. The Writing on the Wall team accomplished this by tabling, ordering innovative promotional items, and publicizing on social media. The wall was built on January 28 and the closing ceremonies took place on February 2. Over 300 bricks were painted and made up the giant 40' x 9' wall. During the closing ceremonies, multiple student groups, such as No Southern Accent, performed before the wall came crashing down. Afterwards, students were invited to further destroy the bricks that had fallen.


Writing on the Wall

Spring Retreat

Spring Retreat took place this year on January 20. Planned by the IRHA Executive Board, Spring Retreat aimed to bring IRHA members back together after the winter break for some refreshers on working in their positions, as well as working to strengthen the bonds between IRHA members. There were different workshop sessions each member could choose to attend, teambuilding activities, and each counterpart group worked with each other to plan and perform a skit at Spring Retreat.


Spring Retreat

Farmer’s Market

The on-campus farmers market provided students with an opportunity to experience what local agriculture is all about. IRHA brought vendors from various local markets to the North Lawn, as well as many student organizations. Vendors sold jams, honey, produce, flowers, breads and pastries made from homegrown and locally-grown fruits and vegetables. Both students and vendors loved the experience. The farmers got the opportunity to reach new customers and students learned the importance of local agriculture, joined student organizations, and purchased fresh products. Working the the Office of Sustainability and Gator Dining Services made this event a huge success!


Farmer’s Market

Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon at the University of Florida is an annual 26.2-hour event benefiting the patients of Shands Hospital for Children in Gainesville, FL. Each year, more than 800 students stay awake and on their feet to raise money and awareness for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Over the last two years IRHA has been participating in DM, raising an average of $20,000 with about 20 dancers each year. This year we also had 10 students serve on Dance Marathon's Morale, Hospitality, and Operations staffs. IRHA opens the doors of Dance Marathon to many students who would have otherwise never had the opportunity to participate on a team. This year, the University of Florida’s Dance Marathon broke the 1 million mark for the first time since the first UF Dance marathon in 1994. As a school, $1, 169,722.16 were rased for the kids, bring hope and life to many.


This year, IRHA went on quite a few exciting socials. From Roger’s Corn Maze in Fall to Mochi Monday in the Spring we had a great deal of fun. Some other socials we had were Cocoa and Cards which benefited the children at SHANDS Hospital, Taco Tuesday where we packed the house, and Ichetucknee Springs which was extremely fun and relaxing.




Art Gallery

IRHA’s Art Gallery event gives UF students the chance to display their artwork of any kind of medium to other students who have an appreciation for art and creativity. The event is unique because its artists are not required to be in the Fine Arts or part of any other special art program. Any student has the opportunity to get inspired and show others how they choose to channel their passion. Students who attend the event to see the artwork also have the rare opportunity to talk to many of the artists themselves and find out the entire story behind the art pieces. The event takes place in Reid Hall’s Gallery, which is UF’s artistic “living, learning community.” The artwork stays up for a week after the opening night, so other students can browse and appreciate the pieces at their own leisure.


Art Gallery

Community Service

Community service with IRHA has been truly amazing this year. Whether it was building houses at Habitat for Humanity, serving food to the homeless at St. Francis House, or changing the lives of elementary school kids at Project Makeover, it is safe to say that our teamwork and dedication had a positive impact on UF and the Gainesville community as well. The effort put into these events was immense and numerous long-lasting friendships were built along the way. Community service builds character and strong minded individuals. As community service director, I am thankful for everyone who participated and was part of a fun and memorable journey!


Community Service

This year IRHA went on five different conferences. We went to the University of Colorado Boulder for NACURH, University of West Florida for Mini- FARH, Eastern Tennessee State University of SACURH, Florida Atlantic University Jupiter: Boca for FARH and Florida Gulf Coast University for No Frills. Going on these conferences gave our delegations the opportunity to bring back new and innovative ideas back to our organization and also network with schools around the state, region and nation. We even took home two state prizes: Adviser of the Pond went to JoCynda Hudson and Student of the Pond went to Marla Munro. Overall the conferences were a fun and great experience!




Inter Residence Hall Association had the oppurtunity of bringing "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" alum Alfonso Ribiero to the University of Florida. Better known as his role "Carlton," Alfonso spoke to around 500 people about his experiences growing up acting and memorable moments in his life. He gave advice to students who wanted to pursue a career in acting and did over an hour long question and answer period with the audience. Alfonso was a great guest to have and we are glad that we had the chance to bring him to our campus!

Special Guests

Alfonso Ribeiro


National Residence Hall Honorary Vinnie Pierino President

Aimee Dolan

Ashley Florestal

Vice President of Administration

Vice President of Finance

Janine Monfries Vice President of Recognition

Cliff Haynes Adviser

The James C. Grimm Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) has contributed a lot to the residence halls here at the University of Florida. The President, Vinnie Pierino implemented programs that allowed for the organization to grow as a whole. Aimee Dolan, Vice President of Administration, revamped our constitution as well as put a new spin on the NRHH Mentorship Program. Our Vice President of Recognition, Janine Monfries, worked harder than ever to secure outstanding OTMs while also organizing the organization’s first time involvement in Relay for Life. Ashley Florestal, Vice President of Finance, reorganized our budget after receiving our first increase in many years. Besides the contributions of the individual officers, the entire organization did tremendous things as a whole. One of our greatest recognition activities was when we worked with IRHA to honor our RAs in the annual RA Appreciation Day feast. Additionally, while reorganizing our constitution, we took the initiative to be one of the first organizations to have a plan in place for welcoming new Innovation Academy students. Further, we submitted an application for and won one of the $5000 Pepsi Grants, which was to go to housing advised student organizations that will come up with ideas to help get UF to zero waste by 2015. Our grant proposal was for getting 5 large recycling bins for housing areas that were yet to receive them. All this while writing over 300 OTMs and raising $200 for Relay for Life. In order to allow for more connections between our members we organized more socials then ever. We had a super hero themed meeting afterwards, we went to see The Avengers in the Reitz. Additionally, we utilized the Ropes Course at Lake Waulburg to allow many of our new members to better get to know one each other. In addition to our philanthropic activities for Relay, we also volunteered and sponsored a dunk tank for Graduate and Family Housing at their annual Spring Fling. This year we inducted 55 new members, 33 of those being in Spring, which is the largest class in 5 years. All of these 55 new members received an NRHH shirt for them to proudly show they are apart of the top 1%. Overall, NRHH has made tremendous strides as an organization, and could not be prouder of our accomplishments.


Special Guests

Directors Elizabeth Lunior Art Gallery

Ada Kokoshi Community Service

Alicia Jeffrey Dance Marathon

Laura McCann Environmenatl Concerns

Beth Thompson Farmers’ Market

Hannah Helms Historian

Nicole La Hoz RA Relations

Katie Bonti Homecoming

Venessa Bibeau ResTV Chair

Andrew Miliam Sports & Health

Megan Huynh Tunnel of Oppression

Kevin Casamayor Writing on the Wall


Kyle Rodriguez Winter Ball




Residence Hall Week

Residence Hall Week (RHW) is a week-long event held in the Spring semester to celebrate life in the residence halls. This year, RHW 2013 was themed “Alice in IRHAland” and took place during the week of February 17-23. Throughout the week, six different events were held: Leadership Reception, Kick Off, Silent Palooza, IRHA Pageant, Mardi Gras, and Tie n Tails. We raised approximately $200 for the RHW philanthropy, which was Dance Marathon at UF. Every event had great attendance. Overall, RHW 2013 was a great success!

Alexa Mendez Chief of Staff

Elliot Grasso Financial Director

Tantaneya Williams GDS Financial Director

Tiffani Harris Philanthropy Director

Sue Beebe Advisor

Tuchelle Willams Kick-Off Director

Kat Kerr IRHA Pageant Director

Katie Bonti Silent Palooza Director

Adam Clarke Tie n’ Tails Director

Residence Hall Week Directors

Ashley Richey Overall Director


Leadership Reception

Leadership Reception is a mixer with various professional staff employees from the University of Florida. This year’s Leadership Reception included a meet and greet, delicous dinner, and Dance Marathon Presentation in the Arredondo Room in the Reitz.


Leadership Reception

Kick Off

Monday afternoon was the first event open to residents – Kick Off. The event took place on the Yulee Pit Breezeway and featured an array of different food items and activities. From tye dying to funnel cakes, the event offered a lot to the residents. Approximately 50 boxes of pizza were given out, in addition to tons of cotton candy and popcorn! There was also a caricature artist there.


RHW Kick Off

The next event was the IRHA Pageant! 16 contestants competed and every residence hall area had at least one representative. The event took place in the University Auditorium, a great location for the contestants to showcase their talents. The auditorium was nicely decorated with foliage and Alice in Wonderland themed cut outs. The winner of the Pageant were Alicia Jeffery, IRHA’s Dance Marathon Director, and Henry Pires a Residents’ Assistant enter into the raffle of their choice. Prizes included Red Box movie packs, a free massage at Southwest, a football autographed by Urban Meyer (provided by the UAA), and even a television! Competition for certain prizes – like the television and the Urban Meer autographed football – got fierce and spurred a lot of donation toward the Dance Marathon Philanthropy!

IRHA Pageant

IRHA Pageant


On Tuesday evening, Residence Hall Week took the Reitz union by storm bringing an exciting Silent Palooza to the Grand Ballroom. With an array of fun flashing lights and plenty of music to choose from on your personal headset, the Silent Disco was a great deal of fun. As one person was getting down to Rihanna, another was jamming to Mumford and Sons. The best part? When you remove your headphones, it looks like everyone around you is dancing to silence!

Silent Palooza

Silent Palooza 103

Mardi Gras

The second to last event took place on Thursday evening in the Broward Basement. Over 150 residents came out to our Mardi Gras event filled with entertainment. There were henna tattoos, a jazz band, and even a Glow in the Dark performance by Objects in Motion. The event was catered by Reggae Shack, and the food was enjoyed by all.


Mardi Gras

Tie N Tails is a casino themed banquet held at the end of Residence Hall Week where anyone can dress to the nines and be a high-roller for the night. The residents walked into the Graham Gallery and instantly got $20,000 in "funny money" to spend on any one of our casino games. We had professional dealers manning tables for craps, roulette, black jack, slots, and Texas hold 'em. They could then cash in their chips for raffle tickets to put toward any one of a number of awesome prizes, including a football signed by Urban Meyer, Study Edge packets, a free massage, UAA prize packs, and even a TV! Need to take a break from winning? There was also an array of food catered by Napolotano's Italian Restaurant, as well as cookies, sweets, and a chocolate fountain. You could check out the awesome DJ'ed dance floor playing all the latest hits, including some Vegas casino favorites. Zipcar was there giving out free prizes and spreading the word about how to start car sharing. The best part of all was that the winning didn't stop with us. Residents were able to donate money to the Children's Miracle Network via Dance Marathon and got extra funny money in return. Whether it was because people were philanthropic or just had a bad luck streak and needed more chips, we managed to raise a substantial amount for the kids at Shands. From cardshark to hapless, royal flush to 11 and 7, everyone walked out feeling rich and the feeling like they were truly in Vegas, if only for the night.

Tie n’ ZTails

Tie n’ Tails




Superlatives Dynamic Duo

Andrew Babcock and Nick Algonzzine

Funniest Member Beth Thompson

Most Likely to Become a Celebrity

Most Likely to

Biggest Flirt

Most Likely to

Rachel Stern

Kat Kerr

Rule the World Severin Walstad

Fall Asleep during IRHA Guillermo Pradieu

Best Looking Male Elliot Grasso

Best Looking Female Chrissy Hankin

Most Likely to Survive on a Deserted Island Logan Blue

Most Likely to Get Lost at Sea

Most Spirited

Most Supportive

Most Likely to

Most Likely to

Most Talkative

Rachel Lowe

JoCynda Hudson

Ashley Richey

Be on Facebook During IRHA Star in their Own Reality Show Alicia Jeffery

Severin Walstad

Shamaha Noel

Most Likely to Win Fun Bucket Zack Guignardi


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Gold Activity Cards Ashley Richey Sean Johnson JoCynda Hudson Jill Rodriguez

Silver Activity Cards Lindsey Wuest Vinnie Pierino Nancy Peebles Jen Gresley Nicole La Hoz

Bronze Pins Elliot Grasso Tantaneya Williams Rachel Stern Janine Monfries Alicia Jeffrey

Presidential Commendations Sharon Blansett Terry McDonald Sue Beebe Paige Phelps

Innovation Award Awards Superlatives

Rachel Stern Paige Phelps and Lizzie Lunior Connor Yann


Shake Your Kathy Smith Foot Award Behind the Scenes Award

Beth Thompson

Marc Tracz

Spirit of IRHA

Brandy Myers

Bodner-Faircloth Scholarship

Rachel Stern

Nicole La Hoz

Awards and Scholarships

Kelly Martz Scholarship


Dreamers and Doers Brandy Myers

Mark Tracz

Jessica Galo

Maylander Menard

Rachel Lowe

Tuchelle Williams

Zack Guinardi

Kat Kerr

Shamaha Noel

Caitlin Carey

Katherine Duguid

Beth Thompson

Katie Bonti

Martin Medina

Andrew Babcock


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Brandy Myers

Hannah Bernat


Business Manager

Jason Wasserman

Zack Guignardi

Of The Year Of The Year

Of The Year Of The Year


Publicity Director

Kathryn Hartman

Katherine Duguid

Of The Year Of The Year


David Rowe

Murphree Area Council

Positional Awards

Of The Year Area Government Of The Year



Most Innovative Director

Lizzie Lunior

Laura McCann

Most Supportive Director

Most Enthusiastic Director

Nicole La Hoz

Alicia Jeffrey

Of The Year Of The Year

Of The Year Of The Year

Of The Year

Most Improved Area Government

Of The Year

Venessa Bibeau

Keys Governing Body

Eco-Rep Of The Year

Homecoming Rep Of The Year

Mark Tracz

Emily Thompson

Dance Marathon Rep Of The Year

Historian Of The Year

Erica Hoegler

Alexsandra Bello Awards

Most Dedicated Director



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Of The Year Of The Year

Culture Clash


Sending Holiday Spirit Overseas


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Culture Clash

Chinese New Year

Of The Year Of The Year

OTM Cup GAGOCUC Murphree Area Council

Graham Area Council

Graham Area Council


Scrapbook Competition


Bon Voyage! IRHA’s Graduating Seniors

Laura Cook Brandon Ebenhoeh Alicia Jeffery Nicole La Hoz Kaleb Lewis Janine Monfries Hunter Moore Vinnie Pierino Chris Rokicki Severin Walsrad Lindsay Wuest


Seniro Spotlight

IRHA Yearbook 2012-2013  

All members, events, and highlights from the 2012-2013 year

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