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Dust Collection

Dust Collection

Engineering - Built to Last

Engineering - Built to Last

CORPORATE OFFICE Kavya Apartments Madhuranagar Hyderabad – 500 038 Te l : +91 40 2373 2628 / 2374 7643 Fax : +91 40 2375 0435 / 6662 3588 E-mail: MANUFACTURING UNITS UNIT - I



H-11, IDA, Uppal, Hyderabad – 500 039, INDIA. Tel : +91 40 27201956 / 27201959 Fax: +91 40 2720 8279 E-mail:

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A-2, Krishna Kuteeram, New No.11 (Old No.6), Corporation School Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034. Mobile: 0 93821 82405 E-mail:

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Bulk made Simple

Conveying Crushing Screening Dust Collection

Engineering - Built to Last

Bulk made Simple Bevcon Wayors offers complete Bulk Material Processing Solutions

Bevcon Wayors is the industry leader in providing high-quality, technologically advanced and fairly priced Bulk Material Handling Systems – Crushing, Screening, Conveying, Dust Extraction, Pneumatics and Special Conveying equipment.

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Bevcon Wayors combines over two decades of material handling & processing experience, strong domain knowledge and a willingness to always exceed customers’ expectations.

Bevcon Wayors provides turnkey solutions which include custom design, manufacturing, installation and servicing of bulk material handling equipment. Backed by strong in-house research and development, Bevcon’s solutions are suited for current and future customer needs.

Infrastructure In bulk material handling and processing, Bevcon Wayors’ capabilities include a strategic mix of in-house strengths and the expertise of its collaborators. Bevcon Wayors has a pan India presence with offices in majority of the metros of the country – Hyderabad, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Jamshedpur, Raipur and Bhubaneshwar. Bevcon Wayors has 3 primary fabrication units – Cherlapally Fabrication Unit, Uppal Fabrication Unit and Cherlapally Open Arena. The Cherlapally fabrication unit is used to fabricate crushers, screens and feeders. The fabrication unit at uppal industrial area is


Technology & Collaborations At Bevcon, collaboration is fundamental to our strategic priorities of growing a diversified global business and delivering more products of value to our customers. Bevcon uses its experience and capabilities to deliver a diverse product portfolio of bulk material handling and processing solutions, maximizing value for its customers. Our mission is to create technology driven smart engineering solutions that are built to last. Hence, to improve competitive capabilities of manufacturing, Bevcon has partnered with world class technology partners to provide better and qualitative business solutions to its customers. Bevcon Wayors has strategically collaborated with many topnotch global engineering houses: Burnwell Technologies (Australia), Air-Tec System (Italy), Aerobelt Australia Pty. Ltd. (Australia), Friedrich Schwingtechnik (Germany), Noma Siebtechnik (Germany), Minspec (Australia), Fleximat (Austria), Dos Santos International (USA) and SBS Belting (England).

used primarily to fabricate pneumatic conveying systems, dust extraction systems and aerobelt conveying systems. The opena arena at Cherlapally is used for t u r n k e y p ro j e c t d e s i g n i n g a n d manufacturing. Apart from in-house design and manufacturing facilities, Bevcon Wayors has strategically collaborated with many topnotch global engineering houses: Burnwell Technologies (Australia), Air-Tec System (Italy), Aerobelt Australia Pty. Ltd. (Australia), Friedrich Schwingtechnik (Germany), Noma Siebtechnik (Germany), Minspec (Australia), Fleximat (Austria), Dos Santos International (USA) and SBS Belting (England) to name a few.

Listed below are some of our notable Integrated Turnkey Projects: l

Integrated Turnkey Projects Bevcon Wayors provides comprehensive turnkey bulk material processing and handling solutions which include custom design, manufacturing, installation and servicing of bulk material handling equipment.

Bevcon Wayors specializes in providing solutions for Power, Steel and Manufacturing verticals. It brings over 100 man years of combined domain expertise in providing strategic consulting to its customers.

Backed by strong in-house research and development, Bevcon’s integrated solutions are best suited for current customer needs and are scalable for their future requirements.

Listed below are some of our notable Integrated Turnkey Projects:

Ind Bharat Powergen Ltd – Handling coal, Petcoke and Limestone for 3 x 63 MW, 200 TPH Power Plant


Dalmia Cements Ltd – Coal handling fro 1×27 MW, 180 TPH Power Plant


BHEL – Limestone & Petcoke handling for 3 x 33 MW, 320 TPH, 950 TPH (before stacking) & 160 TPH (after stacking).


Aryan Coal Benefications (p) Ltd. – 225 TPH washery rejects coal handling plant


SKS Ispat & Power Ltd – 3 X 30MW,

300TPH Washery Rejects Char Handling Plant l

Tata Steel Kzn Pty Ltd., Johannesburg, South Africa – 125 TPH, Ferro Chorme Handling System


Delmonte, Philippines – 25 TPH Coal Handling Plant


AK Oils & Fats (U) Ltd., Uganda – 2 TPH Biomass Ash Handling Plant


MGM Steel Ltd – Sponge Iron Plant Handling 350 TPD Coal, Iron Ore & Dolomite

Pneumatic Conveying Bevcon Wayors, in collaboration with Air-Tec System (Italy) – a leader in Pneumatic Conveying Systems with over 2000 installations world-wide, brings exciting and comprehensive Pneumatic conveying solutions.

Bag Type Dust Extraction Bevcon Wayors Bag Type Dust Extraction Systems are one of the most efficient and cost effective types of dust collectors available today in the market place. They offer a collection efficiency of more than 99% of very fine particles.

The fabric primarily provides a surface on which dust particulates get collected. Dust particles strike the fibers placed perpendicular to the gas-flow direction instead of changing direction with the gas stream.

A dust extraction system is used to separate dust particles from dusty gases. Bevcon Wayors Bag Type Dust Extraction Systems use physical filtration technique to separate the dust particles. Dust-laden gases enter the bag-house and pass through fabric bags which act as filters.

While the Bag Type Dust Extraction system offers a great efficiency, over a period of time a dust cake forms on the filter, which eventually increases the resistance to gas flow. Hence, the filter must be cleaned periodically.

Cartridge Type Dust Extraction Bevcon Wayors Cartridge Type Dust Extraction Systems are one of the most efficient and cost effective types of dust collectors available today in the market place. Bevcon Wayors, in collaboration with Burwell Technologies, provides comprehensive solutions in all aspects of dust collection, separation and filtration. Bevcon Wayors designs, manufactures, installs and services Cartridge type dust collection systems for a wide range of applications. They offer a collection efficiency of more than 99% of very fine particles.

The Bevcon Wayors Cartridge Type Dust Extraction System design provides for 20 times the filtration capacity compared to a normal dust extraction. Their slide-in & slide-out design makes it to replace and service cartridges without having to step into the system thereby greatly reducing the downtime. Bevcon Wayors uses high quality sealing techniques to ensure no leakages of dust particles.

Bevcon Wayors specializes in dense phase pneumatic conveying solutions for transporting granular and powder products across a

wide range of flows and distances. Bevcon uses a unique valve technology that makes way for easier installation, lower costs of purchase as well as maintenance. The Bevcon Wayors’ dense-phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems, which suit space constrained layouts, are more reliable and need minimal service.

The Pneumatic Conveying Solutions from Bevcon Wayors serve a wide range of industries – Food – Sugar, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Sponge Iron, Power plants, Mineral and Mining, Cement, Foundry, Glass and Ceramic, Plastic, Rubber and Milling to name a few.

Cleated Belt Conveyor The Cleated Belt Conveyor Range offered by Bevcon Wayors enables conveying of bulk materials over very steep angles up to 90 degrees. Our design provides for tight product transfers and the ability to fit into space-constrained areas. High tensile strength cleated belts offer superior strength-to-weight ratio and are available in various styles and heights up to 40 meters. Cleats are welded to suit the customer desired spacing and never glued to the top surface of the belt. All components of our conveyors are produced on state-of-theart manufacturing equipment. Advantages of Bevcon Wayors’ Cleated Belt Conveyors: Prevents Product Degradation: From the feed hopper to the discharge point, the belt is capable of turning through any angle up to a vertical line and back to the horizontal. This eliminates the need for multi drives and prevents product degradation.

Aerobelt Conveyor Bevcon Wayors’ Aerobelt Conveyor overcomes many of the problems associated with standard roller-supported conveyors. The Aerobelt is an Air Cushion Belt Conveyor. In this system the belt is carried on a film of low pressure air within a trough. Though new in India, Aerobelt Conveying is a proven technology for more than 25 years across the globe. Aerobelt is used to convey a wide variety of materials – coal, limestone, cement, fly ash, dust, sand, cereals, gravel, coffee, fertilizer, flour mortar, tobacco woodchips, chemicals etc. in lumps, granules, dust and powder form. Moreover, Aerobelt Conveyors can convey materials at angles up to 25 degrees while the traditional conveying technologies can convey only up to a 16 degrees.

Our Aerobelt Conveyors are available in different sizes with widths up to 2200 mm and conveying capacities up to 3000 tons/hr. Advantages of Aerobelt Conveyor l l l



Higher conveying angles of up to 25 degrees Flexible for design & low in maintenance Low noise emission and Low Power consumption (due to lower friction) Availability of more belt types – fire resistant, anti static, foodgrade & stainless steel etc. Enhanced product integrity and operator safety due to fully covered design.

No Spillage with steep angle Conveying: Once material is loaded onto the belt it is effectively contained between the Sidewalls and is prevented by the cross cleats from falling back. Minimum Maintenance, Long Belt Life: The belt itself requires no maintenance and the reduced number of moving parts plus simple conveyor construction virtually eliminates costly downtime. The actual components used in the belt have been developed from high strength abrasion and wear resistant material to extend operational life. Low Power Requirement, Quiet & Smooth Running: A clear advantage of Conveyor Belt system is the low power required to move the loaded belt. As the belt runs on rotating idlers, the low resistance results in a quiet system, an advantage when operating in close proximity to personnel.

Skid Mounted Coal Handling Skid Mounted Coal Handling Systems from Bevcon Wayors are compact and aesthetically built. They are best suited for space constrained layouts. Their modular design and construction helps customizing its shape as per the site constraints. The design allows for the coal handling plant to be located at distance from the boiler and the modular construction allows re-orient it as per site requirements.

Shell Dome Stacker & Reclaimer Bevcon Wayors Shell Dome Stacker & Reclaimer is a circular system that comprises of a luffing/slewing stacker and a bridge-type reclaimer rotating around a central column, covering the entire area of the circular stockpile. The material will be fed to the center of the stockpile by means of an overhead belt conveyor. The slewing stacker boom performs a continuous, combined slewing and luffing motion over a preset arc of the circle during stacking to form an endless bed. A bridge scraper reclaimer with a slope clearing rake is supported at the inner end on a slewing ring and at the outer end on rail mounted drive bogies. The reclaimer is therefore always confronted by a full cross-section consisting of numerous layers of material, resulting in a long-term homogenizing effect.

Highlights of Shell Dome Stacker and Reclaimer: l

20% to 30% lower investment cost for equal live storage volume.


High live storage volume compared to a two piled longitudinal system.


Complete flexibility in layout design of the direction of inflow and outflow conveyors.


Fully automated set-up with low power consumption

Some of their key advantages: Completely inbuilt, integrated, interlocked and PLC operated Electrical Panel – minimizing the need for electrical cabling from client side Compact and efficient Dust Extraction system with provision for recirculation of collected dust into system due to compact skid concept

Linear Stacker & Reclaimer Bevcon Wayors designs rugged, operatorfriendly stackers and reclaimers for large scale stockyard operations. They achieve the functional requirements such as throughput, mobility and automation and operational requirements like luffing or slewing operations etc. Linear Stacker is excellent for automated storage pile building of most bulk materials. Large storage volumes can be achieved through the linear travel. Also by adding the slew feature to the linear stacker, one linear stacker can build multiple linear piles. Dust and particulate emissions are also

Sandwich Snake Belt Conveyor Sandwich Snake Belt Conveyors of Bevcon Wayors offer the potential to convey bulk materials at angles up to 90 degrees to the horizontal. Our Sandwich Snake Belt Conveyors offer a considerable throughput even in complex environment and space conditions. Sandwich Snake Belt Conveyors are so named due to the manner in which the material is ‘sandwiched’ between two rubber belts before it is inclined at angles up to 90 degrees. Material is ‘hugged’ by the belts throughout the inclined section

to ensure that it does not slide back down the incline, even if the conveyor trips. A fundamental requirement of any proposed application of sandwich belt conveyors is that the material to be transported must have a reasonable internal friction angle. Liquids and aerated fly ash cannot be transported on a sandwich conveyor whereas particulate materials such as grain, ore and fine sand which have high surcharge angles can be conveyed successfully.

minimized through the addition of the stacker luffing option. Linear Reclaimers are best suited for large storage volumes, primarily for wood based products such as wood chips and wood waste. The can be installed completely above grade minimizing civil cost. Reclaiming takes place from the face of a pile at a natural angle of material slide. The bridge runs on rails on both the sides of the stock pile and is mounted on a raking harrow system that has sweeping movements and therefore, causes the material to slide to the pile base.

Drag / Flow Conveyors Each application us Unique with its own special capacity requirements, Location specific material to be handled, environmental needs, Service requirements and much more. At Bevcon each Floberg conveying system design undergoes a detailed computer analysis to assure that the system performs to the highest level of expectations. The Bevcon team has the experience team has the experience and knowledge of 30 years in this field and the products to make each conveying system complete. These can also supplement any conveying needs with a complete line of material handling equipments. Features of Bevcon Wayors “Floberg� Flow Chain Conveyors: l

Belt Conveyors Belt conveyors are commonly used to convey items with irregular bottom surfaces, small items that would fall in between rollers, or bags of product that would sag between rollers. Belt conveyors are made of a metal frame with rollers at either end of a flat metal bed. The belt is looped around each of the rollers and when one of the rollers is powered the belting slides across the solid metal frame bed, moving the product.

Belt conveyors are commonly used to convey items with irregular bottom surfaces, small items that would fall in between rollers, or bags of product that would sag between rollers. Belt conveyors are made of a metal frame with rollers at either end of a flat metal bed. The belt is looped around each of the rollers and when one of the rollers is powered the belting slides across the solid metal frame bed, moving the product.

Belt conveyors are the most commonly used powered conveyors because they are the most versatile and the least expensive. Product is conveyed directly on the belt so both regular and irregular shaped objects, large or small, light and heavy, can be transported successfully. These conveyors at, Bevcon Wayors, are made of the highest quality premium belting products, which reduces belt stretch and results in less maintenance for tension adjustments. Belt conveyors can be used to transport product in a straight line or through changes in elevation or direction.

Belt conveyors are the most commonly used powered conveyors because they are the most versatile and the least expensive. Product is conveyed directly on the belt so both regular and irregular shaped objects, large or small, light and heavy, can be transported successfully. These conveyors at, Bevcon Wayors, are made of the highest quality premium belting products, which reduces belt stretch and results in less maintenance for tension adjustments. Belt conveyors can be used to transport product in a straight line or through changes in elevation or direction.

Larger capacities in smaller cross section

l l l l l l l l l

l l

Use less horse power Totally enclosed for dust free operation Compact in size width x height Variety of side and bottom A.R. Steel/Cast Basalt liners Liners are easily and quickly replacement without removing chain Manufactured under total QC control Segmented sprocket design Sturdy design in casing Pressure tight design Robust system design with principle of slow moving chain offering minimum product degradation and separation and minimum wear on both casing and chain Multifeed and multi discharge option available through feed and discharge gates Use of ZSS, Shear Pin, Circlips and other safety features.

Wet Scrapper Conveyor Bevcon Wayors Wet Scraper Conveyor Collects, quenches and dewaters furnace / boiler bed ash offers the following features:

Roller Conveyors Roller conveyors are suitable for light applications up to 20kgs such as cardboard boxes and tote boxes or other items of certain size. The rotating of the rollers pushes the product along the conveyor while the shaft is usually driven by an electrical motor and it electronically controls how specific sections of the conveyor system interact with the products being conveyed. Advantages of this conveyor are

quiet operation, as well as easy installation and maintenance. They can be manufactured for almost all applications, at relatively low expense. Items conveyed have to be of adequate size and shape so that they cannot fall between the moving rollers. If the product being conveyed is of varying size, the belt conveyor system is generally used as an alternative option.

Screw Conveyors Screw conveyors are used horizontally or at a slight incline as an efficient way to move semisolid materials, including food waste, wood chips, aggregates, cereal grains, animal feed, boiler ash, meat and bone meal, municipal solid waste, and many others. In industrial control applications the conveyor may be used as a variable rate feeder to deliver a measured rate or quantity of material into a process. Screw conveyors can have a greater pitch spacing,

resulting in a higher capacity without an increase in rotation speed. Screw conveyors can be operated with the flow of material inclined upward. When space allows, this is a very economical method of elevating and conveying. It is important to understand, however, that as the angle of inclination increases, the allowable capacity of a given unit decreases.


Low power consumption


Low water – consumption


Allows ash settling pond to be closed or eliminated


Maintenance friendly simple operation


Long wearing abrasion resistant components


Mounted on wheels as on option


Sprockets of split design Helical gearbox for high efficiency


High breaking load fork chain


Reliable operation


Custom design and usage of Special Steel/Cast Basalt Liners


Use of safety feature like ZSS/shear Pin to protect equipment from damage

Usage - Bevcon Wayors Wet Scraper Conveyors in “Boat” & “L” design are used for: l

Furnace coal ash disposal


Pulverised coal fired boilers


Stoker fired boilers burning Coal, RDF wood waste and other fuels and biomass fuel ash


Allows ash settling pond to be closed and eliminated


Other application with require reliable equipments to quench and dewater abrasive materials


Biomass ash from traveling grid boiler


White cement clinker discharged by the kiln falls directly into the WSC


Bottom ash in power station or for slag granulating


Environmental engineering below gas conditioning tower for Sponge Iron projects

Bucket Elevator A bucket elevator is a machine that can convey bulk materials vertically. It consists of buckets, a belt, to carry the buckets and transmit the pull, machine to drive the belt and accessories for loading the buckets or picking up the material. it is important accessory for oil mill machinery as it can convey light to heavy materials at ease.

developments in bucket shape, head and boot profiles, manufacturing and operating specifications to meet ever changing customer requirements. The rate at which material can be elevated depends on many factors in addition to the obvious effects of bucket design, capacity and speed.

and different bucket shapes, provide universal possibility of combinations. Apart from conventional bucket elevators there are overlapping buckets type elevator, shelf elevator, cradle elevator etc.

Functions of Bucket Elevators


Advantages of Bucket Elevators l

Rotary Air Valves Rotary Air Valves regulate the flow of material from one chamber to another while maintaining a good airlock condition. Common uses include discharge of powdery materials at dust collectors, storage bins and pneumatic conveying applications. Bevcon Rotary Airlocks can accommodate high pressure and temperature situations and can easily handle sticky or difficult-to-discharge materials. The rotary feeder consists of the following parts: Rotor The rotor is made out of either MS or CI. Basically the rotors are categorized into two types. One is closed end rotor and other is open-end rotor. These rotors consist of shallow pockets varying four to twelve in number. In an exceptional case, wear tips are

also provided to the vanes for wear resistance application. The rotor is welded to the drive shaft. Housing The housing consists of inlet, outlet and an inspection door made out of MS / CI. The internal surface of housing is precession machined to maintain closure tolerance with rotor for airlock applications. In exceptional cases hot chrome plating is made on inside surface of housing. Either ends of the housing are being fitted with outboard bearing housings to accommodate easy maintenance. Drive Arrangement The drive comprises of geared motor mounted on a channel frame. The shaft of the geared motor is coupled to the rotary air lock valve by Sprockets with chain.

Ash Conditioner The Ash conditioner is used in many industries, where pollution control is a factor; the conditioner effectively blends dust recovered from such equipment as electrostatic precipitators, mechanical collectors, ash silos and bag houses, thus allowing transport without the particulate matter escaping into the air. This is especially beneficial in thermal power plants, sponge iron industry, as it returns the recovered dust to the process providing a close circuit.



Paddle shafts, flanged at both ends, simplify maintenance; permit removal of entire assembly


Reversible paddle bases are bolted in pairs to paddle shafts. Abrasion-resistance; bolt-on paddles insure maximum wear life.


Positive, grease-lubrication dual seals are used on stub shafts where they pass through the mixer box at both feed and discharge ends.


The spray pipes are connected to common header and are equipped with spray nozzles.


Anti-friction roller bearings support shafts and the splittype bearing housings have dust seals.

Design features and benefits: l

The Ash conditioner is fabricated from steel plate with a rigid base frame. Removable cover plate provides easy access to internal section.

Top feed opening can be modified to mate with equipment supplied by other manufactures.

Bucket Elevators are one of the most popular systems in use today for elevating bulk materials. Their inherent simplicity makes them a popular choice for handling bulk materials and in processing applications. Bevcon Wayors implements continuous

The main function of elevator is to continue pulsating flow of material through a vertical handling. In case of large materials, lumpy and abrasive materials slow elevators may be used without scooping the material is lifted. The chains or belts as traction element are used

l l l l l l l

Used in Number of Industries Large Conveying Capacity High Hoisting Height Smooth Transportation of Goods Less Maintenance Stable and Reliable Running Long Service Life Low Driving Power Wide Range of Lifting

Hammer Mills Bevcon Wayors’ Hammer Mills made of several rows of rapidly revolving thin hammers are used to pulverize feed to size. Bevcon Wayors Hammer Mills are durable utility grinders capable of grinding most free-flowing materials. Hammer Mills operate on the principle that most materials will grind or crush upon impact with the hammers. Hammer Mills are designed for fine crushing of soft till medium hard, non abrasive and non adhesive materials, such as coal, limestone etc. A large application of Bevcon Wayors’ hammer mills can be

seen in cement factories and in lime works crushing of bituminous coal for treatment of lime stones, for sintering purpose and according to the needs even in other industries. Their advantages is a high degree of crushing, high performance, a possibility of change of granulometric composition of the product within a large range an easy access to the internal compartment and consequently a n e a s y o p e ra t i o n a n d maintenance of the machines. Operating area of hammer mills can be heated by means of hot gases to treat materials with high moisture.

Impactors Bevcon Wayors’ Impactors are non-reversible rotor type machines with fixed impact bars for combination of impact and attrition crushing. The Bevcon Wayors impactors offer crushing with great reduction in size. These Impactors offer a reduction ratio of nearly 50:1. The Bevcon Wayors’ Impactors, adopting a simple rotor, offer a surprisingly high throughput capacity. They also offer a greater flexibility to control the quantity of the feed as well as the quantity of the produce. Bevcon Wayors’ Impactors offer a capacity of up to 300 TPM. And,

they are low in power consumption and maintenance. Impactors from Bevcon Wayors are ideal for crushing medium hard materials with high moisture content like coal, lignite, coke and fluidized boiled bed.

Roll Crushers Bevcon Wayors crushers are used to convert large size feed into feed of a more manageable size. This is typical of any primary crushing applications of Run of Mine (ROM) materials. They are of compact size relative to the capacity they handle, consume less power, and are easy to maintain. They can offer capacities from 10 TPH to 200 TPH. Bevcon Wayors’ crushers are available in two varieties – Single Roll and Double Roll. Single roll crushers are non-reversible rotor type crushers. Single Roll

Crushers are ideal for primary crushing of Coal, Lignite, Lime and other medium hard materials. Double Roll Crushers are made of two counter rotating crusher rolls of which one is movable and the other is stationary. Double Roll Crushers are designed to produce cubical produce with less fitness generation. They are ideal for secondary and tertiary Crushing applications for crushing high moisture content materials like coal, lignite, limestone, iron ore etc, especially medium hard materials.

Ring Granulators Bevcon Wayors Ring Granulators are designed for efficient crushing. They are ideal suited to deliver a produce that is of uniform size material. The slow positive rolling action of the ring hammers in the Ring Granulators produce a granular product with minimum fines. Bevcon Wayors Ring Granulator has an adjustable cage that helps in varying the output. Ring Granulators are designed with adjustable components to compensate for wear and tear and they do have tramp iron

protection. Ring Granulators consume less power in comparison to similar equipment available in the m a r k e t a n d n e e d le s s maintenance. Bevcon Wayors’ Ring Granulators are ideal for crushing coal, coke, gypsum and lignite etc.


Circular Banana Screen Bevcon Wayors’ Circular Banana Combination Screen is a high capacity, multi-slope and high velocity machine that is capable of achieving exceptional throughput per screening area.

The screen can be built to include many inclinations, varying from 0 to 45 degrees to the horizontal. The various slopes may incorporate deck media with different apertures to meet the particular process requirements.

Bevcon Wayors’ Sizers are compact and light weight machines which do a great job in segregating bulk materials. Bevcon, in technology partnership with Noma Siebtechnik – Germany for sugar industry & Rollier – Spain for aggregate & allied sectors, provides Sizers that are progressively inclined with steeped mesh aperture that solves many problems of “conventional screening systems” – sluggish transfer of thick material beds, clogging/pegging of particles, low capacities, large screening area requirements, down times, extra power

Circular Motion Screen Bevcon’s Circular Motion Screens, available in single, double and triple decks, are built tough for long service life by adopting good manufacturing procedures including a welding less concept to minimize associated heat induced stress distortion and metallurgical discontinuities. The robust design of circular motion screen includes special steel outer screen body, huck bolt design tensioning fitment for screen clot, special lubrication system for uniform grease distributions and modular screen

cloth sections. The screen also uses springs made of special alloy steel that offers isolation efficiency of 96% – 99% to reduce vibration on the mounting floors. The connecting chutes of the screen are specially designed to minimize dust generation. Bevcon Wayors Circular Motion Screens are typically used to screen hard rock, sand and gravel, coal, husk, lignite, lime stone and iron ore etc. They are also used for mineral processing, material recycling and heavy duty construction.

Flip Flow Screen Bevcon Wayors, to manufacture its range of flip-flow screens, has collaborated with Statec – Austria for coal handling and with Rollier – Spain for aggregate and other allied sectors. The Bevcon Wayors’ flip-flow screens are ideally suited for heavy and very heavy screening applications. The flip-flow screens are made to be dust and watertight and are adjustable to suit the space and throughput requirements. A wide range of industries use Bevcon Wayors flip-flow screens

– recycling, sand and gravel, iron and steel, concrete, asphalt & hard rock, woodchips and tree bark, scrap metal products, compost and peat, organic materials, quarry materials, and cement industry applications etc. The highly efficient flip-flow screens, patented by Statec, can screen fine, medium and coarse materials on a continuous basis. The mesh sizes vary between 0.5 mm to 50 mm with screening capacities up to 400 metric TPH.

consumption. The driving mechanism is achieved by either unbalanced motors or heavy duty exciters. The drives used are made in collaboration with Friedrich – Germany, who are pioneers in field of vibrating motor technology. These drives are adopted by Noma Siebtechnik – Germany in their original design. The Bevcon Wayors’ Sizers can handle extremely hot temperatures ranging up to 600 degree centigrade. Bevcon Wayors’ Sizer machines are available in widths ranging from 500 to 3000mm.

Linear Motion Screen With its high fluid capacity and low head room requirements, Bevcon linear motion screens are ideally suited for dilute slurries, solids recovery, de-watering etc. The linear motion screens are available in single and dual motor versions. The dual motor version incorporates two Friedrich vibrating motors rotating in opposite directions, causing the screen frame to vibrate in a linear o r st ra i g h t - l i n e m o t i o n perpendicular to the base plane of the motors. The more economical single motor version develops linear motion through

the use of a unique, patented, pivoting motor mount system. Bevcon Wayors’ Linear Motion Screens can be used in a variety of industries – Breweries, Grit Removal, Fish and Seafood, Fruits and Vegetable processing, Industrial Wastewater, Meat Packaging Plants, Muncipal Waster, Paper Fiber Recovery, Petrochemical, River Dredging and Textiles.

Vibrating Grizzly Feeder Bevcon Wayors’ Vibratory Grizzly Feeders are fully floating, linear motion units supported on compression springs. They are driven by highly reliable Direct Force Exciters, through drive motor and cardan shaft coupling. Typical applications include crusher relief operations in Mining and Quarrying applications. They are used to screening out trash and tramp material. For example, they are used for high capacity screening of moist coal in power plants without material blockage. They are also in increasing use in building roads and civil construction projects

Vibrating Feeder Bevcon Wayors Vibratory feeders can be used to “feed” material to a process or machine. The material is almost always a dry material that unlike a liquid may not move down an incline without some assistance from the vibration effect. An example would be a pill bottling system. A large batch of pills is dumped into the top of the vibratory feeder. Gravity will pull the pills toward the bottom of the feeder where they can exit one at a time so that they can be counted and fed into containers with correct number of pills in each bottle.

In an automated cement mixing operation, a bulldozer could feed a vibratory feeder with irregular loads of raw material which is then delivered to the process at a steady rate by the feeder. Bevcon Wayors’ Vibratory Feeders, mostly cone shaped, come in many shapes and sizes. They serve the same purpose – to feed bulk material in an uncontrolled fashion and take material out at a controlled, measurable and steady rate.

for screening of Basalt Rock, various types of stones and gravel. Bevcon Wayors Vibratory Grizzly feeders can offer capacities up to 2500 tons per hour and can typically handle single particle lumps up to 2.5 meter edge length. They can withstand high impact loads. Feeders which can handle single particle lumps of sizes up to 8.5 meters are custom made on request.


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