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First of all we don't believe in making the right choice, it is all about making the choice right, and that may come after the initial decision. There is always time to make that little change to make a choice that may not seem right at the time, to in the long run making the changes to make it right We all have so many choices and that forces us to make a decision and that seems to be the hardest thing to do. How do you find the right choice for you? What do you want from your life, what do you want to accomplish, what is your purpose in life and what is the reason that you get up each and every day? That last question may be the most important because it is the reason WHY you do what you do. What is your why? Maybe it is your kids that are your biggest why, or maybe your spouse or other members of your family. Maybe your why is the passion you feel for what you are doing. In order to find out what the right choice is for you it is necessary to tap into these questions and take a really good look deep inside you to find out what the most important thing to you in your life is. Finding the right choice for you could be as simple as finding the dream home you always wanted to live in. It could be that the right choice for you may be taking a job on the other side of the country or the world. For some people making the right choice means picking the person you will spend the rest of your life with. These things are all well and good but they seem to be a little on the surface of what is at the heart of the matter. If you look a little deeper at all of the situations listed above, you have to realize that there is something deeper in making the right choice. For instance, what makes that home your dream home? Is it the way it looks, what it contains or maybe it reminds you of something from your home as a child. What ever it is I think you can see it is more than just about having your dream home. It more than likely is more about how you feel in the home, this type of choice can be the easiest of all to make.

Why would it be the right choice for you to take a job all the way across the country or the world for that matter? What goes into making a choice like that? It could be a way to escape from a person or situation that you no longer tolerate. Maybe it is a broken relationship. Maybe your decision will stem from looking for a position that resonates with you. This decision could be a real "biggie" in your life. What if you make a decision based on someone else and not the way you actually feel. Do you think that if you make a decision based on other people's feelings that you will make the right choice for you or for THEM? I have the answer to that. The answer may be hard to swallow but the answer is that when you make a choice based on what someone else wants over what you want, it leaves quite a bit of room for error. When we are looking for the right choice for our self, we should consider nobody else (well if you are married you will need to consider your spouse) because that puts other questions and possibilities into the mix. We have had to make some tough choices in our life and it takes some careful consideration of things that you might not typically consider. We never considered that our building business would do anything other than prosper, and that is what it did for 30 years. When it stopped being prosperous we needed to make some choices. The choices we had to make were not easy ones. We made the decision to use the skills we had and transfer them into a new career. That decision being made then we had to look at the skills that we had and find a new career that we could fit those skills into. Do you see the train of thought here? Sometimes you don't have something in your sights when you aim but you still need to fire. We were under the gun (pardon the pun) so we had to fire quick so we did. We didn't hit the mark the very first time but we stuck with our choice. Because we stuck to the choices we made we were able to persevere over any obstacles that got into our way. We really thought about our choices, hard but we didn't think about them long. We realize when an opportunity arrises you need move fast and remember that any decision you make can be tweaked to be the right decision. Many people need assistance in making the right choices. We know we did, and without the assistance we wouldn't have been able to make our choices right. Let us show you how to make the right choice for you by inviting you to learn from our mistakes. Make sure and visit our site for more information. Contact us at: 503-328-8537

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==== ==== Deciding who to marry ==== ====

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