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A highly motivated creative student with intercultural team-work experience during my degree, I am used to high pressure situations whilst remaining both accurate and good humored. Besides being competent I am an open minded and unconventional personality ambitious to discover and offer clear projectual proposals.



Phone number (Spain): +34680937243 Phone number (Norway): +4748637796 Email: irene.desantos.92@gmailcom Address: Valle de Enmedio 123 28035 Madrid, Spain

Irene de Santos Sanz




Five years of Architecture degree in the Polytechnic University of Superior Architecture of Madrid Currently 2015-2010

Spanish Native speaker English Fluent Certificate in Advanced English French Basic knowledge

One year in the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. AHO 2015-2014 Project design skills Urban analysis and design skills Construction knowledge Structures and Physics knowledge History of Art knowledge Academic average mark of 7,44 out of 10 Awards June 2015. Studio Course: AHO Works Group Nomination for Excellence in the use of timber, and Excellence in professionalism December 2014. Studio Course: AHO Works Nomination for excellent multidisciplinary innovative work December 2013. Projects 6: Proposal for passing with High Honors May 2013. Projects 5: Passed with High Honors Exhibitions June 2015: “AHO Works Spring” Oslo School of Architecture and Design. December 2014: “AHO Works Autumn” Oslo School of Architecture and Design. September 2013: "With Honors. Exhibition” School of Architecture. Polytechnic University of Madrid. December 2012: “D Day” School of Architecture. Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Good communication skills gained through my experience as a worker in the Great Britain and during other intercultural activities and courses: August 2014-June 2015: Erasmus program in The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Norway August 2012: Summer urbanism course in Bauhaus University (Weimar, Germany) July 2011: Summer camp in Portugal September 2008: Interchange program in USA July 2008: Summer camp in the USA July 2006: Interchange program in Egypt July 2005: Interchange program in Denmark July 2004: Interchange program in Germany July 2003: Summer camp in Sweden

//COMPUTER SKILLS Graphic design skills Autocad (6 years) Photoshop (6 years) Illustrator (5 years) InDesign (5 years) Dreamweaver (1 year)

3D modelling skills SketchUp (5 years) Rhinoceros (5 years) Vray (4 years) Revit (1 year) 3Dmax (1 year) Grasshopper (1 year)

Publications DE SANTOS SANZ, I (2014-2015): “Urban Mapping” and “Tasiilaq’s Connectivity” Included in the book “Urban Design. Arctic city. Tasiilaq” Pages 14-17, 30-33. Oslo School of Architecture and Design DE SANTOS SANZ, I (2012-2013): "Elevación petrificada" Included in the book by Unidad Docente Campo Baeza, "Establecer el orden del espacio" Page 114. School of Architecture. Polytechnic University of Madrid.



2013-1999: Basketball player in school team. Member of the School Basketball Hall of Fame.

Volunteer in the Open House Madrid 2015 September 2015 Architecture guide of a noted building in Madrid during the festival. Aupair of an english family July-August 2013 Responsible for caring a young girl by doing a wide range of activities, including short trips, with the parents' absolut confidence. Venue Cleaner in London 2012 Olympic Games July-August 2012 Responsible for cleaning the designated zone as allocated or working as part of a response team across the venue as directed. Business or Service Sector

Good command of Microsoft Office™ tools (10 years)

Responsibility Creativity Team work skills Interpersonal skills

Discipline Leadership Patience Independance

//REFERENCES Christian Hermansen. Scarcity and Creativity Studio professor in AHO University Peter Hemmersam. Studio Course Arctic city professor in AHO University Manuel Ocaña. Project 7 professor in ETSAM University Pedro Feduchi. Project 6 professor in ETSAM University Juan Coll. Project 5 professor in ETSAM University Alberto Campo Baeza. Project 4 professor in ETSAM University

PERSONAL PORTFOLIO. Irene de Santos Sanz