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City Walker I always like majestic buildings, especially the buildings in Europe.They usually have an atmosphere of history and mystery. I am fascinated with their appearance which was well preserved from long time ago. When you walk down the street, you will feel that you are back into the medieval period, not in the 21st century. 7

When I have some leisure time, I usually use Google Map to search some cute houses, and depict them in a careful way. Sometimes it feels like I’m going to a different country when I am so concentrated in painting these houses and streets. And this makes me so happy.



Deconstruction In this work, I dismantled and magnified all the parts of my body. People always look things as a whole, but sometimes it will make you stuck in stereotypes and inertia. So it is very important to observe the details in daily life, and use them to inspire ourselves. This is how creativity can continue for a long time. 10

Walk to the light This work was drawn for my teacher and classmates of graduate school. All of us enjoy reading and getting new knowledge. We have a small study group to share what we read every week. Also we share our thoughts and views with each other. Everyone in the study group is just like an explorer, and every book is like the unknown forest for us to discover new things. 11

Project : The Missing Moon Picture book


Description This picture book is about family relationship. The story begins with a father and a mother that usually had bitter quarrels, even though they were very happy together in the past, but the mother just couldn't stand up anymore, so she decided to leave. The moon symbolized happy family here, so when the mother left, the moon gradually disappeared. The sad boy didn’t want to lose his mother and the moon, so he rode his bicycle hard and finally found the moon sinking in a big lake. Actually, the boy was in his dream. When he woke up and found himself in the house, he realized that the memories and love given by his mother remained in his heart. It would never fade away.




Daily Practice Watercolour


Description This is a project for 30 days. I am used to draw with computers for a very long time, but I am really keen on trying other materials. Watercolour is always my preference ,so I decided to practice with it for a month. During the process, every day I would choose a subject to draw, and the only material I used is watercolour. At the end of the project, my familiarity and mastery of watercolour enhanced a lot.




Character Design


This is Ice Man. He really likes performing gymnastics! He also enjoys playing with friends. 22

And this is Monster B. He is very shy. He prefers staying home, and doing some sedentary activities ,such as reading.


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