IRÈNE Erotic Fanzine

IRÈNE Erotic Fanzine

Paris, France

IRÈNE is beautiful.

IRÈNE is erotic.

IRÈNE is iconic.

IRÈNE is a fanzine which is proud to be all about eroticism.

Created by three young French women based in Paris, it takes its inspiration in surrealism and mixes it with the homemade touch of typical fanzines. Through poesy, photography, collages and pieces it gives lightness and subtlety to modern eroticism.

IRÈNE wants to bring back some values in this area, starting by secret.

Her idea of sex is somehow universal however special, beautiful and most of all inspirational.

No matter if you are man or woman, IRÈNE will be a respiration in the heaviness of erotica. A bit naive, quite elegant, very enthusiastic, IRÈNE will take you on a creative and erotic journey.


Art Direction: Geneviève Eliard

Editorial Design: Esthèle Girardet

Production & Communication: Lucie Santamans