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UP SESC’s Councilor for Education and Research


xcellent and consistent academic performance of SE students

Sounds cliché, right? But the main goal of the Councilor for Education and Research is really to ensure that every student in SE is in the right track when it comes to their academic performance. And in the first place, we are in college mainly to study. The good things like joining orgs, participating in various activities, and whatnot, are the opportunities which we should’ve been considering after weighing the academic load that we will face every semester.

To achieve this plan, I shall: • Strengthen the UPSE Academic Alliance by assigning specific responsibilities (e.g. logisitics, publicity) to members. Just like the current UPSE AA, I will request the academic affairs committee heads of each SE organization to be the officers of this alliance. And as much as possible, the volunteer corps of the EdRes will also participate in the UPSE AA. The primary role of UPSE AA will still be to offer academic services to students consistently, by giving tutorials, and as much as possible, making reference materials available. • Help in publicizing the achievements of SE students in various quiz competitions, such as the PSE-JPES-PhilCES Economics and Capital Markets Competition. This is to encourage the students to participate in such events, and also to open the opportunity of having a different learning experience outside the classroom.


apekonomiya, etc.

The Councilor for Education and Research heads in certain events of the SESC, such as the Kapekonomiya and the National Youth Congress (in partner with the UP ECOSOC). I witnessed how the previous EdRes managed to organize the events, and I plan to maintain what has already been attained, and to strive more to achieve the main purposes of the said events.

• Kapekonomiya will be conducted once per semester, or whenever a current event that is worth-talking about is in its popular peak. It may be in the form of an intimate talk with the speaker and a limited number of participants, or in the form of a forum with 50-100 attendees. • SESC will continue to partner with the UP ECOSOC in organizing the National Youth Congress, which is organized on the first semester of the academic year. NYC gives a good opportunity for high school students to be exposed in certain current events about Economics, and a wonderful out-of-theclassroom learning experience. I will perform the role as the head representative from the SESC, which has been performed well by the previous councilors of EdRes. And learning from the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the previous NYC’s, I will do my best to ensure relevance in terms of topics and activities that will happen during this event. I believe that the success of an event is in the hands of the people behind it, so in order to meet the goal, I plan to recruit volunteers who will help in planning and organizing the said events.


ther concerns as an SESC member

I believe that in every organization, the membership of one person does not stop in the specific roles given to him or her. The EdRes is also a part of the whole body of the student council. And as the Councilor for Education and Research, I will:

• Help in promoting events of the SESC to the people concerned • Maintain active participation in planning for SESC events • Be open to suggestions from students and professors, which will be communicated to the SESC. • Assume other responsibilities given by the SESC



Lastly, networking in many ways such as: • Start the EdRes Corner at the SEAC website, where interesting and relevant news about current events will be posted, as well as sharing the upcoming seminars and forums by the UPSE and other organizations, which are open to students. • An EdRes Board will be available in SE where posts regarding current events, and a calendar of upcoming exams, will be displayed. The calendar will be to remind the students of the exams they will be having, and also will guide the SE orgs in planning for their events. Also, the EdRes Board can serve as the freedom wall where students can write their thoughts regarding certain events. • Update the SE students regarding academic concerns of the University, with the help of the Econ Rep to the USC • Update students regarding changes in the BS Econ and BS BE curricula

VISION: Students are consistently informed regarding the current issues of the SE, UP, and the Philippines as a whole, and academic service is readily available for those who are in need. For questions and clarifications, contact me! CP #: 0922 890 9296 / 0927 393 0735 e-mail: Facebook: Or just approach me in Econ. I’ll be around :)


Irene Arzadon, EDRES of EKON  

Irene Arzadon is a candidate for School of Economics Student Council's Councilor for Education and Research. Know more about her plans :)

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