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IRENE ANDRÉS Brand & Communications Strategist


( ) I am Irene. A Realistic Creative.

I like to dream while keeping my feet on the ground.

Lover of contradictions, plot twists and inevitable outcomes, I am sensitive enough to feel the duty of commitment. I believe in the useful beauty, in innovation that solves problems.

CASE STUDIES Brach´s Candy Corn Paddy Devil´s Apple Kiva 7UP



BRACH´S CANDY CORN assignment: Regain top of mind consideration. PROBLEM: Lack of differentiation from other candy corn brands.

OBJECTIVE: Take share from other candy corn brands to own the market.

TARGET: Parents who had candy corn when they were kids. • 81% of parents surveyed say that they take candy from their children’s Halloween candy haul for their own enjoyment. National Confectioners Association’s National Survey 2013. INSIGHT: Having fun with your kids is an opportunity to relive your childhood. STRATEGIC IDEA:

steal back your childhood with Brach’s Candy Corn REASONS TO BELIEVE: • Brach’s Confections has remained #1 selling candy corn among the primary target audience childhood.


Parents live young, like the good old days, through Brach´s Candy Corn. TAGLINE:

A Tasty Throwback Copywriting: Mishal Jagijvan Art Direction: Carl Larsson



PADDY DEVIL´S APPLE assignment: Launch a new Cinnamon-Apple Flavored Whiskey. PROBLEM: A cluttered category of flavored whiskeys led by Fireball. OBJECTIVE: Household penetration. Drive awareness of Paddy Devil´s Apple. OPPORTUNITY: Reposition whiskey as a drink that is fitting for the modern day independent woman. TARGET: Self-made women 25-40 years old. • Whiskey as their statement of confidence: “I drink it for the taste. I drink it because I don´t pay attention to people’s limiting ideas about what women are supposed to do. And I drink it to subvert expectations.” Chloe, whiskey-lover. INSIGHT: Breaking stereotypes is a mark of confidence. STRATEGIC IDEA:

paddy devil’s apple celebrates women confidence REASONS TO BELIEVE: • Cinnamon-Apple Flavor suits women´s taste. • Whiskey has traditionally been a drink with masculine associations, but Paddy´s taste is a natural extension for females to enjoy beyond wine, which by Gallup’s 2012 Consumption Habits Survey is their favorite drink.


Choose your confidence, choose Paddy Devil´s Apple TAGLINE: TASTEFULLY

BOLD Copywriting: Mishal Jagijvan Art Direction: Carl Larsson



kiva assignment: Recruit 10,000 new Kiva “donors” with a budget of $25,000 USD. PROBLEM: Kiva enjoyed a lot of early success and media coverage but it is not the fancy new charity start-up anymore. OBJECTIVE: Migrate crowdfunding behavior to support this online charity. OPPORTUNITY: Take share from crowdfunding supporters to own the bridge between charity and crowdfunding categories. TARGET: Crowdfunding supporters • They want to support a cause and are attracted by taglines as Kickstarters´s “Bring creative projects to life”. • Main deterrent: distrust of creator´s use of funds. Studio by Northwestern University. INSIGHT: Real ingenuity comes when people find themselves with a problem that needs to be solved. STRATEGIC IDEA:

kiva connects you to meaningful innovation REASONS TO BELIEVE: • Aligns with Kiva´s mission: To connect people, through lending, to alleviate poverty. • Kiva´s site works as a crowdfunding platform: users need to choose which project they want to donate to. • Kiva borrowers give a loan, not a donation.


Supporting Kiva means giving a chance to real change-makers.


fUnd ingenuity Art Direction: Denyss Carmona



7up assignment: Double 7UP market share in 3 years. PROBLEM: Strong positioning for Latino audiences is limiting 7UP growth. OBJECTIVE: Household penetration. Rethink target audience to bring 7UP to compete for a place in Top 10 Soft Drinks. OPPORTUNITY: Reposition 7up as a brand that talks to young people as coming from another young person, not like a parent trying to be cool TARGET: College students & recent graduates. • People who are used to doing what they’re told are facing adulthood for the first time in their lives, experiencing the tension between what they should do and what they want to do. INSIGHT: You are lazy about things you don´t care about, but you strive to be great in the ones you do care about. STRATEGIC IDEA:

7up embraces laziness as the beginning of greatness REASONS TO BELIEVE: • 7UP is the fizziest lemon-lime soda in the market that is the right rebellious taste to inspire great ideas in lazy moments.


7UP is the catalyst that turns laziness into greatness. TAGLINE:

CHILL IT Copywriting: Mishal Jagijvan Art Direction: Carl Larsson



WHY me? Because I want to help brands find and stand for their unique cause. I want to listen to their customers, understand their success and frustration and discover opportunities for improvement. I believe in brands committed to their customers. I’m willing to ignite changes demanded by society.

EXPERIENCE 2010-2014

EDUCATION acttiv leisure projects

madrid, spain

Acttiv Leisure Projects is the first tourist entertainment agency in Spain.

Account Planning Boot Camp. Oct –Dec 2014. Miami Ad School. San Francisco, CA.

Communications Director Communications plan, brand management, digital strategy, web prototyping, UX, social media, email marketing, SEM, copywriting, web analytics, events, media liaison, press releases.

Online Marketing Postgraduate. 2009 Online Business School. University of Barcelona, Spain.

Projects accomplished (UX design & strategy): • Acttiv E-learning platform: • Repositioning • Teguise Tourist Board:, • IFA Lopesan Hotels & Resorts:

Bachelor Degree in Audiovisial Communication 2001 - 2005 University of Navarra, Spain.

jUL 2007-DEC 2009

- Online Marketing - UX design - web prototyping - Web Globalization - Web Analytics - Client pitch - Spanish Native - English bilingual



Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd is the second largest cruise line.

International eMarketing Executive • Coordinator Web Globalization • Project Manager B2B booking tool globalisation and its translation into Brazilian Portuguese. OCT 2006-JUN 2007



Pure España is a marketing agency offering services to Spanish clients in the travel industry.

Junior Account Executive Worked on Theme Park Port Aventura and Costa Dorada Tourist Board. JOURNALIST / SPANISH COPYWRITING EXPERIENCE SPAIN • Europa Press, Press Agency, La Rioja. Jan – Sept 2006 • Balboa Communication Agency, Madrid. Oct – Dec 2005 • Tele5 News, Madrid. Internship. Jul – Sept 2005. • Radio Nacional de España, La Rioja. Internship. Jul – Sept 2004 • Televisión Española, La Rioja. Internship. Jul – Sept 2003


interestS - Entrepreneurial & self-made people - Artists - Listen to anyone´s story (love stories are my favorite) - Writing my ideas as it would be a fiction story - Also writing scripts that are rarely filmed - Revolutions - Travelling as backpacker - Playing any team sport. - Great conversations (the ones that exhaust the subject, not the partners)

( ) IRENE ANDRÉS +1 (415) 430 7934 / +34 626 848840

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Strategist Portolio  

My work in Miami AdSchool Account Planning Boot Camp from October to December 2014

Strategist Portolio  

My work in Miami AdSchool Account Planning Boot Camp from October to December 2014