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What is Psychology Counselling Useful For ? W hat is counselling useful for? There has been an explosion of counseling services over the last 20 years. The types of issues that are commonly dealt with in counseling are listed here: Bereavement: The term grief and loss is the reaction to any significant loss in a persons life .This does not just have to be the death of a loved one but can include anything that the person holds dear i.e. an animal, a job, marriage breakdown etc. It is generally accepted that humans need a lot of support around the time of bereavement. The grief process is a very natural instinct in us all and if it is not resolved it can lead to more complicated issues surfacing in the future such as depression, unexpressed anger, and social isolation to name but a few. Marriage and Relationships. Many people attend a therapist when their relationship enters into difficulty. For some it can save their relationship and for others it brings the reality to the fore that the relationship cannot survive.

Surviving disasters. Post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is the term used to describe the very distressing after effects suffered by people who have survived trauma such as disasters. The e vents at the Omagh Bombing Disaster in Northern Ireland, The Bombings on the London Tube, 9/11, Air crashes and other disasters prompted the need for the provision of specific post trauma counselling. Post trauma counselling is specialized work and is also offered for people who have suffered attacks at work i.e. bank officials after a robbery, Securicor staff after a raid and members o f the emergency services. The police are also now receiving post trauma counseling after very stressful events Surviving Abuse and Rape. There has been a huge increase in the amount of people seeking help for abuse and rape over the last number of years. Counseling for Adult survivors of sexual abuse is a specialist area and the effects of revisiting past abuse in the therapeutic relationship can be very traumatic for both the client and therapist. Sex and Sexuality; These usually present in therapy in two different areas. Sexuality usually refers to sexual orientation i.e. heterosexuality, bisexual, gay and lesbian. Sexuality also covers cross dressing, sado masochism or alternative sexual desires. Sex refers to sexual functioning. This can manifest as impotence in Men and frigidity in women. Medical Conditions.

Many medical conditions have long term debilitating effects which can be aided with the support of counselling. These can include cancer, HIV/Aids, Arthritis, Asthma and other less common medial issues. Suicide. Probably the best known telephone helping agency is the Samaritans. The Samaritans was set up to listen to people who were in such despair that they would consider taking their own lives. Although the Samaritans would not call their service and official counselling service most of their volunteers are trained to a high level in counseling skills. Problem Pregnancies. Counselling can help if a woman needs to make a decision as to whether she wants to terminate a pregnancy or not. It is now quite common for couples attempting IV Treatment to attend counselling as this can be a very stressful event. Counselling at work. An increasing number of employees are now attending counselling through their companies employee assistance programmes. Whether the issue is work related or of a more personal nature employers are now recognizing the cost effectiveness of counseling since research suggests that when counseling is provided fewer days are lost to sickness or stress. Counseling at a GP Surgery. More and more GP’s are taking on counselors in their surgeries to offer help with a wide range of problems from bereavement ot eating Disorders, to addictions. Counselling in Education. Colleges and Universities provide counselling for students under the heading of student services, student support or advice and guidance. Some schools also provide this service. Victim Support. There is a growing need for support for victims of crime.

What is Psychology Counselling Useful For?  

This article entitles the types of issues that are commonly dealt with in counselling.

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