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Top Psychology Career Options Psychology is the field of human behavioural studies which provides a lot of career opportunities in many  areas. This article describes some popular career options in psychology education and training.  Psychology is sometimes perceived as a “young” field in the area of human behavioural studies but it has  in fact been around for almost 125 years. It is a field that primarily concerns itself with both the biology  and   sociology   of   human   behaviour.   The   field   is   also   home   to   some   of   the   top   career   opportunities  available today. if you are looking to make a career in the field of psychology then here are few most  popular career options that you can look at:  School Psychologist­ Over the last few years, this career option in psychology has gained enormous  popularity.     Today   many   schools   across   the   world   are   utilising   the   skills   and   training   of   school  psychologists. Many school psychologists go into this area of psychology as they wish to work with  “early   interventions   with   young   people”. Forensic Psychologists  – These are psychologists that apply psychological principles to different  legal issues. Their expertise is often vital in court. They often carry out research on jury behaviour or  eyewitness   testimony.   These   days,   many   forensic   psychologists   also   train   in   both   law   and  psychology.   The   demand   for   forensic   psychologists   is   also   very   high.   Clinical Psychologists­ These professionals generally perform their key role in mental health clinics,  hospital settings or private practice. Their key role revolves around the assessing, diagnosing and  treating clients suffering from psychological disorders. Today it is considered as one of the single  largest   employment   areas   within   the   field   of   psychology.   Sports  Psychologists  –  This   is   another  career  option   that  has   also  gained   in  popularity   and  up­ coming   as   a   major   career   option.   Their   role   revolves   around   helping   athletes   or   sportspeople   in  refining their focus on competition and winning. They motivate competitors and utilise methods that  assist in how to deal with the anxiety and fear of failure that can often come with sports. In the last  few years, as sports become more competitive this psychological field has also  become more and  more   popular.   Industrial­organisational Psychologists – This field primarily concentrates on workplace behaviour.  Today   many   companies   use   industrial   organisational   psychologists   to   boost   their   employees’  productivity.   Research Psychologists –  As the name suggests  they primarily carry out research at corporations,  non­profit   organisations   or   for   the   universities.   They   usually   look   at   the   patterns   of   humans’  behaviour and try to study variations of effects of drugs, motivation, neurology, genetics and similar  other factors. These are some of the career options in the field of psychology that have gained wide popularity in recent  years, so if you are looking for a career in psychology these are some of your options.

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Top Psychology Career Options  

Psychology is the field of human behavioural studies which provides a lot of career opportunities in many areas. This article describes some...

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