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Dance, Dance, Dance! We can’t all move across the dance floor as effortlessly as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, nor do we all have the supernatural dance abilities of Mikhail Baryshnikov or Greggory Hines, but anyone can dance. Every one of us has been guilty of dancing around the house when no one is watching. It’s just natural. Some of us may have had ballet classes since the age of three and continued to twirl through high school and college, and others may have learned our moves in front of our bedroom mirror, but we all have the ability to express ourselves rhythmically. Hence, anyone can dance … and everyone should. Alexis Weisbrod, Natalia Morales and Manpreet Mutneja (Preet), came together in April 2013 to open a dance and fitness studio in the Temecula Valley. Alexis has been dancing since she was very young, and went on to earn a BFA in dance from the University of Minnesota and a PhD in Dance from UC Riverside. Natalia started her dance career at a very young age as well. “I came out of the womb dancing,” she jokes. Natalia has a Bachelors in Dance from Cal State Fullerton and a Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in Higher Education from Cal State Northridge. She danced professionally before moving back to the Valley and becoming an instructor at Mount San Jacinto College where both she and Alexis currently teach. Their business partner, Preet, came to them by chance. Preet is a local biotech professional with a Master’s in Business Administration. To relax, he decided to explore a few classes at MSJC, one of them in dance. He took classes under the instruction of both Natalia and Alexis and hasn’t stopped dancing since his first class in 2009. “At first, it was just something to try,” he says. “I really enjoyed the class and thought it was a great way to get fit without having to go to a gym. But mostly it was fun.” They opened Alias Movement Center, a dance studio that caters to adult students. “We didn’t want to open a dance studio that would compete with the multitude of youth studios in the area. They are all pretty good, and there was no need for another studio,” says Natalia. But when Preet came to their attention with his desire for an adult studio to get fit, continue a dance career, or just start a new hobby, the conversation turned into a plan of action. Alexis Weisbrod says that the primary objective of the studio is to foster the next stage of growth for dancers over the age of 18. “Unless a dancer plans to dance professionally, there are not many economical alternatives to continuing dance after college,” she says. “This is what we provide. We are changing the mentality that dance is just for kids.” Their classes include modern dance, jazz, hip hop, and new to the menu, ballroom dance. They also offer Stretchalates, Barre Fitness, and Zumba fitness classes. The studio welcomes all experience advertorial

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levels, from first-time dancers to those who have danced throughout adolescence and wish to continue. Because the studio caters to adults, schedules and class times are flexible. “Dance hours” can be purchased and used according to the dancer’s discretion, so no one is locked into a certain schedule or class. The studio is open six mornings and four evenings a week, and drop-in rates are available. The instructors have seen to every detail to provide a comfortable, fun and safe fitness environment. “I think everyone should try dance,” Preet says. “This would not have happened if I hadn’t stepped out of my comfort zone and just given it a try.” Interested in trying a class? Alias Movement Center offers a free trial class to anyone who mentions this LoLa Magazine article. So go ahead and dance!

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