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Other books include a mystery novel which is a sequel to her first book, and a book on how to self-publish. She and her husband co-authored and published Unbreakable. “It is his version versus my version of how our marriage grew strong over the years. It’s funny you can ask a couple a simple question like how they met, and their stories are totally different.” Her more recent books are a little spicier, including a romantic comedy, Not Quite Good Enough, and her latest two books, Adult Conversations, Volumes I and II, to help women and men discuss mature issues such as love and sex. Toi has also co-authored an inspirational book, The Calling, with James Cannon, who is the father of Mariah Carey’s husband, writer/producer Nick Cannon. When it comes to self-publishing, Toi has the know-how and formed a publishing company, TM Publications. “People often asked me how to go about publishing their works and I wanted to help,” she says. Her services help writers with editing, getting their writings in book format, creating cover graphics, as well as publishing and printing their work.

Toi Moore at home with the family: sons Kenan and Amon, and husband Greg

Toi also owns a mobile manicuring service that caters to older residents who cannot travel to a salon. She spoke in particular of a favorite client who has a severe case of Parkinson’s disease, but seems to relax enough to enjoy having her nails done. As though all this isn’t enough to keep her going non-stop, three years ago Toi began a new business, Moore Sweet Pies. She borrows space from a Murrieta bakery, baking and shipping pies to customers all over the US. Her celebrity-endorsed pies will soon be avai­ lable for sale at AJ’s fish market in Lake Elsinore. “There was a time when I thought I was going to be a famous singer, but I was too shy,” Toi admits. Instead, she has fun with karaoke. Although she has traveled the world with her husband, Toi finds the simple pleasures of home life and family time best of all. She describes her Menifee home as a mini petting zoo. “We weren’t allowed to have pets growing up,” she says. She now has a 4,000 gallon koi pond with spoiled koi fish that she hand-feeds hot dogs, their favorite treat. She also “mothers” rabbits, a chicken, dogs, kittens, and a bird.

Toi Moore, co-author of The Calling, with James Cannon (father of Nick Cannon)

Besides managing her busy schedule and Greg’s, she says that being a mom has always been her favorite job. “Our sons are both so talented. And they are good boys,” she says with a proud smile. Twenty-seven-year-old Kenan is a musician, a producer, and a local disc jockey. Amon, 25, is an artist heavily into anime (Japanese animated productions). “But now that the boys are older, I’m not letting any grass grow under my feet,” she says. “I try not to overdo it, but sometimes doors open and you have to follow the path. I like people. I think that’s why I do so much. The sky is our only limit. People feel like they are stuck with what is given to them. That’s not the case. I try to encourage people to go for it, whatever it is. Life is to enjoy.” For more about Toi Moore, visit her website at or

Toi Moore with My Haley (wife of the late Alex Haley), promoting Moore Sweet Pies February 2014 • 11

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