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Straight Up Info-tainment Dishing it Out with Marijuana Straight Talk’s Host, Becca Williams by Jamie Solis


CULTURE // September 2015

Marijuana Straight Talk is a breath of fresh air in cannabis journalism. This entertaining and informative television program is widening the acceptance of cannabis across our nation, as it appeals to the avid cannabis consumer alongside the uninformed or misinformed American and everyone in between. With high ratings and a large number of viewers since its first two pilots, Marijuana Straight Talk is one of Free Speech Television Network’s most popular shows, in terms of its rating. One of the friendly faces of Marijuana Straight Talk is recovering television news reporter and executive producer, Becca Williams. As the passionate and experienced host of this groundbreaking show, Williams is providing the everyday citizen valuable, life saving information about our favorite misrepresented plant in an entertaining way. Before embarking on this journey, Williams spent years as a news reporter. Her daily routine started similar to many mainstream news reporters, waking up every day pursuing the most negative news she could find for a story. After a few years, Williams felt like she was not contributing to the better good. Williams moved to Chicago to work at National Public Radio, and later she returned to academia. She went on to become the editor for a magazine in Chicago called Conscious Choice, which is about ecology, healthy living, personal growth and development. Specializing in alternative holistic medicine, it was during this time that the medicinal value of cannabis came on her radar. This realization, along with William’s background of entertainment television and health-centric alternative medicine, has led to Marijuana Straight Talk’s mission to create conversation and progress toward the healthiest cannabis community possible. >>


Culture Magazine Michigan September 2015  
Culture Magazine Michigan September 2015