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Toker Poker

Get the hottest gift item of the season—the legendary Toker Poker! Finally your poker/dabber, tamper, hemp wick and lighter are all in the same place. This 420 multi-tool has everything you need to vape, dab, roll and toke. Its ergonomic design provides the most basic but essential tools for any smoker. Glow in the dark, chrome and other limited editions are now available online. Sure to be a stocking stuffer hero! Use “CULTURETP16” at check out for 20 percent discount online at (offer expires 12/31/16).  Price: $7.95 Website:

GU IDE! 2016

Grow For Vets USA

To honor, give thanks and give back to U.S. veterans, O.penVAPE has created a fundraising promotion with our partner Grow For Vets USA. We’ve designed two batteries, one customized with a camouflage design and the other an American flag. Both will be sold online and in retail outlets across the country. For every battery sold, one dollar is being donated to Grow For Vets USA. The organization’s primary mission is to save the more than 50 veterans who die each day from suicide and prescription overdoses. Grow for Vets provides veteran heroes with a safe alternative to deadly prescription drugs. Helping wounded veterans to receive the respect and dignity of life that they deserve is a mission we are proud to be part of. Price: $24.95 Website:

Holiday Wellness Pack Lock N Load Glass Containers

If you know a cannabis consumer who is always on-the-go, then the Lock-N-Load Chillum Display glass containers might make the perfect gift. These tiny, 9mm containers come with a twist cap for safe storage and easy opening that will help keep that unique cannabis smell hidden until you or your giftee is ready to use it. Best of all, these containers come in a display case of 48, which means that a gift like this will become an instant stocking stuffer favorite. Price: $2 each, 48 count per display Website:



Here’s a gift that keeps on giving. Dark Heart already has a smash hit on their hands with their Alchemy line of experience-based vape pens. For the holidays, they bundle up two sets in a commemorative decorative tin. Inside is the Alchemy line of aromatic and tasty cannabis oil cartridges. The full four-pack comes with four experiences: Relax (Indica), Awaken (Sativa), Explore (Hybrid) and Inspire (Hybrid). Awaken your holiday cheer with a sativa, mint and citrus blend. Explore holiday festivities with a hybrid, rose and jasmine blend. Relax with an indica, lavender and chamomile blend. Inspire your decorating with a hybrid, chai blend. Alchemy donates some of its proceeds to Friends Outside—helping children and families of those incarcerated during the holidays. All the experiences contain 30 percent THC, which is just the right amount to provide a controlled lift for seasonal cannabis users. Price: $70-$170 Website:

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