26 June - 2013 Global Report on the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

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Commemorations around the world The following section shows some of the actions taken on the ground by hundreds of organisations and individuals around the world. On 26 June, they have come out to honour the victims and to highlight their rights. Whether through music or theatre performances, conferences or lectures, peaceful demonstrations or sit-ins, or any other event, the message came out loud and clear.

Women in detention requested that the activities RATA organised continue and are interspersed with a variety of skills training for them. The request has been approved by the authorities as well as the warden at the prison.

Vive Ĺ˝ene held a roundtable “story tellingâ€? where three camp survivors from different ethnic group, who shared their personal stories about the time when they were in concentration camps and the present time, when they struggle for their rights.