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Well Hey!

What if we are here for a punishment?

Exactly. There are many symptoms. And then, does trying to change anything make sense? And that's how it looks, unfortunately. All changes occur with great resistance, and as if they were blocked from above, "top-down". The Gravity replaces the barbed wire. Print, paint – "Kamchatka". :0) I sent to one of the Princess a few pennies a month, but I stopped because I'm barely alive myself. :0/ I hope she will not hate me for my stupidity and everything at all. And as for you and all of you, I have the same hope, Justyna. In any case, the changes must be slow. In any case, the changes must be slow if they are to be permanent, i.e. fit to the universe, that is, to each atom in the universe. Prisons should be coeducational, like the army or police, which also did not tolerate women in the past. It is obvious that it is good and that it will happen. I wonder when humanity will ...

mature to it, and to many other obvious things. 1)

People deserve for the three-day weekend without a doubt.

Besides, it will improve interpersonal relationships. And that's what it's about, right? And more evenly, and with it fairly, the "duty and privilege of work" will be spread out. And a life on the Earth will be much more bearable, right? :0) It will happen anyway, and it depends only on us, when. And yet we have a democracy, okay? There are so many stupid decisions people have made in history ... If you want, others will be the first in a paradise. Sighing to God will not help here, please ask this question to the authority and ... vote.

2)Why A non-partisan democracy? It's easy. First, the majority opinion becomes polarized. Not by accident, of course. Then it is very easy to convince the majority to the "only right option". People "vote", and the tyrant laughs. :0/ The tyrants of Greece have invented this a long time ago. That's why they have founded the so-called "clubs", meaning partys of influence at the cities. These "club-parties" were meant to shape the opinion of the majority so that it would agree with the will of the tyrant. Nothing has changed. Only the tyrants hid behind the parliaments today, and that's all. Not every tyrant must be angry and stupid, but two heads are not the one. That is why democracy is better overall. I have not seen anything more Woman, nothing ... better than

beautiful than a humanism and

democracy, nothing more productive than capitalism, and nothing more effective than ... fascism. :0)

Everything is for people

But knowledge is not for a stupid. Anyway, you can be happy without it. But someone in the family has to deal with it, otherwise the world will destroy the country, the family, and finally you. Paul wrote it rightly, that we are the parts one of another. It all depends on what you see behind the horizon - only yourself, nothing more than family or your clan, only your country-homeland or maybe something more. God is not enough, this one or another, yet wars are still going on, right? And it is doubtful, that God would want it for His children, ok? If we do not see each other behind the horizon, all of us, our civilization will fall apart. And no prayers to any God will help us. And besides: (20) If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen? (21) And this commandment have we from him, That he who loveth God love his brother also.

(1 List Jana 4:1-21, King James Version)

And let someone tell me that this is not about the humanism o)(* Yes, I know, I'm mentally ill and that's why crazy. On the other hand, we are only an ... operational memory. So what's really sick and what's crazy in me? I do not want to justify myself, because I should control it. And yet, I have the impression that the whole world, all, wants to play something in me own. Everything you look at, what you hear, what you touch and what you like, makes you feel some kind of reaction inside yourself, as long as you live, the dead man has peace with it, probabily, I hope. :o) Of course, I'm joking, because it's sometimes very pleasant, right? And for those moments you want to live and thanks it you have the strength to endure these unpleasant moments of life. Is this the meaning of life? I don't know. :o/ I only know that I have had wonderful moments in my life, and the most beautiful ones thanks to You. That's all. ^` → || ← Either way, humanity has a memory, i.e. history, old and current, yes? And … So "it" has memory, and processes take place in each of us and on the general plan. I do not know what it is, but I know it's more than a computer, because we are something more than a computer. So "this" is the image of us all, and each of us is the image of "this". Who knows, maybe it will soon be clear if it is ... good or bad. And then we'll all find out who we really are, Professor. :0) This is really interesting, is not it? Patience, this is going to take a little while, but not more than a ... „few yers”. I think so. There are many indications that we are "this" generation. We have accumulated so much knowledge and so many feelings in us, that it must "explode" with something absolutely new. May it be something better than what we've been struggling with for so long. Katie? Your health, Ray of God! Ŵ Do what you want, but something tells me that ... you know. O, man. Ah, life … A co się stało polskiemu rolnictwu? :o/ A gdzie się podział polski przemysł? :o/ A w jakim stanie jest polskie wojsko? :o/

The War


A wszelkie wytłumaczenia, mające uspokoić Polaków, są nie na miejscu. Cóż, agresor nie ma jednak żadnego wstydu, czemu trudno się dziwić, bo to jest przecież ... wojna …

Kurczą się zapasy surowców energetycznych i wody, podobnie jest z glebami. Nie wszystkie narody przetrwają. Stąd właśnie ta globalna wojna, w której Polska bierze udział mimo woli, a co gorsze, nieświadoma. :o/ Oprócz rolnictwa, przemysłu i wojska, sparaliżowano nam także nasze „władze”, które zajmują się wszystkim, tylko nie tym, co w tej wojnie tak naprawdę się liczy. :o/

„If in your sleep you would ever feel my eyes are already no longer looking at you with love, know that I have ceased to live" - Stefan Żeromski, Poland "When I can contribute to goodness in man, I contribute. I think I'm going to heck, right! I am not opposed to good. Good - do you hear? Because it is not true that we absolutely do not know what is good. We know that there is good. We know that it stands above beauty." Really? Do we know about it? Red, well, great.

Teci, teci, vodo živa They float, words flow like boats … You are a son of God, like me, like us What more can you ask and what for? God neither wants nor has money God is a Spirit, ok? „Do not ye yet understand, that everything that comes into your mouth, goes to the stomach and goes outside.” „It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing (in this - wafer/host): the words that I speak unto you, [they] are spirit, and [they] are life.” God is a spirit, or a word, and so the information, or the truth, yes? So God is everything, especially the Word of the truth. Востани.Време је.

Sometimes man wakes up so ... stupid, that till fear. :o. „Then let them which are in Judaea flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto.” To the what fuck mountains, what? :o/ „Góry moje Wierchy moje...”

midst of it depart

I went to the top, and here ... only cans from previous generations. :o/ buddha

And what escape to the mountains can help in today's times?! If anyone knows any mountains at all, of course. So let's run into our mountains! To the mountains of our hearts, I think it should be, yes, Katie? Andromeda? -`@'If Jesus was not wrong, everything will end well. And if he was wrong, then at least we'll be friends, forever, right? :o) This is probably certain, I think so – he, he. In any case, Your friendship seems to me the most valuable of all things that I was able to think about, ok?

Love didn't save you … will save us ... Ah, life …

Perhaps the mountains