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Wouldn't it be wonderful to move and live in another country while being your own boss and generating your own income? Most people consider this path as the ultimate way of doing it.

But to settle in another country is not an easy task. Without having strong economical resources, most people are deterred from doing it. Some are courageous and take the step forward, but are usually faced with the alternative to work on something they would not like to do to support themselves. And so, the adventure they were so enthusiastic about, slowly becomes a disappointment.

However, you can make it easier and rewarding if you would own your business. Owning a business allows you to be in a foreign land but still having your own little island that belongs only to you. It gives you a sense of being independent generating your own income and you feel in charge of your life.

One business that is particular suitable for a rewarding adventure is a CafĂŠ (or Coffee Shop). It brings the perfect atmosphere to be in a foreign country. It is a place that provides many occasions to interact with the locals and foreigners alike.

An excellent place to enjoy your days abroad.

A Cafe is easy to set up and can be established with very little money as compared with other businesses. To manage it is not difficult and it can supply you with enough income to live comfortably.

Moreover, it is one of the best choices to own by a couple or a small family, where all the members can participate in the venture due to the prevailing healthy atmosphere.

The demand for Cafes worldwide is high, and when established the right way, most Cafes succeed. A good example to look at is Starbucks, which opens several new Cafes each day. You could also enter the market with your own Cafe version.

There will be two key points you will discover when you finish it: You will have learnt step by step how to establish and manage a Cafe anywhere in the world and, Since we are going to do the leg work together, you will find out whether or not this is a venture you would like to take. If you are truly into moving abroad or just someone wanting to own a Cafe in your present location but don't know how to, here you will find what you need to do to accomplish it. MOVE A BOARD

Establishing a Budget: Investment to start up and operate the Cafe  

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