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Home / Pro / Dallas Cowboys / 2014 NFL Draft Report â Cowboys2014 NFL Draft Report â Cowboys By 956sports Updated: May 16, 2014Will-Johnny-Manziel-Be-the-Cowboys-QuarterbackUse your â â (arrow) keys to browseThe Dallas Cowboys draft was underwhelming to say the least. Many were expecting them to trade up to the first round in order to snag WR Sammy Watkins to complement WR Dez Bryant. Others were expecting them to take advantage of the fall of Johnny âFootballâ Manziel and draft him with the 16th pick. Neither of these scenarios happened and the Cowboys draft class seemed very dull; however, having said that, they were able to use the draft to fill in many of the gaps which they had.Sure, having Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel would have been great for fans, but it would have been completely unnecessary. Tony Romo may not be a clutch quarterback, but he is one of the safest and most solid quarterbacks in the game. Right now, he is only in the second year of a six year contract worth $108 million, and there is no legitimate reason to overlook this. Tony Romo may not have the fans on his side, but the whole team, including Dez Bryant, is in full support of him. Drafting Manziel would have done much more harm than good. Dallas Cowboys draft

2014 nfl draft report â cowboys  

2014 NFL Draft Report â Cowboys

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