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Content Introduction Unit 1 “Facts & Figures” - About me Unit 2 “Where & When” - Life in México Unit 3 “Family & Friends” - Letter to a friend Unit 4 “Bed & Breakfast” - Email to my friend Unit 5 “Film & Television” - Write about a TV show My cousin My pet

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Introduction Learn the english language is difficult for those who don't put into practice, but is a tool that is essential in life, to have a job now you need to learn the english lenguage. Our group implemented the compositions as a way to learn the language, and we address these different issues. This is a compilation of some work that we realized in the english class. I hope and is essential to observe our work for a few months. Enjoy it.

Unit 1 “Facts & Figures” - About me

Hi! My name’s Iran and I’m from México. y first language is Spanish, but I need it for my school English. I study at the National Preparatory School 1 “Gabino Barreda” and this language will help me get a lob. My main interest are music, photography, reading and writing since I llenanel art of culture, is a beautiful pleasure. I love NeverShoutNever, they are great. My favorite sports are swimming, athletics and gymnastics. I want to go to world championship, it would be excellent. If you contacts me, my full name’s Iran Gamez and my andress is Av. Cafetales, edif.9-302. My email is I am a student and my date of birth is 19.7.1998

Unit 2 “Where & When” - Life in México

In México, people are generally accustomed to having a glass of milk or a piece of bread before going to school or work. Usually everyone goes to work at 7 o’clock and banks and others places open at 9 o’clock. Lunchtime at school is usually between 10 o’clock to 12 o’clock just an hour. They eat and have to come home. School in the evenings ends between 2 and 4 o’clock and all. The people go out of work according to their schedule, usually at 6 o'clock sharp. Many places close at 7 pm, supermarkets stay open until 8 or 11 o’clock sharp and banks close at 4 o’clock sharp. Typically people have dinner between 9 and 10 pm. and make all the tasks they could not do in the morning. People usually go to bed at 12 o’clock.

Unit 3 “Family & Friends” - Letter to a friend

Hi Hayley!

How are you? I’m writing because my aunt’s on holiday in EU with her family. Do you have time to meet them and give them some suggestions - things to do, places to eat, etc? My aunt’s name Paola and her husbands name’s Thomas. They both like quiet places and going for walks and I think California the perfect place for them. The have two children called Diego and Miley. They’re teenagers but they’re both very friendly. He likes to play football and she likes to music. They all like going to the beach. Does California have any good beaches? And they all love sushi! Thanks for any help you can gine, and don’t worry if you can’t meet them all the best. Iran

Unit 4 “Bed & Breakfast” - Email to my friend

Dear Sarah I’d like some home information about the holiday apartment to rent. The description says it’s a big apartment. We’re a group of 3 friends. How big is it? How many bedrooms are there? Could you send us a photo of the rooms? The description also says that there are parks to walk, can we see some from our apartment? Are there things to do during the day? I mean some things as extreme games or thing like that. Are there buses that take us to the parks? It is close to the apartment? Another questions is about there food. We want to try different types of food, some place that you recommend us? What is the price? Can we take our pets?Finally, I’d like to know about some kind of cultural entertainment where we can go, are there different cultural activities? We’d like to rent the first or second week of December. Is it available for one of those weeks? And how much does is cost for 7 days? I look forward to hearing from you Best wishesPaola

Unit 5 “Film & Television” - Write about a TV show

The TV series I recommend is Malcolm in the Middle, on channel 5 at 9 pm every day. It is a series about a family in different situations with their children. This series shows what happens to an American Family. It is the best series of all time. It talks about family, the economy, society and so on. Some people think it is a bit boring, but I recommend it because the characters are all very interesting and you learn a lot about people and life. It’s not a comedy, but sometimes it’s quite funny, very funny.

My cousin Hi, He is my best cousin, his name is Kevin Cabrera, he is seventeen years old, he is amazing because you can never stop laughing, he is crazy and I love him. He is a person you never get bored with... it's amazing, he best of my cousins. <3

My pet Hi! She is my dog, your nameâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bellota. She is very happy and beautiful. Is it very friendly. She is my dear. c:

Iran Gamez  
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