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Iranian Visa Fees For Getting Iranian Embassy Visa Every foreign visitor is required to show his visa to enter Iran except the following: nationals of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia and Turkey for stays of up to 3 months. Nationals of Israel will be refused entry under all circumstances. The Iranian Embassy Visa can be issued from an Embassy of Iran in the visitor's home country or overseas. Visas are only valid for the cities indicated on the visa. There are 2 main types of visa issued for tourist travel in Iran - Transit and Tourist Visas. The type and length of visa you actually receive varies depending on the country where you will collect the visa, and on the current situation in the Tehran Foreign Ministry. For example, sometimes one-month tourist visas are issued as standard, while other times it may be very hard to obtain anything more than a 10-day visa. Visa regulations are liable to change at short notice. Prospective visitors are advised to contact the nearest Iran Consular section or the Embassy. After requesting a visa from an agent in Iran you ought to pay the Iranian Visa Fee . Visas are only valid for the cities indicated on the visa. All visitors wishing to stay for more than 3 months must obtain a residence permit. Application must be made within 8 days of arrival to Police Headquarters or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran. Iran Visa fee depends on your type of payment and times you want to enter Iran. There are two types of payment for your Iran Visa fees, by Western Union and Iran Bank Account. The former has lots of advantages but of course some disadvantages. Paying by Western Union requires extra costs to be paid for commission of the exchange center you are trying to pay through but is more convenient for you to pay the Iran visa fees in your own country. Of course, you should contact our staff to give you the details for Western Union for each single time you want to pay the Iranian visa fee . The later type of payment is through Iranian Parsian Bank Account which can be done in most places round the world. Please note that the fees for Iranian Tourist Visa differ from the fees of entry that the traveler should pay to the Iranian government for taking Iranian Embassy Visa. One interesting tip is that we also have 35% off for Iranian Visa for different nationalities fortnight, which will be informed through our page on facebook and also our main website homepage.

Iranian Visa Fees For Getting Iranian Embassy Visa  

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