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A Gleaming Gem in the South China Sea


A tropical enclave of sun-drenched beaches and soft sandy shores. Crystal-clear waters that teem with breathtaking marine life and seascapes. A primeval rainforest that reverberates with nature’s astounding heritage. Perfectly complemented with an unhurried lifestyle, friendly islanders and enduring charm. Laced with a touch of mystery. This is Tioman...

A Marine Treasure Trove



At a Glance Pulau Tioman or Tioman Island lies about 56 km off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It spans over 38 km in length and 19 km at its widest point. The island enjoys a tropical climate, with temperatures ranging from 280C to 300C. The water temperature is 280C. Visitors can expect occasional torrential showers especially from the months of November to February. However most resorts continue to operate during this season and activities may be carried out as usual. The island has basic but adequate facilities for tourists. Pay phones can be used with Telekom phone cards. Cellular communication is available through Maxis, Celcom and TM Touch lines (depending on the area you are in). Visitors can access the Internet at cybercafes found around the island. Government clinics are located in Mukut, Genting and Tekek and operate from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. 24-hour medical service is available at Berjaya Tioman Beach, Golf & Spa Resort. Electricity voltage is 220 – 240 volts while A/C is at 50 cycles per second. Visitors are advised to make prior financial arrangements on the mainland. Major credit cards are accepted at selected resorts and retail outlets.


An Island Shrouded in Legends The origin of Tioman and its people are woven in a tapestry of intriguing legends. A legend synonymous with the island is the tale of a beautiful dragon princess. On her way from China to visit her prince in Singapore, this fabled maiden stopped to seek solace in the crystal-clear waters of the South China Sea. Enchanted by the charms of the place, she decided to discontinue her journey. The princess took the form of an island and pledged to offer shelter and comfort to passing travellers. Till today, the island bears startling resemblance to a sleeping dragon.



Tioman is the largest and

Its dense coral gardens

most developed of the

include colourful gorgonian

volcanic islands that form the

sea fans, staghorn corals,

Tioman Marine Park. Other

nudibranchs and beautifully

islands within the area are

sculptured sea sponges.

Tulai, Chebeh, Sepoi, Labas,

A Marine Treasure Trove


Sembilang, Seri Buat, Tokong

The Marine Park Centre is

Bahara and Jahat.

located in Tekek and is wellequipped with facilities such

The cluster of islands was

as an exhibition hall,

gazetted as a Marine Park in

laboratory, camp sites,

1995 to protect its precious

gazebos and barbecue pits.

marine resources. Tioman’s

As a protected area, only

waters are home to a

activities that do not harm or

splendid array of marine life

destroy marine life such as

such as barracudas,

snorkelling, scuba diving,

Napoleon fish, turtles,

swimming and underwater

stingrays, murray eels,

photography are permitted.

golden striped trevally,

Coral and shellfish gathering

bumphead parrotfish and

as well as other damaging

shoals of fusiliers.

activities are strictly forbidden.

Fishing is not allowed within a 3 km radius of the island. Visitors to Tioman are charged a minimal entry fee for the conservation of the park.

A Marine Treasure Trove


A Marine Treasure Trove


A Splashing Playground


A Splashing Playground


Tioman was the setting for ‘Bali Hai’ in the Hollywood musical ‘South Pacific’ and the Hong Kong TV series ‘The Ultimate Goal’.

Blessed with a sunny, tropical climate, Tioman is the perfect spot for a host of watersports activities. Visitors can indulge in swimming, boating or simply cruise in a glass-bottomed boat to enjoy the


breathtaking marine beauty.

A Splashing Playground

For a taste of adventure, you can contend the waves in a kayak or glide over the clear waters by windsurfing. The warm waters and high visibility (20 to 30 metres) make Tioman a popular destination for snorkelling and diving. The calm sea has

bluespotted lagoon ray,

an assemblage of corals and

slingjaw wrasse, royal

aquatic inhabitants such as

dottyback, dusky parrotfish,

A Splashing Playground A Splashing Playground


blue-ring angelfish,

The Marine Park Centre is

clownfish and many more.

also a favourite spot for snorkelling. The waters here

The colonies of corals

teem with rabbitfish, wrasse,

provide habitat for a variety

sergeant major and

of small marine life. Ideal


for snorkellers who wish to swim alongside a symphony

Tioman offers many

of fishes and enjoy the

attractions for divers of all

beauty of the undersea

levels. Most dive operators


cater to varied preferences; from introductory dives,

night dives to technical diving. PADI certification courses are also conducted on the island. The calm dive sites such as Renggis and Soyak are ideal for novices and underwater photography. Outlying sites


such as Chebeh and Tiger interesting terrain.

Dolphins have been spotted around Tioman. If you’re lucky, you’ll be greeted by these friendly mammals during island-hopping trips.

A Splashing Playground

Reef are deeper with more

A Splashing Playground A Splashing Playground


Tioman’s fringing reefs are a

Dive sites such as Chebeh

riveting discovery. Gently

and Magicienne Rock are

sloping to the sea, the sites

well-known for occasional

are perfect to explore hard

sightings of huge manta

and soft corals as well as

rays, whale sharks, black tip

multi-hued seafans. The

reef sharks, great barracuda

submerged reefs, especially

and turtles. Lucky divers may

around the smaller islands

even spot a Seacow or

abound with corals in a riot

Dugong, a rare marine

of colours. They are popular

mammal further south of

among advanced divers as

the archipelago.

the currents attract large pelagic species. Night dives

The seabed around Tioman

can be arranged to witness

holds many secrets and

the splendid display of

mysteries. It is the final

nocturnal marine life.

resting place for numerous

A Splashing Playground


vessels, mainly scuttled wooden hulled fishing trawlers. These include the Tom Yam, Pirate and Sawadee wrecks.


Nature’s Wonderland


Nature’s Wonderland


Tioman has one of the last

binturong, long-tailed

untouched dipterocarp

macaque, slow loris, black

forests in the South China

giant squirrel and brush-

Sea. The abundant sunshine

tailed porcupine. There are

and rain creates a luxuriant

no large mammal predators

setting of tropical trees,

on the island. The ecological

sprinkled with an assortment

galore also includes an

of ferns and flowers.

interesting array of reptiles and amphibians such as

The lush greenery is home to

frogs, lizards, geckos, skinks,

a wide range of wildlife

snakes and monitor lizards.

including protected species

Trekking is an excellent way

such as mousedeer,

to enjoy the sights and

In 2003, National Geographic discovered amphibians and reptiles that are rare and endemic to the


sounds of the forest while breathing in the fresh, cool air. There are several trek routes in Tioman. Among them is the 7 km route from Tekek to Juara which

Nature’s Wonderland


Nature’s Wonderland


Trek Routes ROUTES




Tekek – Juara 7 km 2 hours

Terrain : Hilly Sights : Rapids, mousedeer, herbs, fireflies, a variety of birds

Mukut – Asah 2 km 1 hour Waterfalls

Terrain : Hilly Sights : Rapids, waterfall, natural pool, herbs, flora & fauna

Mukut – Twin Peaks 4 km 2 hours Air Batang – Salang 8 km 4 hours

Terrain : Hilly Sights : Bonsai garden, scenic view Terrain : Hilly Sights : Scenic view, flora & fauna

links the east and west

can stop to refresh

coasts of the island.

themselves at the stream along the way. Watching the

The path is fringed on either

translucent freshwater

side with outstretched

prawns in the shallow

branches and dotted with

brooks and other tiny insects

moss-covered granite

along the rocky crevices

boulders. The cool and

livens up the break even

damp areas are haven to a


variety of insects. Trekkers

The island’s climate encourages the lush growth of Euricoma Longifolia (locally known as ‘Tongkat Ali’), a potent herb for promoting vitality.

Nature’s Wonderland


Nature’s Wonderland


Avid climbers can take a six-

climbers can embark on an

hour hike to conquer Mount

adrenaline-pumping ascent

Kajang (1,038 metres), the

over the Gunung Nenek

highest peak on the island.

Semukut (also known as

For rock-climbing

Twin Peaks), Malaysia’s

enthusiasts, the sites at

highest freestanding spire.

Tekek, Mukut and Juara are

Touted as a ‘Big Wall’ in

ideal for scaling. Experienced

mountaineering terms, this

Waterfall is located at Juara,

is well-known for its

approximately a half an

challenging terrain. ‘Nenek

hours’ walk from Juara

Semukut’ literally means

Village. The splash of water

‘The Old Lady of Semukut’ as

and crisp, cool air make

its pinnacle resembles the

these spots ideal for picnics.

profile of an old lady when seen from a distance.

Gunung Nenek Semukut is more

There are several waterfalls on the island. The largest is the Asah Waterfall, where white foamy waters cascade down several feet to a rocky

than twice the height of the Eiffel Tower. So far, only a

pool. It takes 30 minutes

few successful

from Mukut and 15 minutes

climbs have

from Asah Village to get

been made to

there. The Lubuk Tija

its peak.


Nature’s Wonderland

690-metre granite monolith


Island Pastimes


Island Pastimes


Tioman was a stopover for merchants during the early days of maritime trade. Artefacts from this era can be found at the island’s museum in Tekek. The sound of the waves,

the sun or embarking on a

shimmering emerald waters

journey to discover the rustic

and lush greenery make

villages. Visitors can also

Tioman a magical

catch the spectacular sunset

destination that enchants

at Salang and sunrise at

you upon first sight.

Juara. There are a number of places with historical interest

Holidaymakers can indulge

including mausoleums of

in a number of pastimes

early rulers and a fort built

such as island-hopping,

during the Japanese

bird-watching, basking in

occupation. The Museum in

Island Pastimes


Tekek is a good place to

spot to soothe away stress

unravel the bygone days of

and fatigue.

Tioman. Among the items displayed are 11th to 19th

Getting Around

century trade ceramics,

Getting around Tioman is

coins, maps, sea charts,

interesting as boats are the

prints, paintings and objects

main form of transportation.

salvaged from shipwrecks.

There are no cars or asphalt roads on the island, except

Golf enthusiasts can tee-off

around Tekek. All villages

at the 18-hole international-

have regular boat and sea

standard golf course at

bus services that connect to

Berjaya Tioman Beach, Golf

other villages. Speedboats

& Spa Resort.

can be chartered for trips and island-hopping activities.

Those seeking rejuvenation will find the resort’s Rimba

For short excursions, visitors

Spa, tucked away against a

can rent bicycles or

backdrop of rolling hills

motorbikes at a reasonable

and tropical foliage, an ideal



Rustic Villages


From its mist-capped mountains to glistening emerald waters, Tioman exudes magic, grace and tranquility. Visitors can tour the different villages to experience and enjoy Tioman’s allure.

Rustic Villages


Salang Located on the northwest of

close to Monkey Bay and

the island, Salang boasts

Tulai Island, popularly

clear waters ideal for

sought for their pristine

snorkelling and diving. It is

beaches and vibrant undersea gardens. From Salang, visitors can also get easy access to Layang-Layang Cave, an underwater rock formation. There are ample facilities in Salang; including numerous chalets, restaurants, dive shops and a mini market. The village also offers a modest nightlife.

There are 141 bird species on the island including endemic sub-species of the pink-necked pigeon, olive-winged bulbul, greater racket-tailed drongo and dark-necked tailorbird. Source: Suara Enggang (No 5 2002: Sept-Oct), Malaysian Nature Society

33 Air Batang Village, Air Batang has a rocky, but serene beach. The village has a close-knit atmosphere with a walkway connecting the many resorts here. It is easily accessible from Tekek and is wellknown for its proximity to the Marine Park and Monkey Bay. For those seeking a laidback environment, the village offers many shady spots and hammocks for a quiet afternoon nap.

Rustic Villages

Popularly known as ABC

Tioman’s Villages



Paya and Genting

This is the main entry point

Genting is the third largest

to Tioman via air and sea. It

village after Tekek and Juara.

is also the largest village as

Most resorts in Genting are

well as the administrative

nestled at hillsides, offering a

centre for the island. Within

splendid view of the verdant

this village are government

greenery. The village is

offices, a police station and

equipped with numerous

school. Tekek has the longest

chalets, restaurants, souvenir

beach on the island, nearly

shops and dive operators.

3 km in length. Facilities for

Visitors can also take a 30-

tourists include numerous

minute walk to Paya Village

chalets, restaurants, souvenir

from Genting. Paya is located

shops, dive operators and

at the foothill of Mount


Kajang, making it the point of descent from the mountain. Mukut

Located at the southernmost point of the island, Mukut radiates with the grace and charm of a traditional Malay village. Its simple yet quaint

open South China Sea. The seclusion makes Juara ideal for honeymooners or those seeking a perfect hideaway. Two rivers, the Mentawak and Barok flow from Mount Kajang to this village. Juara is the point of exit

who appreciate nature at its

(or entry) for the cross-island

purest form. Towering

Tekek-Juara trail. It is also

against the Mukut sky is the

the start-off point to climb

legendary Twin Peaks.

the Mount Kajang. The

Mukut is also the departure

village has several sundry

point to climb the imposing

shops and restaurants.

mountain. Juara

This village is tucked away on the east coast of the island, making it the furthest

The island has a natural bonsai garden

and one of the most idyllic

located along

beaches in Tioman. It is also

the Mukut-Twin

the only bay which faces the

Peaks trail.


Tioman’s Villages

setting is ideal for visitors


Accommodation 37

Tioman has a wide range

Spanning over 200 acres, the

of accommodation, most of

resort offers 596 rooms,

which are modestly

exuding traditional Malay

equipped but comfortable.

architectural charm. There

Visitors can take their pick

are also exclusive boutique

from basic beach huts,

resorts on the island.



chalets equipped with bathroom and fan to air-conditioned rooms. Berjaya Tioman Beach, Golf & Spa Resort is currently the island’s only internationalstandard accommodation.

A range of culinary delights awaits the adventurous visitor. Try out the seafood platter, local dishes and desserts. Or indulge in the mouth-watering, freshly plucked tropical fruits. Visitors can also savour Continental and Chinese favourites at selected


eateries. Popular restaurants Air Batang, Salang, Juara, Genting, Nipah and Paya.


are located around Tekek,

List of Accommodation



SALANG Ella’s Place Salang Beach Resort Salang Indah Resort Salang Damai Resort Salang Pusaka Resort Salang Sayang ( Zaid’s Place ) Pak Long’s Chalet Nora’s Chalet Puteri Salang Inn

Tel : 609-419 5004 Tel : 609-419 5002 Tel : 609-419 5015 H/P : 6013-980 6300 Tel : 609-419 5317 Tel : 609-419 5044 Tel : 609-419 5000 Tel : 609-419 5003 Tel : 607-799 3592

AIR BATANG Panuba Inn Resort Bamboo Hill Nazri Beach Cabanas ( Nazri 11) Rinda House Sri Nelayan Chalet Tioman House Johan’s Resort (Johan JJ Resort) South Pacific Chalets Ikhwan’s Resort Mawar Beach Chalet YP Chalet My Friend Place Nazri’s Place

Tel : 609-419 1424 Tel : 609-419 1339 Tel : 609-419 1375 H/P : 6013-928 0057 Tel : 609-419 1186 Tel : 609-419 1196 Tel : 609-419 1359 Tel : 609-4191179 H/P : 6013-300 1540 Tel : 609-419 1153 Tel : 609-419 1018 Tel : 609-419 1150 Tel : 609-419 1329

Fax : 607-799 7836

TEKEK Peladang Inn Sri Tioman Beach Resort Pesona Island Resort Coral Reef Holiday Babura Seaview Resort Samudra Swiss Cottage Berjaya Tioman Suites Berjaya Tioman Beach Golf & Spa Resort

Tel : 609-419 1431 Tel : 609-419 1189 Tel : 609-419 1213 Tel : 609-419 1628 Tel : 609-419 1139 Tel : 609-419 1642 Tel : 609-419 1000 Tel : 609-419 1000

Fax : 609-419 1626

PAYA Paya Beach Resort Tioman Paya Resort Paya Holiday

Tel : 609-419 7100 Tel : 607-799 2602 Tel : 609-419 7090

Fax : 609-419 7099 Fax : 607-799 2603

GENTING Melina Beach Resort Genting Bayu Chalet Tropical Coral Inn Tioman Yacht Resort Genting Damai Tioman Sun Beach Resort Island Reef Resort Genting Ria Coral Beach Idaman Beach Holiday Tioman Genting Happy Inn

Tel : 609-419 7070 Tel : 609-419 7039 Tel : 609-419 7041 Tel : 607-799 6100 Tel : 609-419 7055 Tel : 609-419 7069 Tel : 609-419 7004 Tel : 609-419 7002 Tel : 609-419 7048 Tel : 607-799 3048

Fax : 607-799 7079 Fax : 607-799 4364 Fax : 609-419 7041

LANTING AND NIPAH Tioman Beauty Beach Resort Japamala Resort Nipah Chalet

Tel : 607-799 4678 Tel : 609-419 6001 H/P : 6011-951 041

Fax : 607-799 4677 Fax : 609-419 6002

H/P : 6011-769 720 H/P : 6013-376 5181 Tel : 609-412 0380 Tel : 609-412 0392

Fax : 607-799 4678

Tel : 609-412 0326 Tel : 609-412 0388

Fax : 607-799 4532

MUKUT Minang Cove Tanjung Adventure Sri Sentosa Chalet Mukut Coral Resort (Island Connection) Mukut Harmony Resort Mukut Oceana Beach JUARA River View Resort Paradise Point Chalet Juara Beach Resort Razif Chalet Juara Mutiara Chalet Rainbow Chalet Bushman Enterprise Mizani’s Place Juara Lagoon (Juara Saujana Beach)

Tel : 609-419 3168 Tel : 609-419 3145 Tel : 609-419 3188 Tel : 609-419 3137 Tel : 609-419 3159 Tel : 609-419 3140 Tel : 609-419 3109 Tel : 609-419 3157 Tel : 609-419 3153

Fax : 607-799 3607 Fax : 609-419 5024 Fax : 609-419 5421

Fax : 607-799 1399

Fax : 609-419 1359

Fax : 609-419 1029 Fax : 609-419 1139 Fax : 609-419 1642 Fax : 609-419 1718

Fax : 607-799 4355 Fax : 609-419 7004

Fax : 607-799 1603

Fax : 609-419 3244

Dive Centres Dive Asia (Salang) Dive Fisherman Centre (Salang) Ben’s Diving Centre (Salang) Scuba Naut (Salang) Azmi _Dive (Salang) B & J Dive Centre (Air Batang Chalet) Eco Dive Centre (Air Batang) Bali Hai (Panuba Inn ABC) Dive Asia ( Tekek) Tioman Reef Divers (Tekek) Tekek Inn (Tekek) Berjaya Dive Centre (Tekek) Tioman Dive Centre (Tekek) Sea Lantis Dive Centre (Paya) Payar Diver Cove (Paya) Minang Cove (Mukut) Bushman Dive Centre (Juara)

Tel : 609-419 5017 Tel : 609-419 5011 Tel : 609-419 5555 Tel : 609-4195101 Tel : 6013-928 0056 Tel : 609-419 1218 Tel : 609-419 1794 Tel : 6013-771 0454 Tel : 609-419 1337 Tel : 609-419 1342 Tel : 609-419 1579 Tel : 609-419 1000 Tel : 609-419 1288 Tel : 609-419 7045 Tel : 609-419 7102 H/P : 6011-769 720 Tel : 609-419 3109

Fax : 609-419 5036 Fax : 609-419 5025 Fax : 609-419 5554

Fax : 609-419 1218 Fax : 609-419 1250 Fax : 607-799 6348 Fax : 609-419 1341 Fax : 609-419 1579 Fax : 609-419 1718 Fax : 609-519 1370 Fax : 609-419 7006 Fax : 607-799 7372

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Blanks Face Adventure

Tel : 6012-686 6157

Travel Agents Zumm Holiday Travel & Tours

H/P : 6013-707 1323

Useful Contacts TIOMAN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY A145 - 147 Lorong Tun Ismail 6 Sri Dagangan 25000 Kuantan Pahang Tel : 609 - 514 1206 Fax : 609 - 514 8801 email : TOURISM MALAYSIA PAHANG Tourist Information Centre Jalan Mahkota 25000 Kuantan Pahang Tel : 609 - 517 7113 / 7115 Fax : 609 - 517 7114 TOURISM MALAYSIA JOHOR L3-26, Aras 3, Bangunan JOTIC 2, Jalan Ayer Molek 80000 Johor Bahru Johor Tel : 607 - 222 3590 / 3591 Fax : 607 - 223 5502 email : TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE (TANJUNG PUTERI) Kompleks Bas Pelancong Tanjung Puteri 80000 Johor Bahru Tel: 607-227 1822

Useful Contacts

Rock Climbing