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ESEMKA CAR, The Local Automotive Products of Indonesia


ESEMKA CAR • Release: December 2011 • Made by Students of Vocational HS (SMK), Solo, Central Java, Indonesia

• Assembled car (80 % )

PRO-CONTRA • Not passing the emissions test. • Rising many helps & supports from other institutions • Such as (State Oil and Natural Gas Mining Company).

PRO-CONTRA • But, this spirit also rises many other local cars published. • Several types of local cars that have been release Tawon Car

Kancil Car

Komodo Car Marlip Car


Arina Car


Jokowi as Promoter of ESEMKA car Having been a major of Solo for 2 Periods (2005 – 2015) The innovations that he has made for Solo are: – Promote Solo Branding: “The Spirit of Java”. – Relocate the used-goods dealers in the park of Banjarsari (revitalization of green space function). – Give the requirements to Investor in order to think about public interests. – Perform routine and open communication (Broadcast by local TV) with citizens.

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CONCLUSION • To improve local/ national products needs support from their own governments • Governments as a leader, in charge of nurturing, not as a dictator

ESEMKA car-from Indonesia  

ESEMKA, one of Indonesia's local automobile product: Pro and Contra. This short presentation explain how the government can support its loca...